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Author Topic: The Wanderers RP ideas, in need of a female counterpart ...  (Read 415 times)

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Aside from these ideas I am of course also open to any changes to these ideas. Nothing is written in stone and an RP is always the work of two people, so if you have any changes or additional ideas feel free to let me know *smiles*

New EDIT: Aside from having placed the taken RPs at the end of the list I would like to mention the following ...
I have currently 5 RPs active and in the planning stage. So in order to not overdo it and stress my muse beyond possibility I would only take on one more RP at the moment.

What I really, REALLY, no no, I mean R E A L L Y crave is an RP that plays in the 1930s, possibly or going into the 40s. I just am in a sort of hype about the 1930s at the moment heh.

The Gift

A Vampire who had been attacked and almost killed. nearly powerless he lies in a dormant sleep, watched over by his loyal servant of many years. As the servant becomes more and more concerned about his masters life he goes out to abduct a woman for his master, one who will give him strength again through feasting on her. When faced with the possibility to kill her the Vampire decides to let her live (perhaps as a blooddoll at first for further feedings, perhaps because he is interested or curious about her). Over time they become closer and eventually set out together to find the assailant who almost killed him.

This is a rough draft, but a story which had been in my mind for a long time and which I would like to see written again.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A new Order

Tunisia 1900. Berber Leader Ahmed El Rashai, himself having studied in England, is disgusted by the way the French, Germans and British are imposing themselves in the country, by the way they fight over the land of his people. He leads a Band of his fighters to raid Trading posts and other settlements under European control. All three governments by now have set a bounty on hi head and even some of his countrymen have attacked him, trying to gain favor with the Europeans and of course cash in on the prize. The only men he can truly trust are his own tribesmen.

Some of his own countrymen turning their back on him sparks his hatred for the foreigners even more so he continues for over a year with his attacks, until during a raid on a military post he discovers a woman. Unsure if he should keep her for himself, hold her for ransom, give her to his men as a prize or let her loose again, he decides to take her with him. They travel for five days back to his residence.


Sheik Ahmed El rashai
The Woman [nationality and name up to you]

Some other tribesmen and Ahmed’s two wives. I would play the tribesmen whereas the wife might be your part.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Through time

Salem 1692 a few weeks before the beginning of the Witch trials a woman raises the suspicion of a self proclaimed Witch hunter. She indeed possesses powers which are beyond explanation. What the people of the area do not know is that the man who begins to raise the fear of Witches, who begins to hunt them, who denounces and accuses others of being witches is one himself and only begins the hunt to divert possible attention from himself, knowing fair well that most women he accuses of being Witches are not. Wouldn't there be the one whom he knows of.

Through a clash of powers while hunting the witch he is after they are both thrown forward in time. Now trying to adapt to a new world, new possibilities and new surroundings, he continues to hunt her.

This one is a rather short description, I know. There are many variables in the story:
The powers both have are definitely up to discussion/collaboration and of course up to our Muses.
The time they are thrown into is as well. Perhaps the Civil War, perhaps the Roaring twenties, the 40s or 50s with the dawn of organized crime and “mobsters” or perhaps present times.
Will they possibly both feel lost and alone in this new world to them and maybe even come closer, discover feelings?
Will they have different goals? One perhaps want to go back into the time they know, the other love the new found world?

One thing I am definitely thinking about is how we could arrange both interacting frequently, so it is not a story told mostly with each of them in a different place.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You never know what you get.
(could be placed in any timeframe starting from the 1930's)

Mike Dorsey, a small time conartist had been trying to land a big hit. Passing on information between different mob families, he ensured to be paid by both sides, getting a good piece of the loot from a Jewelry heist involving New York's major Diamond trader, carefully attempting not to be placed with either side by the other or by the Police.

So far everything had turned out well and he decided to take his loot and head to Mexico, change his name and then head over to the old world, see Europe. Since flying would have left a trace to his whereabouts he decided to drive from his hometown of New York down to California where he would pass the border as a daily tourist on foot.

To throw off any possible followers who might catch on to his dual play he sunk his car in the Hudson and stole another to embark on his journey. That's where the trouble began.....

At a quick stop to fuel the car, he finds a young woman in the trunk, bound and gagged. She turns out to be the daughter of XXXXX (to be named), one of New York's most wealthy families, who had been kidnapped the evening before and according to the news there was a 10 Million dollar ransom claim for her return. The only problem was...the car Mike was driving was her father's car......

