Heroines in Peril (F for M/GM, NC or Ex)

Started by Jaded, June 25, 2014, 08:20:00 PM

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I am always looking for a Heroine or Superheroine in peril game, but had a specific idea I thought I'd list.

Unwritten Laws

I am thinking of a world where Heroes and Villains both abide by a certain code to avoid escalating things.  Villains, if defeated, go to jail (where they can eventually break out), while Heroes are held hostage, for ransom, used to power some infernal device, or otherwise used, but not abused or killed.  Those few stupid enough to violate the code are quickly killed, for everyone's safety. 

Unfortunately, a group of men (thugs or villains) recently came up with a new drug that can completely wipe a heroines memory, and perhaps heal any bruises or other injuries she receives.  What better way to use it than to live out a few fantasies they have long held on to?  I am thinking the drug is something Viagra like, but that also screws with the woman after it finds its way into her system. 

I could see this idea going a number of ways.  A regular heroine story where she is battling evil, but occasionally has an episode she can't remember when captured.  An exploration of the side effects of the drug (I'm open to ideas on that).  A pregnancy, that the heroine can't remember having sex to conceive.  etc

Generic Ideas

I'd like to roleplay a Heroine in a fantasy setting (freeform or Pathfinder) or a Superheroine in a superhero setting (freeform or M&M 3e). 

I don't have anything terribly original or specific in mind, just a woman who has the bad habit of getting into (erotic) trouble.  A competent enough woman who just has the misfortune of being overconfident and running into bigger fish on a regular basis.  I'd like a plot beyond just sex (though honestly, am thinking of probably a 50/50 split, or maybe 75/25 in favour of plot).  I'd prefer the focus is NC, if fantasy I'd like the inclusion of monsters, and so on.  If you have any specific kinks you are interested in, let me know and maybe we can figure something out, I tend to be fairly open.

I'd also potentially be interested in a CthulhuTech game (freeform or using the rules), a game set in a fantasy version of WWII (mad science and such, I don't think I have any rule systems that fit), or a Deadlands style game (freeform or Deadlands Reloaded/Savage Worlds). 

Thanks, please PM me if interested.