M seeking F for Stepmother Fantasy

Started by shovelbum4u, May 29, 2014, 08:32:18 PM

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So I've had this fantasy rolling around in my head for a very long time.  I have tried playing it out before, but for whatever reason it never seems to go well.  I will state that I love a LOT of details.  The more the better in my mind because it paints a more interesting picture.

The basic premise to the story is this:
I play Richard, a very successful, very rich man in his mid fifties.  He is divorced with two children, two boys Jacob (5) and Aaron (16).  Aaron lives with Richard, but Jacob lives with his ex.  The last 5 years of marriage to his wife Rachel were horrible.  It use to be sex every three months or so... but then Jacob was born (still not sure how that happened) and then no sex at all for five years!  That meant that Richard had a lot of excess pent up energy to burn off so he worked out a lot so he's in good shape.  Then he met you.  You play the stepmother.  I like for my writing partners to make up their own characters... so name and physical specs are up to you.  I see her as being very young though... very hot.  I will go on record as a boob man... just saying.  Perhaps she is model... Perhaps she was even a school mate of Aaron's at some point.  Perhaps Richard paid for a lot of plastic surgery to turn her into his little sex toy.  Again those details are up to you.

I also play Aaron.  A very Geeky 16 year old boy who is tormented by you.  You strut around in sexy clothing, you flirt with him just to screw with his head.  I like the idea of these two characters because I get the teasing from one point of view, and the actual sex from another (Richard).  The activity that you and Richard spend most of your time pursuing is of course sex.  And you are not quiet.  So poor Aaron has to listen to his new very sexy very hot stepmother get fucked constantly.

Anyway that is the basic premise of the story.  If you are interested please email me, and I can send a more detailed bio of both characters.  Any questions, please ask those as well.