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Author Topic: Howl M/m, wolfly story  (Read 356 times)

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Howl M/m, wolfly story
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:32:39 pm »

I have this deep and delightful craving for an M/m game where my human character becomes the companion pet to your anthro/wolfman wolf.  I love the idea of being his cherished pet, and the two having a warm, loving relationship, spiced with a bit of drama – with tons of sex of course!  I don’t care about your gender, orientation, politics – just enjoy the story with me!  Please PM if interested!

I’m sort of envisioning a world where wolfen are the dominant species, they rule, and everyone is pretty fine with the status quo.  This could be a fantasy world, or a modern AU, or whatever we decide.  In this world, human pets are enjoyed by their wolfen masters, and the pet/master bond is lifelong, sex with your pet is completely acceptable.

Your character sees/meets mine at some point and decides he wants my character as his pet.  It’s a bit of a shock to your character’s friends and family; you’re socially well off and there are plenty of well-trained, well-bred human pets available to you.  You’ve chosen the ‘mutt’ version when it’s more popular to choose ‘purebreds’.

I’ll need some training, of course, but love being your pet.  Our characters may face some disapproval from your family for my mutt status, mine for accepting your collar.

Setting/Starting points
A fantasy, psudo-medival feel: You’re part of the noble class and perhaps we met when I was a child and played games together; chase, hide and seek, wrestling.  For me it was just fun, for you it was playing with a feral little pet.  It’s been years but you told me you’d come back – now you have.

Modern Day: Your character lives a life of wealth and influence, your family is involved in human training school (basically 2 year colleges where humans get some education in the sorts of low status jobs they do) and I’m there as a student.  I’m lucky, most humans work menial jobs in wolfen owned businesses, getting an education is a rare thing.  You like the way I look, or something, and set out to make me your pet.

Future/Sci-fi: Wolfen are aliens and Terrans are low status newcomers.  Human pets have become quite popular and you – a diplomat – want me, the son of a human you work with, as your pet.

Obviously, D/s.  Degrading/dehumanizing (but affectionate).  Training, I’m willing but unskilled.  Punishment as part of my training is welcome.  Collars and leashes, these are a required part of the scenario (so many times I’ve asked and yet so many partners never seem to get around to it) – pets must be leashed in public.  I love the idea of you getting me fancy, showy collars to pretty me up.  I love the idea of wearing tags that show I’m your property.  Anal, oral sex and plenty of it, knotting, stretching, anal play, plugs and other toys.  Public nudity, my character is naked as a pet should be.  Display, multiple partners, spanking, mild CBT, teasing/denial, face fucking, humiliation, cages, gags, decoration (piercing etc.).  Crawling - indoors, pets stay on their hands and knees.  Plenty more as desired, I’m pretty kinky.
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