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Author Topic: Be mine - Plot Ideas (MxM, supernatural, macro cock, extreme, cbt, slavery)  (Read 3071 times)

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Offline PaleEnchantressTopic starter

I like stories where I play a very pretty dom guy. I like my partner being very muscular, hung to stupid and embarrassing proportions, masculine and self destructive. Body mod, CBT. I mention castration but feel I should point out It's all about the complete ownership of an others sexuality. It's not actually into the gore or extremely realistic portrayals. If it does happens its always clean , quick to recover from, and in many cases reversible.

(Modern Vampire and Bloodpet )

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I was discussing with a friend a plot involving a vampire and his bloodpet. They are so very standard in many ways, but ever so much fun too. We decided not to do it, but I thought maybe i'd edit our conversation a bit and post it to potentially do it with someone else. The bloodpet thing could be a simple and fun RP. I think i'd like to put a spin on it. What if the vampire in question has been assisting his mortal families descendants for hundreds of years. The family in turn raises a male child every so many years to be a sacrifice to the vampire when they come of age. The family doesn't know its a vampire, some believe there is a supernatural element but most just go with the idea that they are supplying a filthy rich eccentric group of old torture killers. He may not even technically be a vampire. I'm thinking he may put the blood on his skin in a ritual he began centuries ago in an ancient religeous mystery cult. He goes by the name Kybel (Kai  BELL), a corruption of his original name Cybelle (Sibil Lee). A meaningfull name indeed.

Of course your character is the said sacrifice.  He is aware of his role, In fact he was home schooled for the purpose. He has even been mutated to have monsterously large genitals which just mark him further as a sex object and freak. His family doesn't show him any affection, generations ago they learned not to get attached to those who will be sacrificed. In fact his family seems to take a sadistic joy in telling him how horrible his fate is and how glad they will be to get rid of him. They go so far as to complain that up until a few decades ago sacrifices were castrated before being sent off and now that isnt done so they don't actually get to see that happen. It may or may not be done later by the vampire, regenative capabilties leave some fun there too.  Your boy is so indoctrinated he doesn't even consider escape an option. No one has ever loved or wanted him so he's actually looking forward (even if he is scarred) to his coming demise.  Since he'll finally have a purpose and a release from his suffering. Perhaos your character escaped into reading classical mythology. All the better for him to eventually figure out who his captor is.

It's a subversion of the popular "Get sent to a relative who turns out to be a sexual sadist" plot seed. In this the monster that owns him turns out being a lot nicer then expected, especially on the surface. He's still capable of doing some cruel things, and is at his core more monsterous than your character could have imagined.  Your character may experience the love he thought he had no right to want, even if his time is limited. I feel this plot has some fun themes to explore without being to complex. Its all straightforward and easy to progress. I know I can get boggled when a plot has to many angles to deal with.

I was thinking  the opening post would be your father or brother giving you an enema. For years you've had to stay naked and get in the tub at the same time every day to receive your enema. Sometimes your family would forget and you'd be shivering for hours before they got to you, but you knew better then to leave.

I would prefer your character to be well muscled, strong and full of hot blood, while mine actually looks a little younger and is more ethereal. I'm a little flexible in exactly how big and muscular your character is. Could be freakishly well built (Despite looking like a pro body builder it just makes him feel more alienated from normal people) or he could just be a lean young man. I do enjoy guys with long hair and don't forget his massive sex organs.
The Hive
(Modern setting with sci-fi elements. )

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Inspired by the rather strange biology video.Guy2 had a rather normal childhood until puberty threw him a a bazaar curve. While he matured into a very fine and intelligent young man his genitals grew to proportions that should have been impossible. Even odder he seemed to grow small feathery wings that give him amazing balance at least compensating for the unwieldiness between his legs) He has been completely unable to live a normal life because of it since he cant run and it's nearly impossible to cover up. At least he can support himself through posting dirty pictures of himself on-line. It hardly fills the void that being so alone brings.

