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Author Topic: Batman Inspired Romance, and SciFi BDSM Latex Doll (F for M.)  (Read 1353 times)

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Hello all! I'm glad you decided to check out my requests! This thread is ongoing, I will add more plots as they come to me or are taken by a writer. and Please check out my roleplay preferences in the sidebar, and my Ons and Offs in my signature, before proceeding to PM me with your interests. If you don't, I will act polite, but secretly I will be very annoyed. It's not that much reading. Just do it. Please understand that I am looking for writers that are comfortable with a 4-6 paragraph average, and are willing to edit their posts for spelling and grammar. (Within reason of course.) It's very important to me that we both be excited about the thread, so much of the following is negotiable to suit your tastes. Any character portrait I have suggested is just that; a suggestion. I want you to think she is smoking hot, so tell me what you like! Also, if you have a story idea that isn't listed, and you think I would enjoy it, please feel free to send me a PM. Also, please do not reply to this thread. A PM will suffice. The plots below will change. This message will always stay the same.

My Plots

Broken City (Taken)

Possible Character Portrait

Smut Level: Plenty of sex, when their relationship is sufficiently established. Possibly interracial.

Description: Now, I want to be clear about this. This is NOT a Batman thread. This is an original universe, with original characters, INSPIRED BY batman. If you are game, we could even make it sort of a gritty cyberpunk kind of world, but that is not necessarily required. The important thing is that this will be a gritty crime drama, with a batman-esque super vigilante as a protagonist. Our characters will have their own motivations and backstories. Maybe instead of a flashy mask, your version of him will just wear a simple ski mask. Etcetera. Cannon does not exist. This is our story, and our story alone. Alright, moving on...

Basically, the plot is that this (fictional) city is broken almost beyond repair, much like Gotham. The cops are, in many cases, as corrupt as the criminals. Poverty and drugs and violence perpetuate themselves in the street, and good cops like Rosa (My character) are fighting a losing battle. Almost as punishment for her lack of participation in the filth, Rosa is placed on the case of this mysterious masked vigilante. She finds that he often occupies her thoughts, even when she is not on the job. He may even help her and her partner out of a tight spot, fighting various organized crime groups or gangs. She doesn't know yet how she feels about a vigilante taking the law into their own hands, but she has to acknowledge that whatever the cops are doing isn't good enough.

What she doesn't know is that the masked man knows exactly who she is, and that she is one of the good ones. He even interacts with her on a daily basis, perhaps at her gym, or at a coffee shop. Maybe he is a philanthropist for the police department, and comes in to make the rounds. I can just see her looking him dead in the eye. "Do you think you know exactly what you're paying for, hombre rico?" She is a loner, having lost her fiance at a young age to violent crime, as well as her father. But somehow, this man intrigues her, and not just because he is handsome and confident and wealthy. Nonetheless, she can't quite put her finger on it.

Eventually, the overarching plot could be to take down a prominent organized crime syndicate with the help of Rosa. Perhaps they even fight our version of one of the supervillains. But in the end, she knows who he is, and what it means for them. Maybe she even loves him. Please contribute your ideas in this respect, and indeed, all respects!

Possible Opening Post

Rosa Chen awoke groggily, a frown on her face. Outside of her inexpensive, miniscule apartment, the streets of Haven City were bathed in darkness. Her cell phone spewed a nondescript, traditional ring. Angrily, she pushed it against her ear. “Detective Rosa Chen, HCPD.” Her eyes flickered over the picture of her parents on her bedside table, her fathers Asiatic features a contrast to her mothers Puerto Rican heritage. She missed him terribly. Accompanying her picture, her shield and SIG Sauer P226 service pistol lay. She reached for them as the words she heard motivated her eyes to come into focus. In a moment, all of her lethargy was banished, and a practiced hardness came over her expression. “Where?”

She threw off the covers, scantly clad in a camisole, and a matching cotton thong splitting a pleasingly round pair of caramel buttocks. Bare feet padded quickly on the floor as she hurried to her meager closet. “Madre de dios…” Frantically she pulled on a white blouse and a pair of grey slacks, wedging her phone between her ear and shoulder. “Did they know it was a cops house? Somebody fucked up.” Her face paled. “I’m coming.” She hung up the phone, feeling a cold chill creep up her spine. Guillermo sounded shaken up, and he had a cold heart. But everyone was shaken when something like this happened. Well, except the ones that knew about it and approved.

Her tires screeched as she pulled into the crime scene, another crappy apartment complex just like hers. She tossed the hairbrush haphazardly into the passenger seat and ran up to the caution tape. Everyone looked disturbed, even the forensic specialists and Lieutenant Jefferson. The latter stood next to a shell-shocked man, staring vacantly out into the night. Big, burly Kelly Ferguson, her partner. She ran to him first, kneeling as he sat on the back of the open ambulance, as if attending a tailgate for a football game. “Kelly? Where…” She had been about to ask him, ‘where were you when this happened,’ But the thought occurred to her that that would have been the cruelest possible thing to say. “Are…” She had wanted to ask if he was alright, but that would have been equally stupid. Instead, she embraced him tightly, and whispered the only thing she could think of to say at that moment. “It’s not your fault, Kelly. We’ll get these putas.”

He nodded, still looking lost, and saying nothing. It’s not your fault, partner. We all failed. All of us. Feeling there was nothing more to say, she stood and turned, entering the apartment buzzing with department personnel.

