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Author Topic: The Purpose in This Thread Had Me Call Ahead to Reserve A Cooler Section in Hell  (Read 3526 times)

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Under Construction
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Darkness Appeals, Though Not Dependant
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2014, 10:36:48 PM »

Please ignore gender assigned role and certain role assigned in reference to you or me.  I primarily prefer to play a female character with a partner playing a male character.  I secondarily prefer to play a female character with a partner playing a female character.
I play females that are attracted to males, females, transsexuals, and intersexed. They dominate, switch, submit, do not participate in dom and sub.
I play males that are attracted to females. They dominate, switch.

A large majority of my ideas are merely ideas, scribbles and poetic mumbling really, and they are meant to be interactively discussed to tailor the ideas and story line to both our liking.  Some ideas are posted on a separate thread dedicated to the story, which I will link below.  However, there are some that offer details of the nitty gritty.

Game Of Thrones: Incest
Jaime and Cersei Lannister pairing.

My thoughts are that we would start out when they first got involved in their very close relationship with one another, play that scandal out.  How that happens and what happens is open for discussion, but I would like to spend time on this part too, as it interesting and has many thrilling scenes to the story that can be played out.  See what that goes, then skip forward to some of the scenes in the show.  Even create our own.  role playing is all about imagination anyway, right?

A Question of Succession
The king is dead, his son is only ten and to put it simply his son is an imbecile, not capable of looking after himself much less rule a kingdom on his own. Debate has turned to arguments which has turned to open conflict as to who will take the throne. The King had an older brother, who proved to be a cruel tyrant; his brother banished him and took the throne. The Kings older Brother also had a son, born out of wedlock, and considered a bastard, but does not see eye to eye with his cruel father. On the side of the Queen, there is a niece, now a duchess in her own right, pressing her claim to the throne. Yet nobles are reluctant to support just a female on the throne, let alone one so young and untested.

To Catch a Thief
A skilled thief has left a trail of angry nobles desperate to have this thief caught and strung up. Yet little do they know that the thief is actually the seemingly well mannered Princess who has taken to the hobby of stealing whatever she wants.  Something surprised her on her last robbery, while successful, she lost a small and important item. While small, the item in the right hands could identify the thief, and this particular noble hopes she tries to steal it back as he plans on using the Princess to advance his own political gains.  The Princess was a kind soul to those deserving and had motives of her own; stealing to aid the needs of the Orphanages.  Her father refuses anything to have a thing to do with it and she is stubborn like her father, refusing to give up on secretly donating what they need. 

Killers Affair

Collection of Ideas
color=purple]Medieval - non-consensual, non-con turned con, and dub-con themes[/color]
~ To Catch a Thief:  Female thief finds herself trapped.  A skilled thief has left a trail of angry nobles desperate to have this thief caught and strung up. Yet little do they know that the thief is actually the seemingly well mannered Princess who has taken to the hobby of stealing whatever she wants.  Something surprised her on her last robbery, while successful, she lost a small and important item. While small, the item in the right hands could identify the thief, and this particular noble hopes she tries to steal it back as he plans on using the Princess to advance his own political gains.

~ Medieval- Knight betrays queen/princess.  I have a more detailed linear idea for this, if interested in this just contact me.

~ Medieval- Brother & Sister, non-con or con, idea varies.  Call this pairing kinda influenced by Game of Thrones, Jamie and Cersei.

Darker Themes - non-con, con, and dub-con
~  Suicide Assistance:  After their parents die in a horrible car crash, leaving them a split inheritance, the sister tried to kill herself- and failed. A few weeks later, one evening, the brother comes home to find his sister half-unconscious from a bunch of pills. Again. The thoughts of having the whole inheritance to himself intensify.
Comments: Okay, so, the sisters' legitimacy in desiring death is true. Maybe he decides to make her vomit up the pills with his dick- I won't put any more input here; he is your character, I will trust you to play him the way you see fit to the best of your ability and vision for this story. With her parents dead and now after being horribly raped by her brother, she doesn't care even more if she dies- she wants to die more than initially. I really desire this role play to come to life, no matter how horrible and ugly-the more the better.
I am also open to other variations of this idea. Hm, maybe, maybe she does not truly want to die. IDK. Talk to me.

