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Author Topic: Addiction ( superhero villain type rp, extreme)  (Read 547 times)

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Addiction ( superhero villain type rp, extreme)
« on: July 08, 2014, 01:23:02 am »


C1567c5, or the superman drug as it is called on the streets, is a drug that takes your natural abilities and multiplies them to the point that you can get superpowers. Ever  dreamed of flying, or reading minds, just take one pill everyday, and you may get your wish.
Of course there are also side effects, you might be able to manipulate fire, but your also going to get burned. Anything that changes your body that much is going to have a little bad mixed in.
It is also highly addictive, it has been said, that once you start you'll die if you stop. Though there are rehab centers everywhere that claim that is a lie, you just feel like your going to  die.
 It's also very illegal.  Though that doesn't stop a lot of bad people from taking it. The police force is not equipped to deal with superpowers the town is in chaos. Ruled by crime lords and thugs and there newly equipped powers.   So do you break the law, take the risk, and see what kind of super human you would be come?  That’s up to you.


The bustling metropolis of Faydell., a city of thousands.  It is probably the most famous for holding the Imaginscape complex.

Imaginscape is a billion dollar industry that has its hands in  just about everything from medical to technological. It is said that they are the ones who created the Superman drug. Eugene Sheppard the founder of Imaginscape has denied such claims, and poured thousands in making rehab centers to help people, like his daughter Amy, get off of the substance. The rehab centers  are really a recruitment place for Eugene where he trades favors for access to the drug, but not many know of that illegal action and live to tell about it.


If you want to quit the drug. You could go to one of the Recovery Facilities throughout town.
Or you could try to quit cold turkey. Every day not on the pill comes with side effects.

First – fourth day Headaches, dizziness, nausea, chills fever flu like symptoms

Fourth-sixth day- extreme fatigue, using your powers takes everything out of you, don't want to get out of bed, flu like symptoms continue, achy joints, or muscles. Might have hallucinations. lack of hunger

After that you are either going to  get better, or your going to keep going down until you die.


The drug is an illegal substance. The police do not take the drug. This is a law that is strictly enforced by the mayor, and all officer have to pass a random  drug test held on the weekly basis.
They will try to stop any person they see in possession or using the drug.  At first the police didn’t have much in the way of fighting off this super powered beings, and they still do not.

 A few police officers are now part of a task force trained to take down the supers. The superman drug task force has all the equipment that any police task force might have. They also have a special tranquilizer gun . This gun has a drug in it that nullifies the superman drug leaving the person without there powers. The drug is expensive and hard to come by, so the task force will only use this guns if giving no other option.

Other notes

The Rp will be set up that each day last a week in real time unless there is something that

Real life comes first. If we need more time to work out a day it will be given. Be respectful and considerate of people.

The tone is dark with a lot of drug abuse and violence so it’ll be set in extreme groups

Character sheet.
Code: [Select]
[b]Alias-[/b] (such as superhero or villain name)
[b]Appearance-[/b]( may use multiple appearances if there superhero/villain identity looks different then who they are)
[b]Abilities-[/b] ( super powers)
[b]Side effects-[/b] ( weaknesses. For every power there should be a side effect to even it out)
[b]Sexual Preference-[/b]
[b]Sexual Ons- [/b]( anything your ok with happening in the  game)
[b]Sexual Offs-[/b]( anything you don’t want to  happen in the game)

Online abandoneddollyTopic starter

  • dollys are made to be used
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  • Join Date: May 2010
  • Location: Will I be the end of someone's destiny?
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Re: Addiction ( superhero villain type rp, extreme)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 01:50:07 am »
NameEugene Sheppard
Alias- n/a
Age- 42
Abilities- Eugene dose not have any powers, but he is very charismatic, and good at delegating task to other people.
Side effects-  He has very little patience, and is quick to anger.
Sexual Preference- Straight
History-Eugene is the type of person who likes to test limits. He likes to push and prod to see what happens, and he has this belief that the whole world is his to test. He grew up in a normal average family that was barely making ends meat. He talked his way into a higher standing in life by charming the Ceo of some technology franchises that everyone’s forgotten by now. He built his company by taking theirs over first. Then he branched off into the medical field where he finally reached his crowning project the superman drug. Its highly addictive, and makes people stronger, with this combination he can create an army of people to do whatever he pleases with.

He has a daughter from a sort fling with a women that worked in the company that he took over. It didn’t last, Eugen isn’t the easiest person to live with, but when she left. She left there daughter behind telling him that it was his to deal with. He cares for her in a possessive way. He runs from treating her like a lab rat and personal servant to completely spoiling her depending on his mood.
He realized the public likes seeing him with his daughter, makes him more of a family man, so he often takes him with her on political outings.
Sexual Ons- innocence to corrupt, Strong females to dominate,
Sexual Offs-He is up for anything once.

NameAmy Sheppard
Alias- Enigma

The power of Illusion. Can make anyone in the same room as her see whatever it is that she wants them to see though some strong minds might realize what they are seeing is not real.

Telekinesis- can move small items around her with her mind.

Side effects-
Hallucinations- cant always tell what is real, and what is not. Sometimes confuses her own illusions as  part of reality.

Head aches- often gets head aches especially if she uses her Telekinesis on large items or for very long.
Sexual Preference-bisexual
History-Amy is the spoiled rich wild child of Eugene Sheppard the owner of Imaginscape corporation, or so that is the way the media sees her. That and a recovering addict of the superman drug. The poster child for all the recovery centers her dad has built in the sprawling metropolis.

Amy has really spent he last 20 years in a hell her dad created for her. Experimenting on her in one second and showering her with gifts the next shes never quite sure whats going to happen.
All this has left her a bit lacking in the sanity department. She is very loyal to her dad and will do whatever he says.

Sexual Ons- up for anything
Sexual Offs-up for anything