LF Erotic Doom [Extreme, unusual idea. Not for everyone, or even anyone]

Started by Torterrable, July 12, 2014, 01:46:24 AM

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Firstly, before we go any further, let me define erotic doom. It's a weird idea. It's a ridiculous idea. But, unfortunately for me, it's the idea my mind has decided to take and run with as one of my top, TOP fetishes. I hate my mind.

In a nutshell, it is dying of pleasure.

In longer terms, it's the idea of being so sexually aroused or stimulated that one simply shuts down.Think of it as being fucked to death, having ones circuits blown out by pleasure, etc. etc.  Death is not necessarily the end, but it usually is.

Now, one might be saying: "Well, what kind of roleplay can we do if both the characters die the first time they have sex?"

Well, that's the thing. Erotic doom is not a well ironed-out idea. It can be modified easily, to fit a variety of other things. One can faint instead of die, only non-consensual or semi-non-consensual sex can cause it. Maybe some characters are immune, or it can only be done by one species to another. Maybe it can only happen under special circumstances, or if a certain ritual is performed. It all depends on the plot, and thus, the partner.

I am not into necrophilia, so there will be no fucking of the dead bodies :) No worries about that.

Anyways, some ideas that can be applied to this.

Gladiators: Whoever cums first loses. A plot can be built around this easily, based on two gladiators who might be immune to each other's ability, and cannot be doomed by the other. Why is this?

Dungeon Crawl: Erotic doom gives a whole new dimension to a sexualized dungeon, replete with monsters and tentacles galore.

Infiltration Mission: I would be willing to GM for an infiltration mission where a sexual assassin has to get in and get out...in many senses of the word.

Zombies: Not quite what you have in mind, I'm thinking. People who have been infected by a virus that completely makes them focus on sex, and who can only be killed or disabled by forcing them to cum over and over again. One gets infected by taking too much of the cum. Very arousing idea, tried it a few times.

Torture/Execution: It sounds bad. I promise it isn't; torture someone sexually so they give up all their secrets, then finishing them with a mindblowing orgasm. This can actually be made into a pretty lighthearted game, I promise.

Anyways, that's all I have so far. Hope someone likes this!

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Sorry, but I've been very busy with RL stuff.

Still interested in our "Erotic Doom/Gladiators" scenario?

Let me know!

- H