~  Disasterpiece:  I play a rookie killer who breaks into a house late at night to make their second kill, only to discover she has picked the wrong victim - an experienced, vicious, brilliant, and notorious serial killer. My character accidentally stumbles onto a scene of horror and gets swept into the clutches of your character. Instead of a cold butchery, the experienced killer decides to savagely rape and dominate her, teach her a lesson; but, she is no stranger to the darkness herself. Killers clashing at their own will. A dynamic battle with emotions, or what killers would imagine them to be, anyway. What could have turned into a slaughter veers off course when they end up working together instead.
Comments:  Your character could be her victim- the house she breaks into, or our characters could have happened to pick the same victim- your character for there first.

~  A Heartbeat Away From Death:  This is A & B.  A being more of a story.  B being more of a one shot smutty thing. 
A. There is a string of murders in town, no one is sure who the murderer is, or what his motives are, but he is extremely clean. The man is practically a ghost.
One day she comes home from work to find her husband tied up to a chair in the living room with a masked man on the couch. The masked man locked their adopted child upstairs in the bedroom, unharmed, and the child can hear the events. The husband is murdered, when during this scene is up for discussion. There would be an intense rape/domination scene involving the killer taking the woman right there, and then deciding she is just too sweet to leave/kill.
So he carts her around with him. And makes her assist him with his crimes. A killer's apprentice if you will. She would also be an outlet to help control his urges/sadism. At first doesn't trust her past outright imprisonment, but eventually grows fond of her... but always in a hard way. The man is a killer.
As for her mentally, if we want to go to the trauma-destruction route, I see her mentally breaking down with all that she has been through and forced to become a murderer and losing her family. Physiologically, a flare for drama in the character development. Or she already had a darkness lurking inside of her, take the twisted route. The story has limitless ways to play and this might be one story where I could see how writing it what it really is, horrible and ugly. I am open to tweaks/suggestions.

B. Or if we are doing this as a one shot fucked up scene, she could be a college student home alone while her parents are away on vacation, or it was her parents whom the killer murdered before her eyes when she comes home one evening.

~  Consummation Above Corpses:  An alcoholic woman with sociopathic tendencies works as a forensic pathologist. A co-worker confessed his feelings to her, which got her uncomfortable; and she got him fired, though there is little evidence to support it.
Comments: From the kinks list, you can deduct the taste I want this role play to have. Does she arrogantly invite him over to 'talk' about his newly found unemployment? Is he stopping by to collect his things from the office? Is he stalking her? Does he snap? Does he want revenge? I'm flexible on the way we approach this.

~  We're In This Together: Old high school friends: one, a former loser goth, the other a straight-A student. Unlikely friends, but somehow it worked. They meet by chance later in life - the straight-A student has fallen into the trap of an abusive relationship while the other has gotten his act together. A run-in with the abusive husband leads two old friends to wonder how to get away with murder.
Siblings are reunited when one returns home after graduating college. The graduate learns that their father became increasingly more abusive towards the other sibling. A episode with their father leads the siblings wondering how to get away with murder.

~  Yours Sincerely:  A psychology student/a renowned therapist writes to inmates as part of a thesis they're developing and ends up in long-term correspondence with a particularly clever killer.  However, when the inmate is up for review, they end up acquitted because of the discovery of withheld evidence during the course of the case.  A free man, he's keen on meeting his penpal.

~  House of 1,000 Corpses:  I'm too lazy to cleverly and neatly write this up right now, but it's in the suspense, thriller, horror genre, for sure.

~ Mutually Assured Destruction:  When three friends are involved in an incident that kills someone, they find themselves laying low until realizing they have gotten away with murder.  With varying degrees of acceptance in regards to their involvement, they try to move on - they almost manage it, until one of them commits suicide. 

~  The Suicide Club:  A) Two strangers meet upon joining a club for suicides; they just about lost the will to live, but how keen are they on getting close to death?  Together they dangerously flirt with suicide and death.  One night they invite someone from the group to procreate fleshed out suicide plans, but things take a gruesome turn when they accidentally end up killing the person.  After some guilt they soon realize it makes them feel alive- they would be doing these people a favor.
B) Doctor x Suicide member - Maybe as a form of rehabilitation, options to live or die, abuse of power, role reversal - I'm open to either role and the idea.
C) Two characters infiltrate the Suicide Society, unbeknownst each other are not intent on killing themselves as the rest of the members.

~  Russian Roulette:  I don't know where exactly I'm going with this...yet.

~  Consensual or Non-consensual, magic - Boarding School for the Gifted:  Open to ideas on this.  I, well I don't a plot, but I have a vague idea of one involving a prince of the underworld punished by the king. his father, to Earth.  Could certainly be fun to play.

~  Vampire(s), or demon.

