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Author Topic: Homebrew System Space  (Read 660 times)

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Homebrew System Space
« on: May 20, 2014, 04:56:44 PM »
Table of Contents
This is a place used for storage for Homebrew Systems, Templates, Example characters, Map Links, Races, and FAQ related to it that will be updated by editing that particular page. This is not a place for chat. Please, do not post here.

Delightful Cookie System [DCS]
 Start: 03.21.14; Beta ver.3, 5.20.14
Used for Be Brave [Don't Die]
Post #
  • Leveling & Attributes
  • Skills
  • Weapon Attacks
  • Cookies, Caps, & Tomes
  • Kicking @$$ & Events
  • Challenges & Training
  • Template &  Example
  • Races & Bastards

Coming soon
Post #9 Map of Aeris
These will include the world map, layouts of Noircliff Academy, Dorm, Cities, territories, and the area of Tulk.
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Post #1 Level & Attributes [DCS]
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2014, 05:01:58 PM »
How to level!
Experience is gained by posting for Combat, Completing Events, posing Challenges to other players, and training by yourself or with others. Experience needed to level: 25 xp x Level. When reaching a level up, you receive: 2 Cookies and 10% more of HP and MP. If you get a fraction, round up.

Attribute Status
The life blood of your character, technically. S.P.A.C.K. makes up the five Attributes you'll need to play the game, believe me when I say, we tried to make this as simple as possible. This excerpt below has been modified from The Window, but is still a standard model of status.

This is the raw physical power which the character possesses, and it is tested in those situations where the character must lift, move, push, pull, or throw something which is unusually large or heavy. It also includes the character's ability to crush or break sturdy objects, hold down an enemy in combat, or other such trials of might. Ones whom favor strength find that it aids their damage with slash-type weapons.

Often called "powers of perception," the Storyteller will call for tests of this ability when the troupe has a chance to notice something in a scene that isn't readily apparent. This includes seeing hidden or obscure clues, hearing distant noises, or smelling that telltale whiff of poison. Ones whom favor perception find that it aids their damage with strike-type weapons.

People who are highly agile are good at jumping over pits, swinging from ropes or vines, escaping from bonds, and picking pockets. It has to do with balance, manual dexterity, hand-to-eye coordination, evasion, and limberness. Ones whom favor Agility find that it aids their damage with pierce-type weapons

Not only is this how good the character is at resisting disease, but also how good they are at running long distances, dealing with poison, booze, holding their breath, etc.. Health rolls are very important should the character be wounded to determine how well they resist shock, pain, unconsciousness, and even death. Ones whom favor constitution find that it aids their damage with bunt-type weapons

Often referred to as "knowledge of the world," this is a general measure of how much the character has experienced and how much education they have received. Older, smarter, or more traveled characters usually are more knowledgeable, and this ability is tested when a character needs to see if they know important information on government organizations, internal or foreign affairs, how a steam engine works, or similar feats of experience and wisdom. Ones whom favor knowledge find that it aids their damage with techniques and spells

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Post #2 Skills [DCS]
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2014, 05:05:14 PM »
Acquiring Skills:
You're a Level 0, you are allowed to only start with off with 5. Suggested formula is Weapon, Knowledge, Occupation, Dodge/Block, and/or Quirk. Skills are easy to keep track of cause you can just say what it is and you can write what it means to you. These skills will mean that you are able to do certain things with them .

Step one:
Create a Skill, Feat, Talent, Occupation, Hobby, Knowledge, Ability, etc. DO not make it a spell. Techniques & Magic have their own slots as explained on the bottom of Post #4: Cookies, Caps and Tomes.

Example of an Acquired Skill:

Step one:
Knowledge of Occult
Story Teller

Step Two:
Give a little flavor of how you come to earn this skill. Did it come to you naturally? Were you poor and have to steal your whole life or do you just like the thrill. Was your father or mother teaching you to use a forge. What inspired you to use that weapon? Was it a gift? Ask yourself questions about your character and it'll come to you. Try to keep it short, but informative.

