two cravings just need a male :)

Started by Deli, May 30, 2014, 10:11:25 PM

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1.  Ellie was a star athlete in high school. She was a soccer player and made the team each year. She was there best goalie they had. Unlike most girls Ellie had a geek side to her. She was an A student, loved art, sometimes hung around the geeks talking about comic books from time to time. Ellie tried to make friends with everyone. Not just to be popular no to be nice and make friends.

Though there was one person she avoided. He scared her in a way that made her feel weak in the knees. He was the typical bad boy of the school. There was times she wanted to say hello to him try to talk to him but there was no point. Every time she got close she froze and had to turn away.

Good thing for Ellie graduation was coming up and she was going to college on a soccer scholarship. Her first semester went perfect till the second semester came along and her first day of spring practice came. There he stood looking the same as they left high school. He was helping the coach, if anything were to happen to the girls he would have to help them.

One day after practice she headed to the locker room thinking she would be the only one there. As she went in she was about to turn the corner when she saw him and one of her teammates having sex. Her eyes went wide watching how rough they where with one another. She bit her lip wanting to know how that felt. Once she realized she had watched she saw that she just might have been in the corner of his eyes knowing she was there.

2. Two days before graduation, the most popular and richest guy in school decided that since his parents were gone and won’t be back till the day of graduation that he would throw a party. He invited the senior class to come. It didn’t matter who you were as long as you were a senior.

Anna was a geek but had been friends with one of the cheerleaders who told her to come with her to the party. That she would be fine and if anything happened she would take care of Anna.

Getting to the party would be different a story for Anna.  Her friend’s boyfriend knew Anna was coming and knew she was a virgin.  He had gotten a good idea a way to make some money it was to sell Anna’s virginity. Of course Anna would have to end up being drunk.

(I would play Anna, the cheerleader and the guy and anyone else. I just need someone to play the guy or guys that will end up having sex with Anna)
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