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August 03, 2021, 12:39:34 pm

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Author Topic: Logans Run (looking for two females) Interest check  (Read 514 times)

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Logans Run (looking for two females) Interest check
« on: May 24, 2014, 08:34:49 pm »
Might expand this to four ladies and another male if interest kicks off but for now looking for two female writers.

Have three plot ideas, all three ideas have the same basic background after a hundred years of war and a hundred years of disease human population has collapsed to only a few million around the world, all of them in closely controlled cities , the population told the outside world is a wasteland full of horrors when in truth nature has recovered, the land is clean the water fresh. (option two and three involves a significant population imbalance with lots more women than men) 

1) Close to the original everyone lives in a city and everything is provided for them, at the age of 29 denizens are called to the grand chamber to be reincarnated, Sandmen ensure that everyone due for reincarnation goes to the chamber, they are also employed to hunt down subversives who want to escape and flee the city into wilderness and look for sanctuary .

My character will be 25-27 and a Sandman partnered to a woman who have turned 29 at the start of the story, she is due for reincarnation by the end of that day, what my character discovers is that his life partner plans to flee with the help of a second female, a member of the underground (that character can be any age from 18-28.

Faced with fulfilling his duty and killing his life partner for refusing to be reincarnated, my character chooses to flee with her and the second woman.

2) There are twice as many woman as their are men , society allows men to marry more than one wife but forbids the wife's from sharing the same bedroom...ever, no woman may engage in any sex act with a male while another woman is present, homosexuality is punishable by death only sex that can produce children is permissible. This doesn't mean everyone complies of course but the risk is high. My character is in love with a beautiful woman someone completely out of his league , however she offers to marry him...if he will also marry her female lover and allow all three to share a bed, devoted to her MC readily agrees as the object of his affection knew he would. Then the trio get betrayed and have to flee.

All characters will be between 18-25

3) A hundred years ago women took over the cities and since men had ruined the planet, men had no rights. They can not own property , inherit or by paid directly, they can hold no office and must be collared by their owners when in public, no collar means men can be used by any woman for any reason. A mistress can do anything to her male slave without any fear of legal repercussion  , if a collared male is hurt by someone other than his owners then compensation has to be made to the owners.

Women can own a male only if their are two or more women in the house who are married to each other (some houses have dozens of women all married to each other) programme ensure men and women understand the true order of things. Still from time to time that education fails and a house will have women who thing men are superior and secretly bow to their master. Our house is like public my character is a slave to his mistresses, in private he is the master and the woman serve willingly......until we are betrayed.
(all characters will be between 18-25 ...prefer mine be 18-21 and the females 21-25...but flexible on that)

This is just a very brief plot outline , in all cases npc's will chase and hunt out character , so the character will have to keep ahead of pursuit and survive in an environ that they have never had to try to live in , all while looking for a hoped for community.

All cities are in New England area ,tech wise society is similar to the movie Demolition Men (but can work around various ideas)

Please post to this thread any interest and which story/s appeals ...please note looking for more than a line a time and some story with the smut