Unwanted Roommate (f lf m)

Started by wolventears, May 24, 2014, 01:23:42 AM

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Maxine Stewart groaned at the sound of cabinets opening and closing in kitchen. It only meant one thing. Her pain in the ass was home. 

About three months ago, her best friend Regina had moved out of their two bedroom apartment to move in with her now fiance. Her brother knew this and that's when she got the phone cal.

"Hey, Maxi, it's your brother. I got a favor to ask of you."

Happy to do anything for her brother, she asked what it was. "Dean's back in town and needs a place to stay."

"And that has what to do with me?" she asked, even though she knew what was going to be said. 

"Well, you have an empty room, and he has nowhere to go, soooo, I thought maybe...."

"Fine." She knew he had no room at his house, with two kids and a wife pregnant with another one on the way. "Say hello for my babies for me." With that said the conversation was over. 

Dean showed up on her doorstep a couple hours later. 

Growing up, ha had always been around, always at their house, and she had always had a crush on him, but he had always treated her as nothing more than his friend's little sister. It didn't help that she had been flat as a board with short cropped hair either. He had always been mean to her, calling her Max because of her boyish looks. And that's how it had been since he had moved in. 

She went to the floor length closet mirror and turned this way and that. She defiantely didn't look like a boy now.

Alright, that's the beginning of my story. I need a male to play Dean. PM me if interested.
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