Video Gaming Buddies (MxM)

Started by ManofDawnLight, June 17, 2014, 04:07:48 AM

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Out of curiosity, I want to play out a MxM story where to guys who like to watch porn and play video games together find themselves in the basement of one of their houses on a weekend once again.  The women are biting, and they're getting blue balls.  So in the middle video games, they decide to switch to porn.  They connect their computer to the TV and look for the funniest, craziest stuff they can find.  Perhaps they even find the "bait and switch" gloryhole stuff and think it's a riot, eventually switching back to normal porn.  When they get hot enough, they whip their cocks out and start masturbating.  Then, one decides to lend a helping hand.  One favor deserves another, and then the blowjobs are exchanged.  It won't go further than a finished 69 or nearish.  That would ruin the friendship.

So, what do you say?  I'm curious about the MxM sexual mentality, and I'd like for someone to show me around a little.  Will you be my first?  Both guy characters must be below 35, preferably in their early to mid 20's.  Possibly packing more than average, but not too impressive.
Short stories for now.  Light posts.

I am returning slowly.