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April 11, 2021, 02:52:14 pm

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Author Topic: Sexual Adventure Game (open to all genders; male character preference)  (Read 774 times)

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Offline SteppenwolfTopic starter

Note: the following is written with a male character in mind. If you wish to insert a female character into the game, feel free to PM me, but bear in mind that preference will probably go to male characters. Also, please see requirements below.

The Farm Hand is a game in which you decide your own fate. You play the role of a farm hand somewhere in rural Texas, and your goal is to sleep with all four female characters. How you go about this is entirely up to you. Seduction is the safe route, rape is obviously the more risky, and may bring you into contact with violent NPCs (most notably your employer).

Each character is different, and it will be up to you to figure out their likes and dislikes, and how best to get what you want from them. With some characters it may be easy to get between their legs, with others it will take more time, and may well require repeated visits as you work your way up from oral sex to vaginal, and perhaps beyond (i.e. anal). There's nothing to stop you enjoying a character again once you have conquered her; in some instances it may be beneficial, though in others it might be risky, as anytime you sleep with a member of your employer's family you are putting yourself in danger. However, that's all in the spirit and fun of the game!

WARNING: there is a chance that this game may necessitate acts of soft-core/temporary non-con. If you are not ok with this, please let me know.


Pictures may be slightly NSFW.

  • Abigail Williams (Picture)
    Age: 39
    Height: 5'6" (167cm)
    Role: Mother, wife, farm worker.
    Personality traits: Flirtatious, good-humoured, self-reliant.

    Background: Though she doesn't look it, Abigail is approaching forty, yet she's still as sprightly as ever. You'll find her to be well-humoured and even flirtatious if you get on her good side, but stern and strict if you get on her bad side. She's been married for twenty years, and has as much of a say in how things are run around the farm as her husband does.

  • Taylor Williams (Picture 1, Picture 2)
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'7" (170cm)
    Role: Daughter, student, occasional farm worker.
    Personality traits: Friendly, quiet, spontaneous.

    Background: Taylor is Abigail's first-born daughter, and the only one of her children who has ever moved out of home. She suffered from home sickness, however, and decided to move closer to home a year ago, and continue her studies in a more local college. As such, she is generally missing from the house during the week, only coming home at weekends.

  • Mary Ellen Williams (Picture)
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'1" (154cm)
    Role: Daughter, schoolgirl.
    Personality traits: Shy, naïve, absent-minded.

    Background: Mary Ellen—often referred to by her family as Ellie—is the second of Abigail's children. She attends a local all girl's school, and has had very little contact with boys, due to her splitting her time between school and the farm. On schooldays, she absent from the farm until close to five o'clock, and one of her parents (usually Abigail) has to leave the farm to collect her and bring her home.

  • Madison Bell (Picture 1, Picture 2)
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'5" (165cm)
    Role: Shop girl.
    Personality traits: Bubbly, flirtatious, fun-loving.

    Background: Madison's father owns the local grocery store, though 'local' is something of a relative term. It's nearly a fifteen minute drive from the farm, but it's well worth it, as Madison is always in a good mood, and between her looks and her personality, she'd be enough to put a smile on anyone's face. She knows the Williams from working in the shop over the past three years, and for four years before that. In between, she too went away to college, only to find herself back home, and in love with the town she was raised in.

  • Randy Williams (47 years old, your employer)
  • Jeremiah "Jer" Bell (54 years old, shop owner)
  • Alice Bell (50 years old, shop employee)
More NPCs may appear depending on how the story progresses.


Preferred post length: three paragraphs.
Minimum post length: two paragraphs.
Maximum post length: hah! Like that even exists.

Obviously good spelling and grammar are a prerequisite, and the first player(s) will most likely be the most imaginative ones. Any alterations or suggestions you have for the game will be considered, so don't be shy if you've got a request or what not.

The only main kinks banned in The Farm Hand are urine and scat, though excessive focus upon feet is also frowned upon. Beyond that, anything goes as long as it fits the story which will be written as the game progresses. If you wish to play, send a PM letting me know why you're interested and perhaps who your character will be. The farm hand himself should be new to the area.

Alas, I will not be able to accept too many applicants, but if this is a success then I may well repost or post a similar idea in the future. Also, if you are going to play, be prepared to fail! There is a possibility that you might.

Offline Top Cat

Character: Tyler Jacobs, professional cowboy, using this job as a way to earn money while off-season. He knows how to ride... not just horses.
Tyler is a confident, aggressive man, knowing what it takes to get ladies panting. He's had female fans approach him, and leave the next morning with no regrets.

Tyler is more than just aggressive, though. If he really likes a woman, he wants to make her his own. He's quite happy to indulge in aggressive Dominance, or even outright Slave-play, if he can get away with it. The ladies are his... they just don't know it yet.

Tyler's measurements: Height 6'2", weight 190 lbs. Hair: very dark brown, usually shaven close to his head. Cock: 8 inches, curving slightly right

Any other details I'm forgetting? PM and I'll edit.