Consensual (focused)
~  Family Retreat:  A family goes to a tropical resort, accepting of family relations.  Mother can no longer have children, she wants her sheltered daughter to take her place.
Comments:  I seek someone to play the roles mother and father.  I will play the daughter role.  The mother will be there for support and to provide assistance- family bonding moment as their daughter loses her virginity.  I might consider playing 15 instead of my base min 16 age, since I can see how it would make sense, though I might prefer a sheltered, home schooled 16 year old.

~  Modern or medieval - The generic bodyguard and client pairing. Could also be non-con fun.

~  Modern or medieval - Brother and sister.  Call this pairing kinda influenced by Game of Thrones, Jamie and Cersei.  Such an enticing couple.

~  Sister & Brother- sometimes situations just go too far.  Open to different setups.

Incest focused - non-consensual themes
~ Possessive brother ruins sister's relationships, confesses his feelings and rapes her.
Or the sister could ruin his relationships.  He has had enough.  This version could possibly be non-con, dub-con, non-con turned con.

~  Unwelcome Half-sibling:  My character is a product of an affair.  Her mother is suffering from a critical illness and had been offered by our character's father to stay with them.  Your character gets a new, unwelcome half-sibling.

~ Distraught Daddy: Mom left, leaving the father a bitter mess for years.   He starts to notice his daughter resembles his mother and even starts to act like her.  Eventually, at first, the father is borderline inappropriate with his daughter, then it turns into raping her.

~ Secluded: Brother/sister are alone on an island.  Parents died/don't return one day. The parents would have to rescue the sister from her brother's sexual advances.  One day, after both the parents are either dead or not around on time to protect her from him the sexual abuse ensues.  A partner came up with it, I'm just leaving it here (:
Comments:  They could have crashed on the island.  Or they could have been born on the island.  If the former, long term is available, as after a few weeks or months they could get rescued.  Varying on how we choose to play the story the aftermath could be different levels of intense and interesting.

~  Dear Sister: Older bro (about 3-8 years older) is a bad boy, maybe has done a little time for drugs or robbery. My character is the good daughter, parent's favorite. The parents die suddenly, and somehow big bro inherits everything (house/money/cars) under the condition that he is now is her legal guardian to care for her until she is 21. When she turns 21 she would be the appropriate age to inherit some of the money to start her own life. (she would be 18. No other living relatives or means to move out.). It could be staged to where he was kicked out (probably her fault for tattling on him) when he was her age to fend for himself since he was a troublemaker and he moves back in. And begins to dominate and abuse her. At first , verbally and financially, then it moves into physical and sexual. This could involve some traces of a dark rape romance thing or go totally fucked up.

~  Reserved for a mother and son or older woman and younger boy idea slot.

~  Brother and sister, or cousins who live together.  Father was drunk and very violent.  Mother was always sedated.  He repeatedly raped her.  She never told anyone because she was afraid her father would kill him.  This adds for tension scenes of almost getting caught, and questionable situations/interactions.
Comments:  Varying on the character you desire to play, given the conditions of their home life:  his intentions could be sadistic and take things out on her, or he did it for comfort and 'warmth. I'm open to hearing others.

~ Anime Inspired (Freezing/Freezing Vibration)- **Knowledge of the anime is not required.**  It's a half-brother x half-sister, Louis and Stella, back story of the series.  I can send you a Youtube video that's, like, maybe 10 minutes of the entire backstory.   "She is a member of the noble L. Bridget family, despite being the illegitimate child of the head of the family Howard L. Bridget and his mistress Noelle Alongrutch. Because of this, she and her mother were hated by Howard's wife Olivia L. Bridget, who later encouraged her son (Satellizer's younger half-brother Louis L. Bridget ) to mistreat her. However, Louis' mistreatment later turned into sexual abuse and Satellizer was forced to endure it as her mother was terminally ill and did not want their family situation to worsen.  When around others Louis retains a calm, collective, and rather friendly nature. But when in private with Stella, he shows his true sadistic and obsessive/abusive nature towards her. " (copy and pasted from the Freezing Wiki page.)  I'd like to play this when the abuse starts, and if possible when after it stops (because they see each other again years later.)  Long term.
Character references:

Open to play different variations of this idea, even a short term with just the concept of an unwelcome half-sibling and incest abuse.

~  It Started Out As A Kiss- Two siblings are in high school and start to explore parties and drinking.  One highly intoxicated night, the siblings kiss.  The brother becomes possessive from that day on and rapes her repeatedly.

~  Lost in the woods- one on one and/or gang rape- Perhaps the characters are related and get lost in the woods, the longer they go the more hopeless it seems that they will live, the more their clothes get ripped, the more he thinks he should at least know once what it would be like to have her before they die.
Or perhaps they/she runs into a cabin, a person/people with intentions that turn to be ill.

