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December 05, 2016, 09:08:55 PM

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Author Topic: GermanCake's Pleasure Palace (Dom M seeking Sub F)  (Read 411 times)

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GermanCake's Pleasure Palace (Dom M seeking Sub F)
« on: June 06, 2014, 01:53:44 AM »
Greetings! I need to get back into RPing and this seems like a nice place to settle down in. I've recently come into possession of lots of free time, so I thought I'd sharpen my writing skills with all you lovely folks. For the longest time I've neglected writing my own plots in favor of joining others, so I figured I might as well write what I enjoy and find others that enjoy it too!

What I will deliver and what I expect

It may seem straightforward for some, but I should say it anyway. Write to the best of your ability. I will be pushing myself to give you my 100%. This means responding in a timely manor, double checking spelling/grammar, and doing my best to paint a picture with my words. I expect you would do the same. I understand we make spelling/grammatical mistakes, but what I really care about is nice 2-4 descriptive paragraphs. The more detailed it is, the more I can work with. I would appreciate you post at least once a day, (I know modern life can be hectic, so if you miss a day it's fine, but please let me know if you'll be busy for a long time.)

ONs/OFFs and general kinks

I almost always write with a romance or smut plot in mind. I can do perfectly consensual light hearted romances, but I'd rather find those on my own. This is a list of elements I really enjoy to write about when it comes to smut. These include but are not limited to: Non-Con, submission, domination, bukake, deepthroat, facefucking, mind break, size difference, huge penis, cum inflation, stomach deformation, incest, bestiality (mostly horses), tattoos/piercings (nipple, navel, genital), deflowering, impregnation, egg laying, dirty talk, tentacles and more.

I don't really have an OFF list because I'm open to most things, but I'm not crazy about foot fetishes.

Now onto the plot ideas! As much as I enjoy smut, a good backstory goes a long way in keeping both parties interested. Please PM me if any of the following strikes your fancy and we'll hash out the details.

*Will add more as time goes on.*

Hallow City (Con, romance)

Privet eye x Prostitute, (Non-Con possibly, romance, light bondage possibly) It was supposed to be a shining beacon of progress and hope. A city where all would be welcome and thrive, but now it might as well be a rotting carcass bloating in the sun. Hallow City's crime rate and poor population has skyrocketed in the past few years due to the blatant corruption. Many can't walk the streets in broad daylight, without being mugged or worse. Call the cops you say? They're probably bigger crooks than the dealers they are supposed to be busting. Junkies and hookers line the corners like sinful decorations. This city eats at you till there's nothing but an empty shell.

In a rundown building on 5th street, an ex-cop turned private investigator drowns his misery with whatever liquor happens to be on his desk. It was going to be another night of numbing the pain, that is until she walked in... A stone cold beauty that needed help. A murdered sister that had a bright future, a suspect list that went around the block, why was this any different from all the other sob stories? Maybe, just maybe this girl has the ability to plant the seeds of hope back into the city that lost it.

A Dance of Lust (Warning: Extreme One-shot)

Demon x highschooler (Non-Con, large insertion, cum inflation, stomach bulge, slave training) Young high school girls should be interested in sports, art, or just hanging out with friends. Not you. You learned a long time ago that friends are overrated. You like weird thing, like the occult and magic. Things that regular people are too candy-ass to handle.

You find an awesome tome for sale at the dusty book store that has what you've been craving for ever since you were twelve. It claims to teach real magic! Is that quote written in blood? This is awesome! That night, you sneak out and go to the abandoned cottage in the woods to begin your journey as a master of the arcane. You draw the strange symbols in the center of the wooden floor and chant that spells with all your heart. That's when things got too real. Pulling itself out of the portal you just created stood a terrifying demon of lust. The beast was nearly double your size and it had a cock to match your arm! It's throbbing erection twitching with delight at the sight of the poor fool that is about to become it's mortal fuck toy

Dirty Little Secret (Con One-shot)

Melissa was a crusader for equality. She always hated injustice and the growing gap between rich and poor. But most of all she was passionate about women’s rights and LGBT rights. She was proud know her mother and aunts all marched in rallies during the Second Wave of Feminism in the 80's. Her mother even could be seen in a picture from Time Magazine in crowd marching on Washington DC. Today, Melissa is the current chairperson of the Straight-LGBT Alliance and Friends for Feminism clubs at her college. This is where her problem starts to manifest itself.

Melissa has been fantasizing certain...acts with her boyfriend Kenny. She dreams about Kenny tearing her cloths off and shoving her against the wall. She wanted him to take control of her and tell her what to do in a commanding voice. She pictures him throwing her down on a bed and jumping on top of her. Then he'd pull her hair, slap her, spank her and make Melissa do things she'd never considered doing before. She was absolutely terrified about telling Kenny her deepest craving out of fear of being seen as a hypocrite. As the days go by, Melissa is ready to burst from the hunger of satisfying her needs! Finally, on the night of their anniversary Melissa knows she has to tell him. It has to be tonight!

Jesus Loves You (Con One-Shot)

Jesus x Follower/Roman Noblewoman/Prostitute

(Note: I'm not religious, I simply saw this picture and thought, “Hey, has anyone tried RPing as Jesus?”)

Jesus of Nazareth was a prophet and a central figure to the Christian faith. He healed the sick and counted the poor and retched his brothers and sisters. But, during his time on Earth he was a man. And a man can cry, rage, hope, and love.

Perhaps he found comfort with one of his followers seeking to “know him.” Or one that despised or looked down on him from the ruling class, looking to seduce the “King of the Jews.” And of course he may have grown close to one who knew nothing but a hard life on the streets. Love comes in many forms.
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Re: GermanCake's Pleasure Palace (Dom M seeking Sub F)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2014, 03:43:03 PM »
*Update: Add two new plots*