Neither he nor anyone he knows is aware that his condition serves a very distinct purpose.  A small group of all male aliens is trying to start a colony and he serves the distinct role of being their drone. They need his semen to operate their bio-organic spawning chambers (pregnancy is a bit of a turn off for me so they use spawning chambers) Just knowing that you might think he is special but all it really means is that he is the breeding slave of the leader of the colony: Guy1 who is referred to as the queen but is totally male. What makes Guy1 so unique is he is the only one who can produce the pheromones that control the others.

His entrance into the Hive could be through seduction by the queen, by abduction, or by the queen's pheromones. His life goes from abnormal to a living nightmare as he had his wings removed and made a slave to the colony and the queen in every aspect. Still the combination of the pheromones the queen excretes and the attention he gets causes him to have some feelings for his tormentor.

Unfortunately while drones natural life is very long they have an upper limit to the amount of viable semen they can produce before all that comes out is genetically human. If someone is not looking for a endless game this event could be a very dramatic (and very brutal) ending to the game, or it could start a new plot hook where the queen refuses to give up his drone for another.

Over the Hills and Far Away
[Extreme One on One, MalexMale]

Setting: Dystopian Future, Steampunk, Alternate Earth

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Preface: This game is me pulling an index overload. In other words I'm taking every theme, kink, and setup I like, throwing them together and hitting turbo with them. Because I like evil characters and dark themes this isn't going to be just a nymphomaniac orgy. Violence, Mutilation, Death, Necrophilia, Castration, Macro, Gore, and Inhuman Characters will all be involved, though not necessarily in a sexual way. I have a major love for strong masculine submissives being dominates by a evil pretty boy.

Backstory: (Names are changeable) About 30 years ago a meteorite astronomers called Pandora fell to the earth triggering a mini ice age with the debris it threw into the atmosphere. The rich panicked and horded food supplies which magnified the shortages. The situation might have fixed itself if Pandora's arrival had not spread a horrible plague known as Deathsight, named because it's deadly effects also cause all living things to become invisible and inaudible to the afflicted. Pandora was not a simple piece of space rock, it was a sentient. Chaos boiled across the world as new infestations arose, fanatical cults devoted to leaning more of being arose, and all who could sealed themselves off from the infected masses. The religiously minded called the cults of Pandora 'Abominations' since some of them acquired supernatural power.
          Things are calmer now, if only because everyone is used to the way things work. The wealthy live in their own controlled areas and have little contact with the world outside. Their servants enjoy many of the same protections, but none of their freedoms. Most of the worlds population live in the gutted remains of the cities. Every one of them had to enforce their own laws since the law pays attention only to the upper class unless the abominations are involved.
          The abominations are essentially the evil mages of the setting. There are the Apostates who fill the role of 'daemon summoners' they twist the forces of life to create dragon and demon-like creatures that serve them. The Anathema are necromancers, they have a webbed power structure where a powerful enough undead slave may learn to make undead slaves of it's own. The Abberants are mind controllers that live underground. A small subset of Abberants called Incarnates provide the upper class with much of their resilience.

(I play Valas who is the dominate in this relationship, though Malak has traditional Seme traits) Malak is a commoner and a prizefighter. He had to sell a kidney and do some pretty underhanded things to get the drugs that would make him strong enough to compete. Some of his fights are to the death but most are just until one fighter is a bloody mess. Malak hardly ever loses and thankfully the drugs that go into making a prize fighter allow him to recover from nearly any non lethal injury. He has enough street credit to live comfortably, and the strength to defend what is his. More then anything he is tired of being treated like a monster. One evening his match is broken by an Anathema raid. He defends himself, but many others are dragged away screaming into the night; Raw materials for the Anathema.   In the aftermath is where he meets Valas, a man with an almost otherworldly beauty. Valas was apparently a prostitute, shot in the stomach and slowly bleeding to death. Malak tries to make his final moments comfortable by taking him into the back room of the place he fights at. Malak confides in the dieing man. Valas recovers from his injuries, and Malak finds himself morbidly obsessed with serving the other man.

Events: Some things I want to work into the RP -

Malak the provider: Malak is to proud to let him love and master do humiliating things for money, he insists that Valas let him support them.