I think there would be a ton of possible twists and turns in this.

From the involvement of the father in the kidnapping, maybe he had done it himself to get the money, maybe she is in the way and he wanted to cash in on the ransom and her life insurance, maybe it was a different reason all together?

For the father, his car being stolen might be a perfect fit in the plan, yet it may also be a very big problem, depending on his motives for kidnapping his own daughter.

If Mikes involvement in the robbery leaks out the mob will be after him as well, perhaps even both families, and or even the Police.

And last but not will the daughter react to finding out her own father had kidnapped her / arranged the kidnapping?

As I said, I think there are a lot of possible twists and turns, some action, some funny, romance as well. And all in all a nice possibility for a rollercoaster ride across the States or any other country / continent.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Mansion by the lake.

Alright there are two possible base lines for this, they are somewhat intertwined for me at the moment yet are actually two separate story-lines. Either or both would be fine.

First possibility:

The recently married couple returned from their honeymoon and moved into the old Mansion which used to belong to the woman's grandmother. Said Grandmother used to a well known and successful Operastar / Actress of Hollywoods golden days (whichever you'd rather have her). After her death a few months earlier, she had left the house to her granddaughter. Rumour had it that the woman had invested most of her fortune, along with the estate, in Diamonds and other precious gemstones, yet none were ever found.

Soon after the couple moves in, things begin to happen. Noises while the woman is alone at home (perhaps she is an aspiring artist and has turned one of the former rooms into a studio), objects disappear and the like. Then one day the woman is attacked while being alone, her attacker demanding...the stones, her grandmother's fortune.

The events build up, the intruder reappearing, seeming to be able to get to her no matter what she does. Her husband beginning to doubt her claims that anything or anyone is actually stalking her or wanting her grandmother's stones as there is hardly ever any evidence of any intrusion or the like.

The young woman could also be disabled in some form, either blind or not seeing well, basically just shades etc, which would add to the possibilities as far as the suspense factor goes, yet would definitely not HAVE to be in there, just something that popped up in my head while writing this. Absolutely up to you of course. As I said, just a nudge in the side my Muse gave me while writing.


Second possibility:

Said young woman moves into the house, yet by herself as she is not married. A neighbor does develop a liking to her, helping her with odd jobs around the grounds and the like.

Shortly after moving in strange events begin to take place. Moved objects, noises, whispers, etc etc. She has the increasing feeling that she is not alone, yet it doesn't seem to be a threatening presence at the moment. At first her friends and neighbors make fun of her, ridicule it as being a figment of her imagination, overactive fantasies due to living alone in such a big house etc.

Is the spirit who is haunting her and the house someone who is after her, someone who has developed a liking to her as well or someone who is trying to warn her of something?

As I said both are actually similar yet absolutely different stories. So they are basically two different Rps. So either could be taken as an individual storyline.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Earth Revisited.

In 2075 a giant solar flare raised the temperature on Earth beyond what was physically endurable for mankind. Having had barely enough time, warned by increased solar activity, a lunar base belonging to Lunacorp Industries, a company which until then was in the business of working to find and extract precious metals from below the moon’s surface had been extended.
Artists, Scientists and a number of regular people were allowed to settle there. Over the time the initial population of 5000 grew to 7500, procreation only being allowed under strict rules while the base was further extended. No one had visited Earth again until 30 years after the catastrophe. A mission was sent in 2105 to evaluate the conditions on Earth – it never returned.
5 years later Mike Darnell, son of the man who commanded the first mission is being sent on a second mission. On his small team, alongside a small military unit also an Anthropologist, a Botanist and a Zoologist to study the living conditions on Earth.
What happened to the original mission team? Have Chemicals and other substances released into Earths atmosphere changed whatever had survived? Has anything survived and will they find?

Characters: Mike Darnell, my character
You could choose between any of the scientists or perhaps even a member of the military unit.
Other Characters from the team would have to be played by us as NPCs now and then along with what they find on Earth.

Taken RPs


Out of boredom, Stan bought himself a telescope. After all, living in a one of New York’s (any other city would be fine too) highrise apartment buildings, one can pass the time. One evening he saw her in a building two streets over and across the rooftops she caught his attention. She was beautiful and he began to watch her more and more often, slowly becoming increasingly obsessed with her, her life, what she was doing.