Step 3:
Place dice where you like, they determine if you succeed in your task or not You have a 50/50 chance to succeed, you will always use 2, EXCEPT in Player vs Player Challenges or PVP Duels to the Death. Dice: 2d2, 2d2, 2d4, 2d4, 2d6

Covering all Skill-related Bases
    • If you are trying to see whom is better in using the skill, you have to beat your opponent's roll. Ties go to the person with the Higher Dice. If Same, it goes to the player with the highest Attribute aligned with the Weapon they are using. [See Types of Attack].
      • If fighting an NPC you control, the Tie favors the Player.

        Skill Jobs & Default Settings
        • Your Target Number [ TN ] is half your Dice, this normally applies to obstacles, occupation, NPC under Player Control and anything else. TNs change when you come to some challenges that require you to roll high or low.
    2D4, TN is 2
    2D12, TN is 6
    2D30, TN is 15

    Warning: You can’t use an object, if you don’t have it written down. Upgrade with Cookies! [See 'C' is for Cookie.][/list]
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    Post #3 Weapon Attack Types [DCS]
    « Reply #3 on: May 20, 2014, 05:08:18 PM »
    In combat, every 3 points in Attributes gives +1 to damage to all attacks. Add in variables; if you have anything that raises your physical attack and if the weapon has damage it inflicts as well. Like, duh. :P

    SLASH: This damage is inflicted by heavy swords, one-handed swords and axes.
    Stat: Strength
    Weapon Skill: Sword, Two-Hand Sword, Halberd, Axe,

    PIERCING: Damage inflicted by bows, guns, and Spears
    Stat: Agility
    Weapon Skill: Archery, Pistol, Dagger, Knife, Rapier, Spear

    BLUNT: Damage inflicted by Hammers, Maces, and Staffs
    Stat: Constitution
    Weapon Skill: Mauls, Maces, Staffs, Hammers, Blunderbuss

    STRIKE: Damage dealt by Gloves, Ball, and improvised weaponry.
    Stat: Perception
    Weapon Skill: Chain Ball, Umbrella, Fan, Gauntlets, Bat, Club

    CAST: Damage dealt by magical attacks by Touch or Range.
    Stat: Knowledge
    Weapon Skill: Idol, Rods, Enchanted items, and chakras
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    Post #4 Cookie, Caps, and Tomes
    « Reply #4 on: May 20, 2014, 05:48:59 PM »
    C is for Cookie!
    Cookies are wonderful, you can even give them as a gifts! Seriously. A Cookie is just a name for a point that improves your character. Earn Xp to reach the next level. A level up earns you 2 Cookies, you may spend them to perform the following upgrades:

    Costs 1 Cookie: 2 Attributes Points, Upgrade a skill by D2, Open a Magic slot
    Cost 2 Cookies: Add a new skill, Warp Stone
    Cost 3 Cookies: 5 Attribute Points, Gain 'White Cure'*
    Cost 5 cookies: 1 Permanent Action Move
    Cost 8 Cookies: Star in a Jar**

    * White Cure: Created by Bianca Remedy using the Sanguine Art Techniques, it's a finger sized blue glass vial with opalescent smoke inside. She says 'it only effects those whom are protecting others.' Effect: Heals Self and All Allies HP, MP, and Wounds. Rare Potion, can only possess one, given out by Bianca Remedy herself.

    ** Star in a Jar: A fat, glass fruit jar that looks like it holds the cosmos, swirling and shining within. Effect: Upon opening it, you gain one request for a rarity; Enchanted Living Weapon, Mount [beast or Technology],  Silver Gale Pendent  [Use any 5 skills at d6, no upgrades or bonus], or attempt to request a specific wish.

    C is also for Cap*!
    Just for when you start to modify equipment! All Weapons and Armor begin to have a CAP. They will gain a life span depending on the original quality of the weapon and you'll need whetstones to keep it sharp or scale links to upkeep durability. This durability will of course only come into play when it's used in combat or receiving damage. The only way to bypass this, is a 'Quest for Life', it comes with perks and gets rid of the durability life bar.

    [Courteous Footnote: Incase you didn't know, Cap* means 'As far as you can go'. The Maximum of something.]

    Magic, Tomes, and You!:

    You want Magic? Well, lay it out for me with a stylized description. Tell me, if you are a technique [touch] or Magi [range] user. Then tell me what the magic does. I'll give critiques, if needed, then I'll give you the dice to cause the effects and cost, appropriate to your level. Done!