Valas' Secret: Valas is really one of the Anathema. Malak discovers his lovers unsavory nocturnal practices. His feeling of betrayal becomes excitement when he realizes Valas can use him even after his life ends. Malak and Valas become closer then ever when Valas is given the power to end Malaks life at any moment.

The sickness:
Malak is horrified when he realizes Valas is going through phases where he can't see him. Malak sells his sex organs to afford the cure for Deathsight. Valas takes the opportunity to craft a replacement set for Malak.

Valas needs more bodies for his magic. Malak turns murderer to get them.

Guard Dog: Valas is hanging out at the bar while Malak is fighting in the pit. Some thugs make the mistake of picking a fight with the pretty boy. That night everyone leaves the bar with a very brutal lesson learned about what Malak is capable of when Valas is in trouble.


The Black Tyrant's cattle (MxM, extreme, castration, vore)
Based a bit off a dream I had.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The undead and monsterous hordes marching under the enigmatic sorcerer known as the Black Tyrant have conquored the nation and began their reign of terror. The skies have darkened, slowly killing the land so that the creatures of the night can roam free. The living have been separated by gender and put into ranches where they are treated as livestock awaiting their terrible fates. Those that resist too heavily are mindraped to be prisoners inside their own mind. Watching themselves obey without question while still being fully conscious of everything. A fate worse then complying with the pain and death that likely await.

The game focuses on a 'cattle pit' in the newly named city of Rivenheart, which the Black Tyrant lives. The male humans are kept in stalls, worked, and prepared to eventually become either personal slaves or food for the liches, vampires and driders or their food.  Some livestock deemed unworthy are simply thrown whole into a meat grinder and fed to the lowly ghouls that make up the bulk of the Tyrant's subjects.

The slaves genitals are inexplicably interesting to the undead. In fact they are treated as a crop of their own. The slave's sex organs are oiled, massages and put through rigors painful procedures. When not in pain the cattle are in a state of extreme arousal, but steep punishment is levied for masturbation. Their genitals grow in size which the undead call "ripening" until they are eventually "harvested" before the cattle are sent to their ultimate fate.

I take the role of the story teller and the Black Tyrant. The Black Tyrant is actually a very "pretty" male with youthful features. Id like to have my partner play a cattle or an human overseer that is being given the chance to rise in power and gain the tyrants affection by taking over managing and preparing the slaves for 'harvest'.  In the second case id probably use a simple system of modified dice rolls to add a little randomness into the operation.

The role of the "cattle" is pretty simplistic and entirely submissive. The overseer is a bit more complex role and naturally a switch. . I have a slight preference for the more masculine end of the spectrum but either way their services will satisfy me.

The length of the rp is pretty negotiable since it could deal with a charactes stay in the cattle pits only or it could go on after or transfer between different characters. If i get an overseer and a cattle I may make it a 3 way game if my partners like. I see the rp being rather short, sexual and brutal.

Concept Image for the Black Tyrant

Along game a spider. . . 
Incest, Vampirism, more

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Basic synopsis outcast muscle stud is on love with his younger brother. The younger brother is gruesomely murdered. Muscle stud blames himself for failing to protect his brother and gets even more self destructive, he tries to kill himself multiple times and ends up in a long term psych care facility. He escapes with the intent to finish the job and end his life, but runs into his brother who is now a vampiric monster with illusionary abilities. Now all the hot blood pumping through those big muscles and cock belong to his brother 'just like it should'. Now he exists only to serve and fantasizes about the day his brother will drain him completely.

There are two versions one with a more traditional vampire and the other where the vampire has the ability to change into a drider like creature called a "Red Widow". The Red widow wants to mate and kill, something unknown to either brother. This plot really has a lot of potential. The older brothers macro cock can be a birth defect or something acquires from being repeatedly fed on.  This plot is dark and has a lot of emotion behind it. There is must material that can be added to it if one desires.

Brother's In Blood
(Modern Vampire and multiple spawn. VTM system )

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Welcome! I have a desire for a very specialized VtM game about a about a pack of close college studs  who find themselves claimed and embraced by a truley ancient Tzmisce. The plot deals mainly with the bonds the guys share and their obsessive relationship with the vampire master. They fear him and know how badly they are abused and yet every torment they suffer is a delicious ecstasy and testament to their all consuming passion for him.  This is an extreme and graphic game with strong body horror themes. Some fetish others more straightforward horror. - Also due to the over the top nature and erotic aspects I expect black humor and a touch of tongue in cheeck to arise too.  Yes, it's very gay. 

