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May 23, 2018, 11:37:47 PM

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Author Topic: Edward Shane's OC Emporium! (both male and female characters for M/F or F/F)  (Read 340 times)

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Offline EdwardShaneTopic starter

Greetings, to those who are taking time to read this thread, and welcome to where I will be listing off my OC character list!  I tend to play OCs much more than canon characters, and though I have lately been trying my hand a bit more at such things as canon, there's still nothing quite like using a character I've used, grown close to, and given a life of their own.  While I currently do not have any solid plot ideas at this time, I am still craving RPs.  Therefore, I will briefly describe each of my currently available OCs, tag what sorts of RPs, fandoms, and/or roles I feel they would work best in, and hope that you, the reader, will find that one or more works well for any ideas that you might have.  Feel free to ask if you are curious if a character would work in your plot idea!  I am a fairly active poster, and try to write with as much detail as I can...usually, the more I am given to work with, the better I can reply.  I tend to hit two, maybe three paragraphs if I am given moderate posts, potentially more depending on what I am given to work with.

For the record, I prefer to play in RPs that are something past current day, normal humans.  This means that special powers, magic, futuristic technology, and other such out-of-the-ordinary things are welcomed and preferred.  Most of these characters do have special talents and capabilities of some sort.  Races and powers are open to discussion and potential change, if need be.  All males are straight, and all females are bisexual unless otherwise noted.  Feel free to zap me a PM if any catch your eye!

Written descriptions of characters available upon request.  Pictures, not so much.  My apologies on that....on the off chance I HAVE an image, I will provide it in the form of a clickable link.


Lady Characters

Name: Argentina
Gender/Race: Female/half cheshire, half human (sorta neko-ish)
Special Characteristics: Teleportation (over short distances only), osteokinesis (manipulation of her own skeletal structure, most commonly seen by her pulling a bone out and using it as a weapon), form changing (housecat or humanoid, only those two forms are available)
Personality blurb: Argent tends to be brash, and rather tomboyish.  Loves a good bar, a good fight, or just any combination thereof.  Secret hobby of sculpting using her own bones as the base material, and she tends to get lost very easily.  Can be goofy from time to time.  Tends to quickly pick and attach herself to one person, but can also easily brush off a crash from a failed relationship.  Rather perverse and an expert voyeur.
RP Tags: Fantasy, modern (special powers), action, adventure, neko (maybe?)

Name: Marixsa Starlight
Gender/Race: Female/Drow
Special Characteristics: Control over the darkness element.  Can imbue items and/or some creatures with darkness, enhancing them.
Personality blurb: Surprisingly, Mari isn't like other females of her kind, most likely due to being raised outside the influence of drow society.  She is quite shy, and very kindhearted.  Arguably one of my bigger sweethearts, actually.  Exceptional at singing and cooking.  Emotionally sensitive to an extent.  Extremely loyal and protective of those who get her out of her shell, and that she grows to care about...though she does have a weakness for gossip, and can be a little gullible.  Competent in battle.  She can be bicurious.
RP Tags: Fantasy, adventure, slice of life, magic-focused, mercenary roles, magic student roles

Name: Ismaire
Gender/Race: Female/Heartless or Human (dependant on which half...see below)
Special Characteristics: Dark Ismaire has Umbramancy (magical control over shadows).  Light Ismaire has light/holy magic. 
Personality blurb: Ismaire is unique in that she is two halves of the same whole...she has a dark side, a Heartless, and a light side, a human.  They can be in two seperate bodies, or inhabit the same one in a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde fashion.  The dark side is rather sadistic, manipulative, and cruel, while the light side is caring, kind, and somewhat naive.  Dark side has a lot of experience as an assassin, while the light side is a healer.  Can choose one or both for an RP, they do have an interesting dynamic.  Light side is also strictly straight.
RP Tags: Fantasy, ninjas/assassins, Kingdom Hearts, adventure, magic-focused, magic teacher roles

Name: Alexis
Gender/Race: Female/Lamia
Special Characteristics: Alexis has a gaze effect, similar to a medusa's stone gaze.  However, unlike medusa, the effect that occurs when looking in her eyes is determined by what emotion she is feeling at the time.
Personality blurb: Alexis is easily intimidated and somewhat shy, though not as much as Mari.  She has a good heart, but tends to be unable to hide her real emotions.  Massive geek/nerd.  Not skilled in a fight at all.
RP Tags: Monster Girl, slice of life, non-combat roles, fantasy, modern, student roles, maybe sci-fi?

Gentlemen Characters

Name: Sir Maxelus
Gender/Race: Male/Nobody
Special Characteristics: Maxelus has control over spiritual energy, a well of power originating within his soul.  This is a diverse power, capable of being used in various attacks and defenses, allowing him to see and speak with spirits of the dead, and several other abilities.
Personality blurb: Maxelus is stoic, chivalrous, and loyal.  Refuses to lie or go back on his word, though he will bend the truth if deemed necessary.  Difficult for him to feel emotions, though it is possible.  Confident, skilled, and tends to get flustered easily if certain topics are brought up.  Horrible luck when it comes to accidentally walking in on other people's private actions, either on their own or with company.
RP Tags: Knight roles, fantasy, adventure, Kingdom Hearts, slow-building romance, action, mercenary roles, special-power teacher roles

Name: Liadon Valtarius
Gender/Race: Male/Human
Special Characteristics: Psychic powers.  Namely, telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to form solid objects out of mental energy
Personality blurb: Liadon is a quiet bookworm, and while book-smart, tends to be clueless about interactions between people and actual applications of subjects in the real world.  Haunted by a rather abusive past, and subsequent mistreatings.  Has a very rough time controlling negative emotions, finds it hard to externally display emotions he might be feeling.  Hand sews all his clothing, usually robes of one sort or another.
RP Tags: Special-powers modern, fantasy, slice of life, slow building relationships, teacher roles (standard subjects or special powers)

Name: Lloyd Walters
Gender/Race: Male/Human
Special Characteristics: Tends to vary dependant on RP
Personality blurb: Lloyd tends to be a bit of a hothead, and has a fairly foul mouth.  Tends to put on a hard-ass/badass act.  Despite that, he is secretly a huge softy past the tough guy charade.
RP Tags: Modern with powers, supernatural, futuristic, action, sci-fi

Name: Edward Shane
Gender/Race: Male/vampiric silver dragon
Special Characteristics: Vampire special abilities, dragon magic (ice and wind elements coupled with illusions, primarily)
Personality blurb: Mr. Shane tends to be a bit of a smartass, and has a rather interesting sense of humor.  Not afraid to get his hands dirty to do what he feels is the right thing.  Enjoys a good prank or joke. 
RP Tags: Vampire roles, dragon roles, fantasy, adventure, magic-based, magic teacher, supernatural