    [More info on other stuff below.]
    The Continuation!
    - Tomes are living Books of Magic, this is the first gift you will earn once you join Noircliff. Living Tomes can blur the words to others from deciphering spells or techniques, they recognize their owners, and can recall to their masters when summoned, unless held in place by a higher lv. ward. Living tomes can hold 25 spells.

    - Dealing with Magic. Treat each magic spell or technique like a weapon or item. Your magic does only one thing, like: Offense, Defense, Heal, Buff, Hex, or Utility. There are scrolls in the game that will give you specifics of what you can make because you found it, these are sellable, but if you use it, you burn the scroll into your tome automatically. The Active Spell Cap is 4 unless you unlock with a cookie.
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    Post #5 Kicking' @$$ & Events
    « Reply #5 on: May 20, 2014, 05:59:52 PM »
    How to Kick Apples!
    1. Pay attention to the level of your Target. Every point the foe is above you is a potential XP bonus. It also means they can be more dangerous.

    2. You have two actions you can take on your turn; Draw, Gauge, Cast a Spell, Use a Tech, Block, Dodge, or Attack.
    2a. You can attack twice, but it might leave you open on your target’s turn. Gauge gives you +1 to offense or defense on your next turn.
    Draw is pulling out your weapon or a new weapon, if pulling out a new weapon, you drop the weapon you were holding.

    Combat Example:
    Two Voliga, Zero and Oni, are in a 1-on-1 Challenge Match.
    Oni casts a bomb spell, and then she rushes in for a hammer attack.
    Zero makes a dodge to avoid the bomb, then he uses a Push Spell to shove her back.
    Oni's turn, she can choose the following action: let her armor take the hit, or if she bought a Free Action, use it. Then the second move is hers to make.
    *When you use a Free Action you bought with a cookie, it disappears.

    Differing from Challenges by being obtainable through social means, these are Quests or Duels. Events will always have a risk of peril, injury, or even death from beasts, persons of intrigue, and traps. Bear in mind, these are not only GM ran, but Player Made is possible as long as permission is granted.  The harder the event, the more XP.

    Quest for the Staff of Friendship.
    Bla blah blah, deliver a sammich to the Temple of Dakudo for Priestess Momo. Blah blah, bring back her staff.
    Possible Reward: 50xp, 1 silver.

    A starting player shouldn't try that solo. you will die.. Hard... With a vengeance.
    Possible means if you complete the objective and 'somehow' avoided al l the danger that makes a quest a quest, you might get half or none of the Xp. It's up to the event's host.

     GM Events are based more around story plots and side quests that just might be chances for personal and worldly development, rewards, or results. Death is a possibility, you are encouraged to be brave, but not foolish. [^_^  Bear in mind that events will have results that can effect all involved, including the world.]
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    Post #6 Training and Challenges
    « Reply #6 on: May 20, 2014, 06:03:58 PM »
    These have to do with feat of personal strengths and growth. When you perform a spar or training that presents a reward of Experience [Xp] and often some monetary prize or trophy. Challenges are normally One-on-One or Team vs Team combat situations to see whom is stronger and should not be taken lightly. Getting below one fourth HP, HP 0 at which you faint, or submission is the only way to end.

    If you don't care about the points and just want to mess around wrestling, that's fine too and dice doesn't need to be rolled.

    Self Training gives +2xp for every 100 words. Also be on the look out as some locations are listed as being better to train on then others, which means more Xp.

    Instructor Training is Intense and War like. Instructors that are teaching offers 5 Xp for every 100 words, but there is a Cap! They take your HP and MP down for the total amount of Xp you gain. It's assumed you used you MP to stay alive during the intense training. If your HP reaches 0, you pass out and you lose half the Xp you earned. Instructors tend to be harsh and radical in Training, prepare to be sore! Welcome the Academy, indeed!
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    Post #7 Template and Example
    « Reply #7 on: May 20, 2014, 07:36:08 PM »
    Character Template:
    Code: [Select]
    <b>Level:</b> 0  XP: /50
    <b>Rank:</b> Student
    <b>Gender:</b> [Regard Q&A]