The Basic backdrop goes here. The game would Ideally start with the starving college guys getting ready for a big meeting with a (presumably) dusty old rich man who might write them a fat check.   It should go like this "Preface" below. Though the actual game begins in the middle of it.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You and your "Bros" had been together from a very young age. There have been those who would mock your closeness calling you "Gay" but you're all masculine guys. Those people just don't understand what you've been through, growing up in the same shoddy group home without any real family. You are so lucky to have each other and you're comfortable around each other in ways most men aren't.

You were also very lucky to all be able to get into the same college on a sports scholarship. All that time on the court/ring/field/ect must have paid off. Some of you might even make it pro, while others are just using it to get through college.  Unfortunately, even living fairly bare bones (The X Box one was essential to survival) doesn't make your scholarship money stretch very far. Only some of you can even get a job and none of you can get a good job.  Your gas got cut off and it's winter and Ramen is beginning to make you queasy.

Lucky for you guys that your coach and counceller found out about some old rich guy with giving out two twenty five grand living expense scholarships. All you had to do was show up to meet him and convince him you silly jocks are worth it.  You thought you were just going to meet in some restaurant and hopefully get a dinner out of it (or else order a grand round of water). Instead he sent a stretch limo with a full bar to pick you up and bring you to his high rise hotel suite. The dusty old man's booze alone was worth the effort.

When you saw him your heart nearly stopped. The "old man" looked younger than you. In fact until his man servant spoke up and introduced him you thought he must be the unbelievably hot girlfriend of the luckiest old lech in the world.  You might not normally look at men but calling this guy was like some computer enhanced androgynous sex god from outer space. He looked like he couldn't even be real. His touch and scent made your body do things you had no control over.  You and your mates practically barked at him when he suggested you all strip down and talk in the hot tub. Before you knew it he was swimming across your laps, kissing you all.  Even though he had accidentally bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood his kiss was the sweetest thing you ever tasted.  The rest of the night vanished in a blur. The next morning you woke up naked in the hotel bed with all your mates and your host long gone. Only a few signs of a real kinky night and a check for 25 grand left behind.

You should have been scared. In hindsight it was all so obvious. You and your brothers should have taken that money and ran as far away as possible. You had no right to ever touch something like him. Now it's too late and he's claimed you as his property and made you into a monster like he is. . . . No, not like he is. *Nothing* could be like he is. If god existed he would kneel down and kiss the ground your master walks on.  You don't understand him you try to dance to his tune but the music is always changing and you never know the steps. Every single aspect of you and your brothers is his to tear apart and use as he pleases. Something inside you screams at it, telling you it's wrong. Yet you ignore that voice and only wish you could give him even more.

We will be using v20 VtM rules augmented with NWoD combat system. This game is not very "Sandbox" as it has a very central idea behind it, though you will be able to make plenty of decisions on your own.  The Tzmisce named "Lamia" (but you don't know his real name. Also he's no relation to the extinct clan of the same name) has developed a new way to create "Blood Brothers" that actually hybridizes them with other clans. It also leaves all their memories in tact as well as much of their personality, yet the bonds between each 'brother' as well as the one they share with their sire are much more solid and genuine feeling than the standard blood bond.  How lucky that you and your bros get the "honor" of being his first successful group.

Like any vampire that old he's sadistic and crazy. His specific brands of crazy can actually make him seem genuinely (though very twistedly) romantic at times though those very traits also make him unpredictable. For instance he is a Nymphomaniac, he managed to make you all sexually functional (even more then normal humans). However, he has been unsuccessful in bestowing capacity for sexual pleasure and potency on himself.  So instead he is obsessed with your sex organs and sexuality. He may screw you traditionally but it's always about what it's doing to you. Your dick is hardly ever similar to how it was in life, it's always getting pierced, or bisected, enlarged, multiplied, on your brother's body, moved, removed and any number of other things. Sometimes during all his sexually 'playing' with you he gets angry at how much you remind him of his own lack of capacity for sexual pleasure which makes him lash out at you in anger.  You fear it almost as much as you crave it. His blood is in you and you could never resist him.

