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Author Topic: Fate/Infinity: GM Male, Seeking Some one to play Arturia Pendragon. 1x1 or Group  (Read 344 times)

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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

(Arturia Pendragon. Duaghter of King Uther Pendragon, and Igrain the Duchess of Cornwal. Arturia is a women, who hid her true gender for many years to become the famed King Arthur.)

The wind blow's harshly. The robes around the woman's armor twirl's and shift's along it's guiding current, as the rain began to fall. She stands stoic. The crushing blow of her failure leaves her stunned.  Like a beautiful porcelain doll... No, Like a statue nearly forever frozen to look upon the sea of death before her. So many dead... So many lost... At first glance, one would see a noble warrior. Without fear, in control of her emotions. But upon further inspection, one would see the solitary tear roll down her cheek. As the rain drenches her. As god even shows sorrow upon this fate. Forever etched in history. Forever fabled, as a Kings last stand in a futile and childish effort to retain ideals. Long abandoned by time and kings. Even gods. But, despite this never ending sorrow. A light radiates from her. The flames of her spirit forever kindling with the fires of passion. No one can deny the nobility she brings in the air. The grace in which she accepts utter failure. Yet denies it's very existence. Within her spirit burns the soul of a hero King. A king of knights. Who lived by chivalry, lived by ideals. And died by them.... A light shines upon her figure, as she now knows it is time. The Grail wars will begin. A bloody conflict between man and spirit's. For the omnipotent wish granting device. She smiles. She had waited long enough to return to this war. As her hand grip's at Excalibur. She turns to look upon her fallen comrade's. She fights the urge to cry further, nearly unable to contain the grueling emotions any longer. And as she begins to disappear from this perpetual limbo. The battle field of her darkest day, her greatest failure as a King. She speaks.

"One day.... I will have the Holy Grail. And on that day, I right the wrongs that have fallen before you... My sworn brothers. My fallen Knights. I swear this..."

Hello, I am Garuss Vakarian. You may call me Gar, if you so wish. I am searching for some one to play Arturia, in either a 1x1 or in my group game Fate/Infinity. First my On's and Off's:

1x1: For a one x one I am willing to gm. And would enjoy it, in the terms of story and twists. But am more comfortable time and work wise, with the idea of splitting the work equally with my partner. Please pm me for kink's and preferences. ^^ . I have an idea for the story, but will work on it with my partner. And have a rough idea for the other Servants. (But am willing to let my partner have full in put on the matter with me. If he or she wishes so.)

For those unfamiliar: The Holy Grail War's. The Heavens Feel.
The Holy Grail War of Fuyuki, also called Heaven's Feel, is a ritual that has been ongoing for two hundred years. Established by the Tohsaka, Matou, and Einzbern families, the Three Founding Families. The original purpose of the ritual was to recover the Third Magic lost by the Einzberns, the "Cup of Heaven." Around 1790, Justizia Lizleihi von Einzbern, Nagato Tohsaka, and Zouken Makiri created the system in order to create a gate leading to Akasha. At that time, the Mage's Association and the Church were locked in a battle to the death, so a land in the Far East, where the Church could not monitor, was chosen. The Einzberns provided the alchemy to create it and prepared the vessel for the Grail, the Tohsaka provided the necessary land and called forth the Servants, and the Mkiri assembled the magecraft to stabilize the starting materials and designed the Command Seals that command the Servants.

But, all did not go according to plan. What was summoned, now known as The Holy Grail. Boasted one omnipotent wish. Rather then debating, or talking among themselves. The Grail watched in deep pleasure as the Magus family's began to use the servants granted to them, to tear each other apart. And, as one mage was deemed victorious, and all servants died. The ritual was forever etched in this fashion... And thus, ever since then. Nearly every sixty years after the fact. The wish granter chooses seven men or women it deems worthy, or interesting. To fight along seven spirits from long past. Heroes and vilians of history. People whom existed through out history, or in story. Who's Tall tales were etched in Myth, fable, and legend.  In order for the victor to claim the spoils of war. Only one can get their deepest desires. All spirits having to die in the battle. But even then, the Holy grail must deem one worthy. Only a select few have actually gotten to take a wish. Out of four war's, spanning over Two Hundred years. Now, out of all Magus family's. Along with even those of normal, and mortal decent. Must compete in yet another war. Will this be the last? Or will the circle of conflict be never ending?

