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Started by Moose, July 03, 2014, 09:52:35 PM

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This idea is all about you. You are a nurse who is going through a rough time in your marriage. Your husband has become a deadbeat and gives his attention to anything but you (perhaps he's a stoner or a workaholic, but not cheating). You show up for the midnight shift to the talk of the new patient in bed #12. The dark skinned, buzz cut 30 something was found unresponsive in a hotel room, without a mark on him. After a full examination and a battery of tests, doctors cannot reason why he will not wake up.

That night you are tasked with his care. He is a marvelous work of beauty, dangerous looking but beautiful nonetheless; not at all like someone you would ever see yourself with. But the need that burns inside of you has become so strong that before you know it, you are pleasuring yourself with him. To your horror, as you finish, you look back to find that his eyes are wide open, staring at you, and you scurry from the room. You show up the next day to find him gone, so you think.

I want this RP to travel down the NC ish pathway. My character will find you and make you come to him under threat of exposure perhaps, or possibly he is simply a psychopath. You hate it but you love the thrill and what he does to you.

I am looking for a girl who wants to capture the internal conflict of doing something so wrong and dangerous but ultimately being unable to keep from enjoying it. I can play both the husband and patient rolls if need be but I prefer both of us to play the supporting characters as needed. It can venture into the BDSM or pregnancy realm if wanted as well. We can also make any changes necessary to fit your fancy.

Pm me if interested, please don't respond in the thread.
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