I'm looking for 1-3 dependable players. Please lets keep it going for a while. Multiple "Brother's" per player is requested.  Due to the nature of Lamia's ritual you'll actually get to pick a clan from most of the standard ones rather then be the default "Blood Brothers". You will get some automatic freebies as well as drawbacks. There will be some pack activity with all the brothers.

1 players = 4 brothers, player as 3 me as 1
2 players = 5 brothers, each player as 2, me as 1
3 players = 6 brothers, each player as two

If you *really* want to play but *can't* manage more then one character (they all come from the same place it shouldn't be hard) we can discuss it.  Feel free to put questions here or PM them to me. I hope I see some action for this one.

A Darker Shade of Black
[Sexuality and Gender exploration, X-Men, Marvel Comics,]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Laconic:  A gothic* story about the male bodied copy of Marvel Comics supervillian the evil goddess Selene. Focused on the clones sexuality,  gender and identity, trust issues, murderous cravings, the psychological trauma of instantly awakening to 17,000 years of memories, and his/her ultimate fight to survive when most would benefit from his destruction.  You play his lover who can be nearly any man you want.

(*As in the literary sense of the dark and maccabre being presented in a form the reader is meant to find a pleasant chill in. Though the character fits the modern subculture as well)


The actual events in the rp are very customizable. The background though is that The Black Queen, Selene knew her plans with Necrosha would potentially turn just about every superteam in the world against her. Naturally she made sure a few ways to recover if something went wrong.  One of these ways was to create a controlled copy of herself that she could consume to revive herself if needed. (For simplicity we will call the copy "he" for now)

Her viewpoint of men being tools and desire to ensure there would be no mix ups made her copy male and his "default" age a few years younger than hers.  The simulacrum was active and conscious for most of "Necrosha".  Despite his similar level is power to her the magick of his creation ensured his devotion to her. He saw her as a dark mother figure.

He wasn't treated badly by Selene's other minions exactly but he was mostly ignored and treated like an object rather than the ultimate extension of Selene's will he felt he was. His attraction to Selene's lovers and his belief that he was Selene for the most part caused plenty of friction. They all wanted to disregard him for various reasons such as their own idea that they were Selene's second in command, or not wanting to feel anything for him due to him being made to die. Yet they couldn't ever disrespect him because of his own power and that Selene still saw him as part of her. Having two Black Queen's they could potentially offend was very stressful. He even fit Selene's clothes fairly well.

When Selene was destroyed the clone experienced a near miracle. The spell that kept him completely subservient to her broke. He stayed in her mansion for a day or two, trying to accept that at any moment Selene would be in him and his entire existence would be erased. He couldn't, he wanted to live, he wanted to feed, he wanted to remake the world in his image. He was Selene, wasn't he? He knew he was a clone but most of his memories were his existence as her. He had to survive.

Sadly he realized he had no allies. The few loyal to Selene would not help him. He couldn't resist Selene, the *other* Selene on his own. He knew what she would do to him even if she came back through other means because he knew what he would do to him in the same position. As much as he hated it he would have to hope he could convince their enemies that they would have to deal with one Selene or the other and that they were much better off with him. Many also had a conscience he could appeal to.  With little other choice he went he went to one of the people he hated the most because he knew he could count on her identity as a mentor for teens and her hatred of Selene to work in his favor: Emma Frost.


This stories narrative style will be different from usual. As the dominant partner I usually end up with more control of the environment and usually the plot itself. This tends to be a general trend I notice. This RP is highly focused on my character's mentality and how he reacts to others and vice versa. So you would need to control most (not necessarily all) the cannon characters.

The simulacrum is irredeemably evil but unlike his counterpart he isn't unable to form attachments to others. He is also an extreme sadist and megalomaniac at heart and could be a nightmarish "Yandere" type.