She came into Kelly’s apartment to the sound and sight of flashing cameras, the lab geeks perusing the horrific gore. At the site of the crime, Rosa felt bile rising in her throat, and covered her mouth, turning away sharply. Mother and son hung, suspended by their backs on meat hooks. Their intestines hung like grizzly fringe from their torsos, and their faces would have been contorted in a rictus of agony, were it not for the smiles carved into their cheeks. A pool of blood had long since begun to coagulate on the hardwood floor.

“Rosa, here.” One of the forensic technicians held out a bucket, so she did not mar the evidence.  Unable to hold it in, she vomited violently into it, shivering and coughing before nodding her thanks. “Who do you think? Kelly put away some Russians last week. Retaliation?”

He nodded. “Almost certainly Russians. Come look at this.” He waved for her to follow him, and she did, trying not to look at the unconscionable violence presented before her. He stopped directly in front of the bodies, pointing at the ground. “We got uni’s going out to look after your mom.”

On the ground, a myriad of pictures were fanned out. It was the family of nearly every cop in the department. In blood, above the display, the phrase ‘So much to lose,’ was inscribed in a messy scrawl. “No prints in the blood. Son of a bitch was careful.”

Her eyes widened at the display. “Mi madre…” Rosa was notorious for reverting to Spanish when she was stressed. The technician placed a hand on her shoulder. “We have two squad cars outside her door. Don’t worry.”

She nodded again turning away, and rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands. Desperately, she beat back the lump in her throat. She inhaled a shaky breath, before straightening again, and speaking evenly. “What do we have.”

“Nothing so far. We’re canvassing the area. Lieutenant said you should get back to your own case, after you had your look.” Usually he made a crack about her ass, but even he was not in the mood.

Nodding, she started walking out, eager to leave the gruesome presence of the mystery killers cruelty. Briskly, she walked to her car, and pulled the door shut. Almost immediately a shaky, withheld sob burst from her lips. She crossed her arms above the steering wheel, leaning her forehead against them, shoulders shaking with the vehemence of her sorrow. It was only a few seconds, before she sat back up, shaking her head vigorously as if clearing it of pain. Poor Kelly. They should get him out of here.

Misty cocoa eyes fell on yesterdays paper, strewn on the floor of her passenger seat. The headline read simply, ‘Controversial masked vigilante topples human trafficking ring.’ Her eyes narrowed. The enigma himself was the subject of her case, and she could turn up nothing. She didn’t know how she felt about that madman, and she knew it was a ridiculous thing to think, but she did it anyway. Where were you? Pushing a black strand of hair behind her ear, she exited the car, and headed for the Lieutenant.

“Lieutenant, I want to talk to you.”

The man looked annoyed, familiar with the tone concealed in her voice. “We got people looking after your family. Your kin are safe.”

“Bullshit. Safe until the Russians flash a picture of those cops families.”

He turned. “Listen, we are all pretty shook up about this, Chen…”

“I’m going to look after her myself. None of you crooked puta’s are worthy of her.” It wasn’t her intention to be so forceful with her superior, but it came out just the same.

His expression darkened. “Careful, Chen. The political capital you built with all your solved cases might just start to disappear. Rapidly. Go now, you ungrateful little shit, before I change my mind. And at nine A.M, you’re back on the vigilante investigation. Clear?”

But she was already walking towards her car, ready to speed on over to her mothers house. The vigilante case was a dead end, and her mother was the only family she had left.

Fetish Doll: Pleasure Cargo for the Captain (Taken)

Possible Character Portrait

Smut Level: Very High, non consent, eventual loving slave girl.

Description: A smuggler/Pirate/criminal gets very lonely in space, and decides to take a girl to train as his perfect little fetish doll. Her duties are many, including to clean his ship, to be his personal assistant and also to please him. She is collared, pierced and trained harshly. There are many rules for her to follow. She must always where slutty latex/leather/rubber clothing of his choosing. She must wear heels of at least five inches in height at all times. She must always perform her exercises. She must only cum when he permits it. She will obey her master completely. Her master trains her in various ways, including modifying her body to be much more sensitive, and boosting her libido. Obedience might grant her a rush of drug-induced euphoria, whereas disobedience will grant her a painful shock, delivered through her piercings. The girl is coerced with pain as well as pleasure, sometimes denied orgasm, and sometimes made to come over and over... Sometimes, she is gagged for long periods of time, or placed into strict bondage and situations involving public humiliation. Soon enough, she will be his happy little kitten, mewling at his feet in the cantina, begging for her next orgasm. ;)

Obviously, this will be a very smutty thread. However, I do not wish to sacrifice detail. If you want to write this, and you fit my requests for co writers, please shoot me a PM, and be prepared for an exchange of kinks. ^_^ Oh, and I'm not really into threesomes, for what its worth.
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Re: SciFi/Fantasy, F for M Romance or Maledom
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Just added "WWII Alternate Universe", Made the others "Taken"

I didn't bump when I actually added the latest idea, mostly because I misunderstood the 'new bumping policy.' I think I am in the clear with this. If I am not, deepest apologies to the mods.

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Re: Two Scifi Romance Plots, F for literate M.
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Added two plots. :)

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Re: Scifi/Romance, Tribal Huntress x Space Marine, F for literate M.
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Added a plot! :)

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Added 'Broken City' and 'Fetish Doll'
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