Three from the attic

Started by seeker619, May 21, 2014, 02:01:50 AM

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The fantasy club

This game centers around a virtual sex club where people allow others in the club to enter their mind and access their deepest sexual fantasies.  Anyone in the club can enter anyone's mind.  Once they do they will as the one who enters the mind be approached by the man or woman in the fantasy and they will begin to act out their fantasies with you not even knowing it.  Only you know whose mind you enter not the other way around.  It could go back and forth with each of us entering the minds of others finding all kinds of fetishes and kinks.  You decide on the kinks you like.

If you like the kinks and looks of one individual you can approach them and tell them to ask them out for a date.  They may enter your mind.  From there a pair finally hooks up and the rest is open.
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The whore who knew too much-

She held all the secrets of the rich and powerful that came to her but little did she know it made her a Target of those who thought what she knew could bring down an entire small town government  Can her one true friend save her

Sex Sells

A couple in college mxf or fxf are low on cash so they decide to make a website and each week devote a show to all kinds of sex games for couples  from play rape, bondage, kidnapping victims, the horny doctor/nurse.  Each skit would be short but something goes wrong and only one may finish the show.  Or is it a stunt?