A bit of a specific craving (Futa/Femboy)

Started by Far eyes, June 27, 2014, 04:43:47 PM

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Far eyes

Currently taken, thanks for the interest

The loose idea for this one is simple, your character is a young guy out on his own for the first time. You might have always had slightly feminine looks and maybe even thought about it but it was never something you really explored, maybe to shy maybe it scared you a bit. You have been living on your own for a bit now, moving away from your home town one day you run into an old friend and he is doing really good for him self, so after a little talking he tells you that the way he can afford it is he is somebody’s exclusive.

A company who arranges young good looking girls and boys with well paying rich ‘interests’ there is a contract and for that time being you are kind of there property in the loose terms.

After a bit of considering, maybe things go the money problem growing worse you talk to your friend who gets you in contact with the manager who deals with the contracts. And your in luck there is somebody looking for just what you are. And she her self is a special lady.

The game would have feminization, bondage, teasing, training and humiliation elements a lot of control and domination elements orgasm denial and some other bits depending on O/O and what we agree on.

I am looking for somebody interested in writing real 2-3+ paragraphs and actually being active not just riding along. I am open to any kinks you might want to add
What a man says: "Through roleplaying, I want to explore the reality of the female experience and gain a better understanding of what it means to be a woman."

What he means: "I like lesbians".