As I said, this is just a very rough idea. It holds a lot of possibilities in my opinion though. She could have a boyfriend, one who perhaps mistreats her or they split up. Stan would eventually call her which that is the only iffy part in my opinion. In order to get the RP flow going she wouldn’t have to mind the calls despite knowing he could see her. Perhaps not taking it serious as it is a huge building or for another reason not alerting the authorities…at least at first.

My Character would eventually either break into her place to install microphones / camera’s or use a directional microfone to hear her even when they’re not talking. And at one point in time his obsession with her would of course go the obvious way and he would break into her place to either
a)   Hold her there
b)   Take her to his place
c)   Go somewhere else entirely

I think it holds a lot of possibilities. If you’re interested let me know.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is Africa.

Henrik Geerling grew up the son of Dutch immigrants in South Africa in the days of the Apartheid regime. Growing up with his father’s prejudice and having served in the South African Military he continued a career as a Soldier of Fortune with a few old comrades from his unit. After a few years he decided to go on by himself, lending his services to the highest bidder in various countries throughout the continent.

In Molombo, the capital of Nambabwe the president and his family except his oldest son had been killed by rebel Military who had overthrown the government. With Nambabwe having no major resources to offer the Western nations they stay out of the conflict while the rebels search frantically for the President’s son as he could bring the people behind himself and reinstate the old government.

Rumors have it that he may be hiding with a Western Doctor in her jungle hospice. As any open attack on the hospice may cause an intervention by western nations, Henrik is hired to find the President’s son and kill him.

Henrik Geerling
The Western Doctor (You can of course choose her name and country of origin)
Other Characters along the line

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Love beyond death

After the death of his wife, who was murdered by a Vampire Hunter 120 years ago, the *enter appropriate title here* [depends on the country etc we decide to settle the RP in] lived secluded in his small Castle, leaving it only on occasion when he needed to feed. He has lost all interest he mourns his wife's death still. Over the years of solitude he has developed a temper and is not the easy going, loving man he once was. His only companions are the Stable-master and driver of the carriage, the old woman who cooks and his private Servant. The only ones knowing who or what he really is, is his Servant and confident. He has served his Master for almost 200 years now, being kept alive for so long by the small amount of blood his Master gave him. Not enough to turn him but enough to prolong his life.

Occasionally his Servant would hire a Maid for the Castle, who after some time would fall victim to the Vampire. Again the Servant [again, a name will be chosen when we decide on a setting for the RP] traveled to the city to find a young girl who would be hired as a Maid. When the Vampire lays eyes on her the first time, he notices a stunning resemblance to his wife...

The Vampire
The Servant
The Cook
The Stable-master
Visitors and people they’ll meet on possible travels as well as other folk

Aside from the Vampire I would take the part of the Servant and the Stable master. If you could take the part of the Cook as well, would be nice. Visitors may include possibly a Vampire who was turned by the my character years ago, or something of that nature. Haven't decided on that one yet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Because the night ...

For weeks now a creature has stalked Los Angeles (or another city, I'm of course flexible there), preying on young women whom it rapes and drains of their blood. The police officially investigates the case with everything they got but behind the closed doors, they don't really care much about it as all the victims were of questionable "worth" to them, prostitutes, drug addicts and the like. Then one night a young woman on a social outing is being attacked by the creature. My Character, a Vampire himself had been on the hunt for the creature. He fears that eventually someone will come to the wrong conclusions and he himself will be discovered. While driving around at night, he comes across the creature just as it is feeding on the young woman. It flees and he takes her with him to his house. On the verge of death she lies on his sofa and he has to make a decision ...

Vampire [my character ... I don't have a name yet]
Young woman [your character]
Various other characters

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Re: The Wanderers RP ideas, in need of a female counterpart ...
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 10:19:11 AM »
Hi, id be interested in there can only be one. I love the highlander movies, and was a fan of the series as well. My character could be a dealer in rare weapons, hence the reason i carry a sword with me. We could team up, Im thinking.

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Re: The Wanderers RP ideas, in need of a female counterpart ...
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2014, 05:08:19 PM »
Changed RPs, edited taken RPs and added current main craving still not satisfied :)

Offline playfullchick76

Re: The Wanderers RP ideas, in need of a female counterpart ...
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2014, 05:54:35 PM »
Do you still want to do the there can only be one rp. Ive been doing some thinking on it and have my character in mind.