    <b>Health:</b> Will assign MP and HP in RTJ.
    <b>Magic: </b>

    Attribute Status:  [ Spend 6 points left]
    Strength: 3
    Perception: 3
    Agility: 3
    Constitution: 3
    Knowledge: 3

    <b>Appearance:</b> [You may post any Manga or Anime Art, or your personal Concept Art you’d like as long as the character looks 16 and Up and you give credit to source in profile. If you are not describing looks or need to customize differences from the picture, fill out below.]
    <b>Skin:</b> [ Includes fur, scales, feathers, and so forth.]
    <b>Marks:</b> [Any tattoo, scar, body piercing, color pigmentation, automail, stripes, spots, beauty marks, or oddities.]

    <b>Acquired Skills:</b> [You can start with 5; 2d2, 2d2, 2d4, 2d4, 2d6]

    <b>Active [Technique or True Magic]</b> [ You will earn [1] Signature Move that will be known as your 'Signia'; Only picked before gameplay or RP to achieve it. It will never be changed out or removed for another spell, only upgraded. If you choose not to have your Signia, you may have up to 3 techs and/or spells.]

    <b>Weapon: </b>[you may have one standard weapon.]

    <b>Armor:</b>5 [Students are required to wear soft leather or Cloth.]
    <b>Inventory:</b> 1/5
     - Tome

    Tome: 0/25 [Unactive Spells stored here]

    Example Character
    Character Created by Jormundgandr, player from Beta testing group.
    Name: Varthor Belwar
     Age: 17
     Race: Ukranos
     Level: 0  XP: /50
     Rank: Student
     Gender: Male
     Sexuality: Straight

     Health: 80
     Magic: 30

    Attribute Status:
     Strength: 8
     Perception: 3
     Agility: 3
     Constitution: 4
     Knowledge: 3

     Appearance: Varthor is incredibly huge, towering over even the tallest of orcs while at the same time having an enormous mass, which makes for a terrifying appearance. The heritage of his father predominates, his face looks orkish, he has tusks and walks on two feet. The traits of his mother are visible in his thick black fur and gray, stiff hair spiked out in various directions.
     Height: 8'5"
     Eyes: Brown
     Skin: Black skin which is visible on his head, the only part of his body that is free from hair, the rest is covered in thick black fur
     Marks: Two small tusks, several scars on his body but they are hidden under the fur.

     Acquired Skills:
     Axe-fighting: He has never touched any weapon except for his beloved battle-axe.  When he has no access to it he prefers using his fists. 2d6
     Robust stomach: Can eat almost anything that's not actually poisonous. 2d4
    Rage: Normally  a stoic and quiet fellow, but when provoked he has berserker tendencies. 2D4
    Painting: Trying to improve his discipline and finding outlets for his rage, he often attempts his hand at painting gritty images of what he would have done.. Once in a while, he also tries to paint things and people he tolerates. 2d2

     Active Technique:
    Signia: Brutal Bane
    Using what magic he has to empower himself before raising his axe high over his head, the magically imbued attack amplifies the force to which he brings the hammer face down against the earth or force and sends crackling bolts of kinetic force to all before him.
    MP Cost: 30
    Area Effect: 4 dmg. & Knockback up to 3 foes. 1-R Stun: Targets Roll d12, TN 7
    Single Target: 8 Damage, 2-R Stun: d12, TN 7

    Weapon: Ox Hammer, [Dmg: 3d6+1, Str 7 to weild]
    Armor: Leather [5]
    Inventory: 3/5
    . Tome
    . Sleep Roll
    . Fire Stone

     Tome: 0/25

    [GM Note:
    Fire Stone * a small stone that uses the uses magic to start fires.
    E - Means Equipped
    #-R - Means 'Number of Round(s)'. A round is everyone who's involved goes before your next post or 30 hours of no contact.
    Dmg - means Damage]
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    Re: Homebrew System Space
    « Reply #8 on: May 30, 2014, 03:41:20 AM »
    True Magic users:
    These three races below [Elf, Faerie, Nymph] can cast Ranged spells.

