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May 23, 2018, 11:26:51 AM

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Author Topic: The Riddler's Cravings [F seeking F]  (Read 294 times)

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Offline Sara RiddlerTopic starter

The Riddler's Cravings [F seeking F]
« on: June 09, 2014, 04:54:08 PM »
Oh how I have been thinking on how I will write this post. I have not been sure on how to put it since I am not quite sure just what I am looking for so I will write a bit of this and that into the post and hope that it comes out alright.

But lets start with what I am looking for. I am looking for females to play with and by that I mean female characters, if you are male or female in real life does not matter to me at all since thats not really relevant to the roleplay in my mind. I also only play female characters so it would be girl on girl if you will, yes I find that term very cute.
The most important thing when I am looking for a partner to write with is that we will have fun and both enjoy the story since thats what we are here for, to have fun and maybe get a little bit of smut out of it. I like a good mix of story and smut so if its only smut then I will very quickly grow bored of it. Character development is also something I adore.

My Limits:
Toilet play, Gore, Mutilation, Rape... well you get the idea, anything thats extreme I will most likely not do, but if you want to talk it over with me then thats fine just know that I will most likely say no.

I also have a few things that some find strange or annoying. I do not like big breasts. A or B cup is what I love, C is also nice. D is ok but I rather not and anything bigger then D then I am really not interested to be honest. I find it and I am sorry for being blunt, silly... yes I find huge bobs silly since that seems all there is to such a character, its a pair of legs and then boobs and maybe a head on top and I just like them smaller.
If this is a issue then I am sorry but its a preference of mine.

Sci-Fi <3 I adore Sci-fi, just about any setting works for me there and if you got and idea poke me, I got tons.
Fantasy, Well fantasy always works. But I am sorry... I hate D&D settings. If you want to hear my rant then poke me.
Modern with a twist, I am not to keen on doing proper modern setting thats just like our world or close to my own life. But I love it when there is a twist, maybe there is vampires, mages or something else. Maybe there is a agency for selling Neko kittens to people.

But I am very open to ideas and if you got one then just poke me and we can talk it over!
Its more important to find someone that I can have fun with then just saying that I want to do this and that and nothing else interests me.

But to list some ideas that I would love to play right now but I am not limited to.

Neko adoption agency.

Just arrived, the perfect pet!
Order yours now while you still can!
They have been genetically engineered to perfectly meet your needs and can be given any training you wish!

The world have managed to create Neko's. They are born in adoption centers and trained until they are eighteen. Then they are adopted. You can order one and have them trained to your liking and when they are legal to adopt then you can take them home. There is of course some controversy to all this since its a bit strange and some see it as slavery.
I would just adore to play a Neko that is adopted to a kind and loving woman.

Will add more as I get the time to write them down.
Don't be afraid to message me with an idea or just to talk!