Emma Frost is an obvious important NPC but the rest of the X-men/whatever groups roaster varies frequently even in the comics so other additions depend on who you like. If you want a even more overt villain focus he could choose Sebastien Shaw to reach out to instead.  It depends on what character you wish to make your main protagonist and therefore his love interest.  If you choose a hero it's likely people will believe he might be a redeemer for the simulacrum when the guy is utterly devoted to evil due to his new love. We could even include a very dark love triangle where the simulacrum plays a deranged stalker to one man while also in a relationship with a man who shows nearly martyr like devotion. It might even be interesting if the Martyr is the stronger of the two.

Suggested  partners: Havock, Daken*, Wither, Joseph, Angel*, Mr Sinister, Blackheart, Dracula* Hellstorm*, Sentry*,  Colossus, Morbius, nearly any of the guys based on mythic gods, Omega Red.

And those are just ones that I find particularly hot by either plot relevance or general sexiness. Ones with a * are particularly craved. It's by no means a complete list nearly anyone could potentially work.  Just keep in mind this is an extreme game and the simulacrum might do any number of things to his lover for both eroticism and horror.  Let me know if you're interested!

Sperm Cow

The Death of Venus Illegitima  (Ex MxM renaissance fantasy Pet play, Big sub small dom, public humiliation, heavy BDSM content)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

No one knows where he came from but the knowledge the great beauty brought  with him seemed capeable of changing the world to be a heaven on earth. Medicine, agriculture, magiteck, he knew it all. No one knew he was a herald sent to them by one of mankinds most ancient enemies.

Ayahuashka, once a heavenly dragon, was a dracolich with unfathomable plots that took thousands of years to enact. To put one of her plans into motion she created an angellically beautiful youth from clay and named him Helel. His learned much on magic and other sevrets from his mistress. Then he was tasked to bring knowledge to the world they wouldn't have discovered for centuries. The assistance he provided along with his striking looks made Helel an aristocrat in many countries.

Really he despised his mistress. He couldn't wait until his work was done so he could live a life and use his magic for himself. When he did finish he found despair, not excitement in his freedom. He learned that Ayahuashka had created him only to live long enough to complete his tasks. He would soon turn back into clay and fall appart as if he never existed.

While Helel was looking for a cure and finding nothing a rival at court sent a very skilled and unique assassin after him. This is your character. The son  of a barbarian chief, an intimidating 7 foot wall of man muscle with a cock the size of a mans arm. He was the best warrior his tribe has seen, had the greatest woman for his wife and a baby boy to call him daddy. He wasn't there when a rival tribe attacked. Many of his tribe died, his wife, the woman whos his lifelong duty was to protect was raped many times begore she and the baby were killed. The few survivors blamed him, if he had been there he could have fought them off. He blamed himself even harder. He had nothing left to live for, his honor and prid as a man were killed surely as his wife. He became a horse riding mercenary assassin. He could sneak in, overpower any guards and kill his target, brutal and bloody.

He was the one sent to kill Helel. He was shocked at just how beautiful his target was. Helel put up a good fight but lost. Helel told the barbarian that he accepted his death as he was dying anyway. The barbarian raised his greatsword to cut off Helel's head but found he just couldn't destroy something that beautiful. So he told Helel to go back to bed, intnding on strangling him as a bloodless death once he was sleeping. That gave the two time to talk. The Barbarian ended up falling asleep first. Helel could have killed him easily then but come morning he was comfortably in Helel's bed.

This story is to be a romance between Helel and his "pet" barbarian. The barbarian is very submissive much like a dog, but he's no cute little lap dog. He's a barely restrained killer guard dog to anyone but his master. He sees Helel and his love for Helel as a way to prove that he still has honor, he still has value. He wants to save Helel but doesn't know how. The sadistic Helel finds love there too and shows his pet a world of service, pleasure, pain, exhibition, and some body moddification.

If you like the barbarian can be from a tribe of people with some animal features. Or perhaps lycanthrops a weretiger maybe. I just am not into full furry. I speak more of Keto features, though a lycanthrop would have several more bestial forms.

These last three have short descriptions. Hopefully I will return and fill in more detail later.