    There are several appearances of elves that range from looking nigh bird like, which feathery wild hair and sharp silted eyes, to being more human in appearance with a smooth angular features. Their ears, while triangular, are normally short and mobile, used as a tool of expression as well as catching distant sounds. Elves form highly social communities, naturally learning their language, Common, and normally one other; Orkin, Volt [Volgia], or Illarii [Nymph]. While males and females work together, seemingly without preconceived gender roles, they still hold ranks tighter then dwarves do to reduce cross-status breeding to a minimum. Among other races, there have been rumors that the abundance of female elves are being used as 'bargaining chips' for land. Historic artifacts and traditions are held in high regard, displayed for all their kind to see and even use if one has permission from the keeper.

    News: Currently, Elven clans have a treaty with the often 'barbaric' Orcs, but recent claims to Dradowen has caused some civil unrest about boarders and territories given the Illiara Forrest extends into eastern parts Silona. Voliga in Nagel are wary and have sharpened their territory patrol numbers by nearly a dozen.

    Height: 5'6 - 6'6  Flesh: Imperial Cream - Tan Peach   
    Hair: Blonde, Silver, Black   Eyes: Blue, Purple, Grey, or black 
    Homeland: Illiara, Eastern Silona
    Organizations: 5 Clans of Illaria; Isollue[Illiara], Aeonora [Fedovora], Saedeiia, Krinoirae, & Rhuduan[Outlands]

    In the past they were mysterious and callous, until the faerie race was dwindling, but there was no one of any race that will sympathize with them. For all their magic and beautiful, their deceit and mischievous, often chaotic, pranks have taken many lives, hearts, and even managed to hurt people whom were only curious. Faeries use to be wild, but they know several languages including their own almost bell-like language. They were more often to boldly feint innocence and smile behind your back in the old days. While still holding these devious promises of whimsy, they're failing breed has come to understand the importance of trusting other races and attempt to restore their culture. Their bonds with humans seemed to have improved, while other races are still a little wary. Fae commonly take the form of a lovely being with long sweeping hair and ghostly wings of various types that can be summoned and cloaked at will. They're never stealthy on their feet, even with their light weight, they seem to get a giggle at how feet sound when they slap along the ground. These are creatures built to be nimble and agile when they wish, but they always seem to be having a wonderful time until something jolts them out of their fancy.

    Height: 3'8 - 5'3"   Flesh: Varied  Hair: Flora   Eyes: Unnatural   
    Organizations:  Sidhe Court is Broken
    Homeland: Rumors point to Swamps of Sequade

    Limber and often earth kissed in their scent, their skin come in a myriad of colors adjacent to their primal surroundings. There are a myraid of various documented types; Alseids (groves), Dryads (forests), Meliads ( Ash trees), Naiads (springs and rivers), Oceanids (the sea), Oreads (mountains). Leimoniads (Earth and Flora), Hamadryads (trees), Hydriads (Water) are beings from a pure and old blood line of which all nymphs derive from. They're made from the elements, they are known to be the chameleons of Nymphs, their earthy unique forms makes them hard to spot in their natural environment and when fleeing or in fear, they are able to shape change into their primal state of a small flora overgrowth, Small Trees, or puddle of water. Nymphs are a bit edgy around other races since the growth and expansion of tribes or villages had almost snuffed out the Napaea, the nymphs of the valley. It left the race without males and is rumored that the few children left of the Napaea can only be found in Voliga communities. 
    Height: 4'-5'2" [water], 5'-6'3 [Plant] 5'5" - 6'6" [Earth]
    Hair: Element aligned
    Eyes: Normally, solid colored iris w/ no pupil
    Skin: [Water]Light color, micro-scale flesh [Earth] Earth tones, rough or polished stone [Plant] thin smooth Wood, rough bark, or soft petal/leaf like
    Homeland: Hellio Isle, off Fedovora’s Coast 

    As a medium, they have been exposed to all sorts of magic. Choose, if your Hume or a Bastard was born with Technique or True Magic.

