Futas craving!!! (Futa/F)

Started by GermanCake, June 06, 2014, 01:53:44 AM

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Greetings! I need to get back into RPing and this seems like a nice place to settle down in. I've recently come into possession of lots of free time, so I thought I'd sharpen my writing skills with all you lovely folks. For the longest time I've neglected writing my own plots in favor of joining others, so I figured I might as well write what I enjoy and find others that enjoy it too!

What I will deliver and what I expect

It may seem straightforward for some, but I should say it anyway. Write to the best of your ability. I will be pushing myself to give you my 100%. This means responding in at least a weekly bases (if not faster), double checking spelling/grammar, and doing my best to paint a picture with my words. I expect you would do the same. I understand we make spelling/grammatical mistakes, but what I really care about is nice 3-4 descriptive paragraphs. The more detailed it is, the more I can work with. I would appreciate you post at least once a day, (I know modern life can be hectic, so if you miss a day it's fine, but please let me know if you'll be busy for a long time.)

ONs/OFFs and general kinks

I almost always write with a romance or smut plot in mind. I can do perfectly consensual light hearted romances, but I'd rather find those on my own. This is a list of elements I really enjoy to write about when it comes to smut. These include but are not limited to: Non-Con, submission, domination, bukake, deepthroat, facefucking, mind break, size difference, huge penis, cum inflation, stomach deformation, incest, bestiality (mostly horses), tattoos/piercings (nipple, navel, genital), deflowering, impregnation, egg laying, dirty talk, tentacles and more.


Futanari on female

I think this deserves it's own spot in my O/O. I enjoy most any paring, but I found over the course of this year that I really love futa/female pairings. I'm happy to write for either the futa or female!

Love her enthusiasm
Having some fun at party
Tentacles plus futa? Yes Please!
Futa fun with your butt

I don't really have an OFF list because I'm open to most things, but I'm not crazy about foot fetishes.

Now onto the plot ideas! As much as I enjoy smut, a good backstory goes a long way in keeping both parties interested. Please PM me if any of the following strikes your fancy and we'll hash out the details.

*Will add more as time goes on.*

Futa Princess (Non-Con in beginning, romance)

The king's son has died in a tragic accident during the grand tourney leaving only his daughter to inherit the throne. The old ruler is aging and cannot hope to father another son when death is so near. Sadly, the whole court is terrified by the prospect of the young princess becoming queen as she is a horrible brat that seems to have no empathy for anyone save herself. She was told her whole life that her brother was to be king and thus felt she should not have to care about anything and became cold and cruel. Something had to be done or the land would fall into despair with a tyrant for a queen.

Thus the king sent out his men to find someone that could possible teach the future queen humility and kindness. After a lengthy search, a knight had heard of a sweet girl in the town just outside the castle whom all the people claim can move the blackest of hearts. YC is abruptly taken from her home and family to live in the castle as the princess's personal handmaiden. Only the king and a select few know of your true mission as they pray that your kindness will somehow rub off on the princess and learn to be a better ruler. This will begin as a D/s sort of relationship as she sees YC are her new plaything, but perhaps watching and spending time with YC she slowly learns to not be as cruel and even love YC.

Kinks: The princess is a futa with a great appetite for women. She'll be well endowed and produces and excessive amount of sperm (Up to you on if she has balls or not.) Stomach bulge, cum inflation, humiliation, and maybe some bondage. Possible more cute romance as it continues.

A Dance of Lust (Warning: Extreme One-shot)

Futa Demon x highschooler (Non-Con, large insertion, cum inflation, stomach bulge, slave training) Young high school girls should be interested in sports, art, or just hanging out with friends. Not you. You learned a long time ago that friends are overrated. You like weird thing, like the occult and magic. Things that regular people are too candy-ass to handle.

You find an awesome tome for sale at the dusty book store that has what you've been craving for ever since you were twelve. It claims to teach real magic! Is that quote written in blood? This is awesome! That night, you sneak out and go to the abandoned cottage in the woods to begin your journey as a master of the arcane. You draw the strange symbols in the center of the wooden floor and chant that spells with all your heart. That's when things got too real. Pulling itself out of the portal you just created stood a terrifying demon of lust. She is thankful for you freeing her, and has a good idea of where to start by rewarding you...

Whoa! Is that Real?! (Futa/f One-shot, set in modern day bar)

Your company is celebrating being bought out by google and all employees are required to go to your boss's favorite bar to cut lose. It was a bit of a snore until the cutie from the graphic design department suddenly sits with you and buys your a drink. After six shots you're not the most coherent and start spilling your secrets to a girl you've only seen occasionally around the office. It turns into something of a contest to see who has the craziest confessions and then your new buddy drops a bomb. She says she has a dick. Like, a real one?! Next thing you know your grabbing her goods trying to see if she's lying. "You want me to show you?" She asks tilting her head to the bathroom... 



12/29/16 Update!

Added futa focus and new plots. Removed old ones.


Bump! Looking for more futa lovers!