Sperm Cow

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the future a space colony of only men is created when semen is discovered to hold properties perfect for use in advanced machinery. In the colony when any man reaches adulthood their achievements are reviewed and they are classified as a Master, A slave (most of which have their genitals removed), or a sperm cow. Your character ends up one of the last ones. Sperm cows parts are grown to extreme sized and they are milked hard, so hard their mind begins to degenerate. The bosses handsome son was a friend of yours at one time, probably your crush, and he finds he likes having your character on his farm.

A Psalm for the Poisoned ( MxM Extreme CBT, Macro Cock, self harm themes)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A demon blooded boy is taken in by a priory and raised to adulthood.  He is abused by most because of his tainted blood, and he is very large with genitals so large and wanton it's difficult to wear any clothes but long very lose fitting robes.  The daemon boy wishes to make up for his sinful blood in the eyes of god and the people through self denial and self torture. A young fey blooded noble takes an interest in the young demon blooded man and is all too happy to use his power of mind manipulation and illusions to exploit the man.

The Forrest of Flesh (TSxM or MxM with some minor elements of FxTS or FxM - DC comics Gotham City, Villain Protagonists, Extreme BDSM content, Non-Con, Body Horror)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After killing a sexual serial killer and torturer, Poison Ivy experiments with the barely living body of his final victim (A handsome gothic male the killer mistook for a woman or a gothic transexual woman) The experiments turned the victim into an incredibly powerful partner who wants revenge upon the world one that controls flesh, blood, and bone on a molecular level through Biokenisis much in the way she does plants.  Poison Ivy names her creation Alraune  and they begin to kill people to create a garden made of both animal and plant matter that they will eventual try to cover the earth with. With Poison Ivy's blessing, Alraune captures some of Gotham's most handsome heroes (like Nightwing) and villains to put in a harem she's making for herself and subjecting them to her twisted desires.

Alraune is referred to as a she here, she can be played as a full trans woman, or as a pretty boy with no transgender elements at all depending on my partners preferences.  It would be up to you to collaborate with me on who you want to play as part of Alraune's Harem (thought Nightwing comes highly suggested), and you would likely also control Poison Ivy.)

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Re: Be mine - Plot Ideas (MxM, supernatural, macro cock, extreme, cbt, slavery)
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Bumping. It's in line with the rules on such things as I edited adding 4 whole plots and it's been well over a month since I initially posted this anyway.

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Re: Be mine - Plot Ideas (MxM, supernatural, macro cock, extreme, cbt, slavery)
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Bump , added Along Came A Spider

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Bumping because I can do that once a month and it has been many months.

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I get another bump. I'm cool like that! I have another plot idea I might add next week.

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A long overdue bump. I'm open for you pitching me an idea of yours using some of my preferences.

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its a fine time for a bump.

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hi! I'm interested the "along came a spider" one.

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hi! I'm interested the "along came a spider" one.

Just sent you a message about it.

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I'm allowed to bump this again, thats, like, so grooovy!

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Re: Be mine - Plot Ideas (MxM, supernatural, macro cock, extreme, cbt, slavery)
« Reply #10 on: February 09, 2017, 08:33:27 PM »
Bump Time. Currently my biggest cravings are:
A Darker Shade of Black
The Hive
Brothers in Blood

Though we can discuss others.

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Bumping up!

I like all my ideas that aren't colored red, but my biggest cravings are:

A Darker Shade of Black
The Forrest of Flesh
The Hive
Brother's in Blood

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For sure, bump. Message me if you're interested.

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Re: Be mine - Plot Ideas (MxM, supernatural, macro cock, extreme, cbt, slavery)
« Reply #13 on: December 30, 2017, 01:01:42 AM »
Its dark and bizarre but I still think my plots have potential.

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Bump time.  Surrender your character fully to my dark embrace

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It's been a while. Very low rp activity. I'd love to liven things up.

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Re: Be mine - Plot Ideas (MxM, supernatural, macro cock, extreme, cbt, slavery)
« Reply #16 on: September 12, 2018, 10:21:32 PM »
All my rp partners just vanished at once. I feel like I'm withdrawing. So bump.

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Been a while, so bump.

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Adore me