    A durable and adaptive, but compared to other races, they are shortly lived, primitive race of childish creatures with the potential for greatest yet will rarely realize it. It was long ago, stories told that humans ruled the world with a wasteful hand and a hole in their heart that nothing in this world could ever fill. Across the lands, there are traces of greatness, faded from glory and aged to forget. The discovery of them by other races has lead to the current age of industrial technology made possible today. The ruin of humans was the flourish of the Ancients that birthed the races and now humans live in strife as the living remnants of an old empire. While they should be hated by all other races, the human spirit for survival and ability to adapt over time, as if evolving in their short life, are admired and their mortal rarity in these lands have earned unlikely allies among the Dwarves and Elven... And surprisingly, Korgoth's Orc-kin, whom work along side most human settlements and progressed them to live within the continent of Tulk. This alliance has sparked a human village to be the middle man or central hub for trades and travelers.

    Height: 4'5 -7'8 
    Flesh: Natural tone   
    Hair: Natural tone   
    Eyes: Natural tone, Brown commonly   
    Homeland:  Not of Tulk, Human outpost in Brom, Angelus, and Oustinbar

    Technique Artist
    The follow 3 races [Dwarf, Orc, Voliga] use physical buffs and touch magic that can only affect themselves and others.

    One of the Ancient races, they know of many secrets of the land and it’s inhabitants, but not as well as they know their own world of Under Stone. Dwarves are hardy built, wide barrel chested frames with firm, thick limbs, wide feet, and often wide palms with thick long fingers. They're not as stout as many thought they would be, only seen during the last war, they were the ones whom claimed the Head of Orgos and erect a large statue in the hall of heroes with a preservation ward surrounding the large head. All Dwarves have been raised on a diet of stories about Paragons, the old days, and training from the moment they could wield a small axe and shield. Dwarves don’t have magic, they have their techniques with their ancestors' blessing. It's what they belief their physical magic comes from. It's only in those with great promise, as the legends foretell. Most rune crafters and warriors are blessed and they never identify with Magi or Sorcerers.
    Current News: The House of Tethras has fallen into exile, leaving open the throne under Blackstone Mountain, It brought the attention of  Magima Belnor, whom wishes to place only those of proven worth to beset the throne, and Trilore Kingstone, whom only wishes for royal bloodline of the Paragon to guide the people to prosperity. Clashes between the nobles of Blackstone and theses ambassadors seemed to be upon the brink of a political civil war.

    Height: 4'2-5'7   
    Flesh: Pale Ivory - Leather   
    Hair: Red, Brown, or Black   
    Eyes: Black, Brown, or Green 
    Organizations: House of Tethras, House of Belnor, House of Kingstone
    Homeland: Predominately Thane, Slete, and Mt. Blackstone of Costina

    They range from natural colors of Green, black, brown, and rarely lives one whom is beige or white. They still have a stereotype of being brutes and savages, but it seems they're easily accepted by humans whom worked beside Korgoth when he was piecing his chiefdom back together from nearly nothing. Males outsource females by almost a twelve to one ratio, it's inspired them to find brides of other races indiscriminately. Within the last ten years, the Tribe of Korgoth have been accepted into the Academy in attempt to keep and inspire harmony. It brought respect from the Orcs and old wounds are starting to heal. This particular tribe has become earthy and cool tempered with finding new acceptance, a place to call home, yet they still hold old rites despite new honors they uphold. While they no longer pillage and plunder and took up mantle in aiding farms, mining, and lumber, they can't seem to help quarreling with Elves and Dwarves. Now a days, they're not as simple minded and are able to articulate their hate for being enslaved and thrown away to rot.

    History: Often seen as the brutes, their origins a mystery and their purpose seems like nothing more then to survival and conquer. It's only been half a century since the slaying of Orgos in the Battle for Costina, brought on after he nearly wiped out the Faeries and slayed thousands of Nymphs, causing them to flee Sequade. The moment he was killed in the battle, Vorgrim, the young son, took adavantage of the chaos of war in an attempt to kill his older brother, Korgoth, to claim his rite of rule. Korgoth took out Vorgrims eye, but refused to kill his cowardly brother. Kin fought kin, even the elven and Dwarven army was able to cut down the numbers of the hoarde before retreating with many of their wounded and dead, letting the brutes to fight amoung themselves.  Korgoth is still the ruling hand over Te'lon, but his captive bride, Uldra of Ullya, rules the Arling in his stead.

