Calculated Victory (F/F Super Hero Game)

Started by Villain, July 06, 2014, 10:21:32 AM

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Calculated Victory
"She won't stop until they all belong to her."

In a world of super heroes and super villains, a team of heroes has been losing it's members one by one to a new female super villain on the streets.

The villain is peculiar for her motives are unclear. She has made no attempt to shake the city with crime or threats but instead has gone straight for the superhero team protecting it.

What has become of the heroes is unknown, all anyone knows is that they have vanished and it is the doing of this new and terrible threat.

Now only one of it's members remain and they are about to find out that the villain is more psychotic than they could have believed. Unlike other super villains she doesn't want to defeat them for power or glory, she wants them for their bodies.

In this game I am looking for someone to play the super hero that has yet to contend with the super villain. The game will involve the super hero and villain fighting and the battle ultimately leading to the defeat of the hero, which will then lead to the super villain having her way with the super hero.

The appearance and theme of both the hero and super villain are up for discussion as is the direction of the game. If you are interested or have any questions please let me know :)