The beggar who in no time owned the wealthy beauty m for sub f

Started by seeker619, May 22, 2014, 06:30:07 AM

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A woman with beauty so severe that it left even the most handsome and confident of men searching for the courage to approach her.  She was not however endowed with a heart equally as beautiful.  She befriended others only when it helped her get what she wanted.  Those timid by nature and lacking anything resembling attractiveness sometimes found the courage to approach her where met with an icy stare of disbelief until she left out a belittling laugh and walked away.

If she knew what that set in place she would have regretted it as much as the time she gave a homeless man 5 bucks but more.  lol

He went on to build the means of her destruction.  At their job she worded in the office and he in the lab.  He was able to formulate an aphrodisiac that was composed of extra potent phermones and formulated using her own dna it was the only phermone which worked on her and her alone.  Once he mixes this with his cologne he may do anything he wants as it drives her wild.  The only problem is that it puts her to sleep immediately after any stimulation.  He decides to take pictures on her down time and blackmail her with them until he can work this out.
unfortunate side affect.  "first sex than sleep everyone knows that he said more to himself than anyone in particular.