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Started by rou, June 18, 2014, 01:03:06 AM

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So maybe someone can help me figure this out.

Several days ago, my monitor started "randonly" shutting off doesn't go to sleep or into standby, but it the screen goes instantly dark, the power light goes off, and I have to manually hit the power button on the monitor to get it back. I'll be pretty sad if I need to replace the monitor, but I can deal with it. As long as I'm replacing the right part.

I've started to notice, however, that the shutdown isn't completely random. I can predict the moments it may happen. At least one of them. While I've been playing Skyrim, I would move from one area to another and get a loading screen. Then, at the very moment (maybe) that the game should finish loading, the screen goes down.

It happens in other circumstances, when I'm surfing the Web and so on. But I thought it peculiar when I noticed that pattern, that my monitor frequently powered down during loading screens? What could that mean?

I will add more information later if needed, after some experience and spec gathering.

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Check your monitor settings for things such as "Power saver" etc, and try turning them Off, and see if the problem persists.

Often times, during loading screens, the visual input to the monitor from the computer is momentarily cut off - making the monitor think it is time for it to shut off (as per Power Saver, etc. settings).  Just one possibility though, could be wrong.