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This is an offshoot request thread to my main request thread. The reason being as these are currently the freshest in my head and I don’t want them lost in the excess of stories I already have. If these don’t quite tickle your fancy, the link is available to more at the bottom of this, or, just PM me!

Deception Uncovered.

The kingdom is torn asunder by a vicious war.

The King has passed and the citizens are revolting at the idea of the Prince taking the crown; rumour is he’s a selfish, brutal man. This has trigged several Lords to take arms and name themselves King instead, which has in turn caused them not only to declare against the Royals, but their fellow countrymen. One of these such Lords wished to segregate his land instead, naming himself King of the South – which was the greatest affront at all.

After being under siege for weeks, the castle is breached and the Royal Soldiers sweep through the keep, slaughtering every man in sight, including the heretical Lord. The wife, desperate to save her only son, dresses the young man as a girl and claims him her niece, in order to protect his life.

I am seeking someone to either play the Prince, had he come himself to rid himself of this Lord, or his friend and soldier. I’m looking to play the Lords son. I’m thinking that he is taken to the mans chambers, for nefarious reasons, only for them to discover that he’s male – and where his heritage lay.

Double Trouble

This is one I’m willing to play around with – I’m actually really craving a Twincest roleplay, so if this plot doesn’t appeal, hit me with something that does!

The York twins are new to town. Cheeky, Irish and identical, except for their personalities, they seem completely comfortable and full of brotherly affection. One of the twins begins a friendship with a boy at their school (work?) which upsets his brother – as they have had a private relationship for years. I’m looking to either play both the twins against the potential love interest, one of the twins and the love interest, or just one of the twins. So clearly, I’m flexible.

Ultimately, there will be a fair amount of angst but I would ideally have it being a ménage.

Bare-bones ideas.

Space Pirates