All seven spirits must die. And, in the end of the conflict. The master Deemed worthy gets their deepest desire. That is if, the Grail even deemed any one worthy at all. For one to have their wildest dreams come true, he or she must crush the dreams of six others.

Group: I am hoping that if it is possible my group can start by next week. Or the end of this one. Any way, my group rp takes place in an alternate time line. A reality where, after Fate/Zero, the events of Fate/Stay Night do not take place. But lead to an original story, that is not Fate/Apocrypha. Instead of the 5th Holy Grail war taking place 10 years after the fourth. The grail waits the full sixty years into the future (Still pretty much modern day.). Before revealing it's self once more. The characters in the rp are the Seven men or women chosen by the grail, as well as the seven spirits that they summon for battle. Where the victor gets one wish. One omnipotent, god like wish.

(The link to the search thread is in the picture in my signature.)

Now, comes the point of breing up my group in this search thread. Due to my characters back ground, I am in search for some one to play Artruia Pendragon, as Saber. It is kind of needed.  I am not sure if starting a search for some one to play a specific character like this is allowed. If not please forgive me, I apologize. And, please let me know if that is the case.

 So, with out further due, here is my Character.

Player Name: Garuss Vakarian

Character Name: Jesse Einzbern
Age: 22
Mage family: The Einzbern's: The Einzbern, a bloodline that once wielded the Third Magic but lost it at some point of time. For such an old lineage, they surprisingly have no branch families. Their Sorcery Trait is Wish-Granting – Spellcasting without possessing the knowledge of the spell itself. They skip the thaumaturgical process altogether and recreate miracles just through the use of prana but they are still bound to the limitations of the Magic Circuits.

Role: Master
Personality: He try's to keep a serios composure. But is quite the caring man. He is easily cuaght by ideals, and whats 'right'. If this is a weakness or a strength is debatable. But none the less, his emotions can quite easily take root control of him. Despite his attempts, his composed nature easily can fall apart. By rage, love, desire, and even being shy.

History: Jesse Einzbern was the black sheep. He used to be the future Heir. The one destined to take on the collective magical energy of the Einzbern. But, he ruined that. And greatfully so. When he was 15, Jesse was introduced to a women he would come to call his big sister. Ilain. She was beautiful, kind. But always sad. And as he grew older, she seemed to... Stay the same. Not aging. But always looking weaker and weaker. As if she had a fate she could not fight. And, as Jesse hit the young ripe age of 18. He learned why. She was not human. But Humunchulas. Made the very day he met her.  A being made to imitate a human. Ever since the near success of Irisviel, the family continued to make Homuculi with the same function. She was made to be the vessel for the Holy Grail once it returned. If it did, or not was of no true concern to the Einzberns. Ilain's fate would stay the same... She would die eventually. One day the magic keeping her human would fade, and so would she. Into that of what she was created from. Jesse was disgusted by this. By a fate forced upon some one he cared for deeply. Despite her so called non existence. And as a result, he was disowned. His younger brother chosen as the next rightful Heir.

He has lived a solitary life. And was happy to be rid of his cruel family. He would never befall such a fate to others. He would never give a feint existence to a being doomed to live a short and inevitably unhappy life. But, the Grail war is here. And despite his intentions to stay far away from Magic for the rest of his days. A burn surged through his left hand. Two lines cross, with a arrow tip on each end. Each red as blood. He was chosen by the grail. This being his unique mark of a Master. His personal mark of shame. With a heavy heart he made the decision to return home. He thought he had no interest in this war, but for some reason the Grail chose him. So what is it he desires?  The Einzbern's would never have accepted him back. If it were not for the fact the Grail Chose Jesse. And thus Jesse was given Avalon. The Scabard of Excalibur. Which he would use to summon his Servant.  He will attempt to win the Grail war, under the conditions that Ilain be given a full life. From what little time she had left. Before she would be consumed by the Grail, as it's Vessel.

Avalon: After the inevitable death of Shirou Emiya. The Einzbern's forced their way into the Emiya home. Binding and leaving the mother and duaghter helpless. And then, through the use of unbinding magic. Violently dissected Avalong from Shirous body.

His Seal:
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Offline Garuss VakarianTopic starter

Made a change to the thread: Added a wiki link for Arturia. And a 1x1 option. Still in search for my group, though I will enjoy a 1x1 game.