Possible Gang-rape Situations - available for one-on-one too.
~  Scared Straight:  My character is sent on a prison tour after a minor offense as part of a plea deal to keep her out of jail and for rehabilitation. She ends up wandering off from the group and runs into your character. 
Comments:  Possible for more than one male, make this a gang kind of thing.  I'm open to discuss if this would be soft or hard non-con, dub-con, etc.

~  I play a fugitive who decides to ask a single or group of people she just witnesses commit a crime to take her with him/them.
Comments:  Lots of ways to work this, with or without a 'gang' situation.

~  Female gets granted a trial as a student at an all male boarding school.  She rooms with 2-4 males trusted(maybe one or two not so trusted beyond sports) by school officials.  Maybe this could be a gang rape, love triangle, both. I'm open to other ideas.

~ Spurned: Spurned college guy takes revenge on a classmate.  Gang rape.

~ Modern- The only ageplay I will consider. Our characters are around the same age.  Siblings grew up with their dad in an unwholesome house hold, teaching his kids sex ed by making the brother and sister demonstrate on each other, father may have touched a little to help them out or show them show it's done but he just watched and touched himself- for the most part.  I'd like to play this out when they are older too, we could go non-con or con or completely evil with this.

~  Thy Enemy:  A powerful army general captures the daughter of the enemy.  Initially, his goal was to use her as an example and send her back to her parents in pieces as a warning for anyone who stands against them, but he is intrigued by her cleverness. 
Comments:  There are a lot of ways we can work with this.  Either way, I envision her being put in a situation where she faced with the onerous task/option of betraying her people, or him.
Con, or non-con, or dub-con

~  Taken:  A woman is lured from her home, chloroformed/kidnapped, and wakes up on a strange, dirty and cold basement floor chained to the wall.  There is another guy there with her, bondage in a similar fashion.
Comments: Before you read any further, stop and think about options/kinks with this idea.  The female and male in the basement could both have been kidnapped and are locked away down there under the conditions of their captor, lest they escape.  Does the captor make them do stuff?  Is the other person with her good or evil or mixed? 

~  Tight Spaces:  Two people move into a one bedroom apartment together.
Comments:  They could be strangers, acquaintances, friends, siblings, room mates previously but had to get a smaller more affordable place, best friends, etc.

~ Abusive relationship: bf x gf, exs, best friends, bro x sis, neighbors etc.

~  Captive:  Girl runs away from a frustrating home life and stays with a friend she met on the internet. 

~ Home invasion: can get as physically violently or romantically twisted violent as you like.

~ Young woman gets kidnapped when drug/gambling addict dad can't pay a debt.  The only idea where it might be okay to introduce previous female victims or disposal victims for brief sex scenes to add to the realism of the story- aka the multiple women 'No' in my kink list in an exception for this story.
~  Cop abuses his power.

~  Inappropriate job interview, based off a dream I had.

~  Both of our characters are spys.

Note:  I do not profess any or all of the ideas are my original ideas.  Some of them are indeed my original ideas, some were found through other writers, some were procreated with a rp partner, some are just generic as they come ideas.  If you like to know on a specific idea, just ask.

RPs on E
(E-mail, PM, and other RP site roleplays are not listed)

- Designed for Punishment - with Norwegian One
- Disasterpiece - with Le Immortelle
- Loverman (known as A Heartbeat Away From Death plot) - with Le Immortelle
- That Obscure Object of Desire - with Le Immortelle
- When Does a Tease Become an Invitation? - with Rooglez

*Darn.  I accidentally deleted the links to the RPs, my paused RPs, and terminated RPs.  I will fix this at a later date.*
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The "Lost in the Woods" roleplay sounds fun, but I'm also interested in what the premise might be for the "Tight Spaces" (see a theme here? :P)

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- 7/31  Added:
- 'Designed for Punishment' - (Half siblings- BroxSis, Rape, BDSM, Coercing, Mind Fuck,)
- 'Prince of Hell'
-  Filled in almost all the ideas.
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Re: Dark, Extreme, & Vulgar Story Search. [FxF, I play dom M too, F for Dom M]
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2014, 02:04:42 PM »
-Added Bad Blood and The House in the Woods
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Re: Dark, Extreme, & Vulgar Story Search - []
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2014, 08:03:49 AM »
-Added Brotherly Love  -  [Not seeking new RP's at this time;  I just wanted to add this, though I just might be open to starting one of this.]
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