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Author Topic: The Purpose in This Thread Had Me Call Ahead to Reserve A Cooler Section in Hell  (Read 3664 times)

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Under Construction
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Darkness Appeals, Though Not Dependant
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2014, 10:36:48 PM »

A large majority of my ideas are merely ideas, scribbles and poetic mumbling really, and they are meant to be interactively discussed to tailor the ideas and story line to both our liking.  Some ideas are posted on a separate thread dedicated to the story, which I will link below.  However, there are some that offer details of the nitty gritty.

Game Of Thrones: Incest
Jaime and Cersei Lannister pairing.

My thoughts are that we would start out when they first got involved in their very close relationship with one another, play that scandal out.  How that happens and what happens is open for discussion, but I would like to spend time on this part too, as it interesting and has many thrilling scenes to the story that can be played out.  See what that goes, then skip forward to some of the scenes in the show.  Even create our own.  role playing is all about imagination anyway, right?

A Question of Succession
The king is dead, his son is only ten and to put it simply his son is an imbecile, not capable of looking after himself much less rule a kingdom on his own. Debate has turned to arguments which has turned to open conflict as to who will take the throne. The King had an older brother, who proved to be a cruel tyrant; his brother banished him and took the throne. The Kings older Brother also had a son, born out of wedlock, and considered a bastard, but does not see eye to eye with his cruel father. On the side of the Queen, there is a niece, now a duchess in her own right, pressing her claim to the throne. Yet nobles are reluctant to support just a female on the throne, let alone one so young and untested.

To Catch a Thief
A skilled thief has left a trail of angry nobles desperate to have this thief caught and strung up. Yet little do they know that the thief is actually the seemingly well mannered Princess who has taken to the hobby of stealing whatever she wants.  Something surprised her on her last robbery, while successful, she lost a small and important item. While small, the item in the right hands could identify the thief, and this particular noble hopes she tries to steal it back as he plans on using the Princess to advance his own political gains.  The Princess was a kind soul to those deserving and had motives of her own; stealing to aid the needs of the Orphanages.  Her father refuses anything to have a thing to do with it and she is stubborn like her father, refusing to give up on secretly donating what they need. 

Killers Affair

RPs on E
(E-mail, PM, and other RP site roleplays are not listed)

- Designed for Punishment - with Norwegian One
- Disasterpiece - with Le Immortelle
- Loverman (known as A Heartbeat Away From Death plot) - with Le Immortelle
- That Obscure Object of Desire - with Le Immortelle
- When Does a Tease Become an Invitation? - with Rooglez

*Darn.  I accidentally deleted the links to the RPs, my paused RPs, and terminated RPs.  I will fix this at a later date.*
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The "Lost in the Woods" roleplay sounds fun, but I'm also interested in what the premise might be for the "Tight Spaces" (see a theme here? :P)

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- 7/31  Added:
- 'Designed for Punishment' - (Half siblings- BroxSis, Rape, BDSM, Coercing, Mind Fuck,)
- 'Prince of Hell'
-  Filled in almost all the ideas.
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Re: Dark, Extreme, & Vulgar Story Search. [FxF, I play dom M too, F for Dom M]
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2014, 02:04:42 PM »
-Added Bad Blood and The House in the Woods
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Re: Dark, Extreme, & Vulgar Story Search - []
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2014, 08:03:49 AM »
-Added Brotherly Love  -  [Not seeking new RP's at this time;  I just wanted to add this, though I just might be open to starting one of this.]
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