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May 26, 2018, 02:49:56 AM

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Author Topic: The Past Should Stay Dead  (Read 586 times)

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Offline chris991Topic starter

The Past Should Stay Dead
« on: June 25, 2014, 02:27:40 AM »
I'm writing this as a continuation of a writing prompt posed to me by Ariel as a part of my approval application.

You're at a party, any party, and you're just so bored. Excusing yourself early, you make your way to the door, thinking about hopping into your car and going to grab a bite when the door opens first and you run into someone you didn't want to run into. Who is this person and why do you not like them?

"Ugh. Why did he have to show up? He's always such an elitist."

I stop in my tracks, as to not be rude. I look at the person I once called "best friend."
"Hello." I say, in a hurried manner. As he looks back to me, "What you're leaving already?" I think to myself, "Damn. He still knows me too well." I look around the room while trying to prepare an excuse.
"Yeah, I'm just not feeling it. It's really boring here." I reply, over the tone of loud music. He laughs a bit. "You always were antisocial. I think it stems from you being an introverted personality type, and
never really going out of your way to socialize. You know, a study was recen-." I cut him off mid sentence. "Just stop. We used to be friends, I get it. But you are way too overbearing. You think you know
better than everyone and I'm over it." I say, as I brush past him to walk outside.

Outside, the music while still quite loud is less... deafening. I can breathe. I look back, and my former friend has stepped outside too.

"There you go again, rushing out of situations before they're ever resolved. You need to open up to people." As he speaks those words, my head begins to throb in a stinging pain.

"Gah.. I thought this was over. Why is he back?"

The conversations becomes nothing more than a blur, and I hastily make my way away from the house, as I get in my car I pick up my phone.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

The phone is picked up on the other end by a lady sounding to be in her early 30's. "Dr. Mulrooney's office. Dr. Mulrooney speaking." She says, awaiting an answer.
"He's back."

Dr. Mulrooney answers worriedly, "Come to my office." I hang up the phone and rush my way there, completely forgetting my hunger. As I walk into the building, I glance over at the sign. "Never thought I'd have to be here again."

Dr. Mulrooney and Associates. Psychotherapy.

I walk in the door, almost in a daze and I sit myself down in the chair I've grown so familiar with. I look around the room and don't really
notice anything out of the ordinary. Everything looks exactly as the same as it always does. Right down to that stupid motivational poster on the wall.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars... What a load of shit."

The doctor looks at me with a certain curiosity that can only be described as an annoyance. "What?" I asked, clearly annoyed by her gaze. She says, "You need to calm down. Tell me, exactly what did you see?"
I shake my head, "He's back. I-I mean how is that even possible? You told me you sent him away. How does he just come back?" She shrugs her shoulders and gives me a brief look of sadness.
"It is my belief that something must have led him back. I don't know what, or how it happened... but he can be contained."

"Contained? Really? That's her response?"

I scoff, "That's what you said last time. How do I know it'll be permanent? How do you know?"
She gives me a look of pity. She cuts the conversation short and leaves it at, "Take these. He can't hurt you anymore." She hands me a bottle of pills that she'd been keeping in her desk.

"Ziprasidone? What is this?"

I cut out and immediately head home. I take the pills and take them exactly as the bottle instructs me too. The medication doesn't take long for me to feel the effects.
My right eye begins twitching, and it honestly kind of freaked me out. So I read the bottle and saw that erratic uncontrolled movements were a common side-effect.
The only strange thing was, the bottle had no indication of what the medication even did.

What is this...?

Gonna leave it as a mystery for now, if there is significant interest I will continue further. :)