    Height: 6'2“-8'3“ 
    Flesh: Brown, Green, Black, Rarely white 
    Hair: Black, stiff 
    Eyes: Shades of red, yellow, orange, black, brown 
    Organizations:  Tribunal; Korgon [Silona]  and Vorgrim [Eroud, Te'lon]
    Homeland: Te’lon

    Beastfolk are beings of living legend, they're rumored to be the origin for all other races and that has become a widely-cultural perception. Everyone knows a story of Voliga, they are hearth tales and some Voliga have been accepted as part of another race for their contributions that started the transition of change. From birth, Voliga are kept with their mothers until the age of two and by three they are allowed to play with other pups. This reason steams that children are born without names until they are eight years old, it teaches children to recognize their elders and character, to curb their attention to recognizing someone from scent, observation, and sound. 'A name which binds spirit' is a grand rite of passage, occasionally referred to as 'Taken Rite'

    Their community works where women are often the hunters and gatherers while the males till soil, seeding, sowing, guarding children and homes, they are the monks that guide and teach, they rule the council, but their females vote as to whom is worthy. It is not uncommon for at least one or two men to follow a group of females to help carry the load back, it is often at the hunter groups choice. While they are all one race, they do not look to be the same breed, but you could, if looking at land-bound animals, identify them as various Felines, Ursines, Lupins, Mice, Lapine, Bovines, Hedgehog, Crocodile, and Snake. Although, these comparisons should never be pointed out.

    Height: min. 4'5- 9'2" max  Flesh: often wide varieties of natural colors, patterns, fur, scale, and rarely flesh. 
    Hair: Green, Red, white, black, brown, blonde, silver 
    Eyes: Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, Blue
    Homeland: Nagel

    12 Bastard Bloodlines of Tulk
    Draw what you know about the parents to combine them into a singular being below. Are you parents Technique Artists or part of the True Magic? These are only some that are starting to pop up and will be second or third generation of your establish kind. within a 80 year time frame. Some of you have longevity while others are less so.

    Dwell - Elf/Dwarf
    They tend to be less broad with elongated torsos and limbs rather then the Dwarven stout or stubby structure, the Dwell possess more flexibility and greater balance, but loose their ability to stand firm due to their narrow feet and do not soak damage as their skin is less dense. It seems the Elven blood runs strong in the Dwell! They excel in being rangers, rogues, and mobile merchants. Able to get into places better, still maintaining a good amount of stamina, they often eat more then normal to keep up their metabolism and are often a bit more active in running, climbing, jumping, and swimming with a zeal to explore to go with it. They can never, however, wear or wield heavy armor and weapons, though they don't seem to mind, often favoring piercing weapons and flattering leather armors.

    Ullya - Elf/Orc
    With the strain on boarders, this is a rather controversial hybrid that even Voliga wouldn't make the mistake of causing due to their deep appreciation for family. Drow are rare and marked as being a shameful creature by Elves and Orcs alike, even some races feel pity or make jokes of the Drow being a burden. Drows are dark in appearance that most people try not to look at them long enough to see their pleasant, often Elvan-ish features. Their skin is often Grey-blue, dark grey, or Grey Purple from the unnatural chemical mixture of melanin, that controls skin pigmentation. This breed is broad shouldered with strong angular jaws and cheek bones and slanted eyes with elongated, beast-like pupils that are often dark colors. They take after the orcs in being more battle resistant and also happen to draw on the ability to resist magic. Drows tend to have strong fangs and thick nails that act as a natural weapon, something that can only be inherited by the more primal races. They have a legend of Grutella Lillith, the first drowess whom holds favor with the spiders of Lo.

    Nyadus- Elf /Nymph
    Often called a ‘Star Child’, the mixture of solemn beauty and rich mystical heritage. They glow a soft light, looking much like a prismatic wraith under the light of the moon. They are cursed to be nocturnal, never venturing past the waking hours of dawn for they would make all whom set eye upon them go blind from the magnitude of refracting light. Light, however doesn’t harm the Nyadus, but the coming heat of day will make these nearly amphibious beings retreat to the cooling touch of water. They can breath on land and stay submerged under water for a day before needing to surface. They tend to pray to the moon as the Goddess, Lalalue. The moon being her one perfect eye, her inky black skin like satin is covered with beautiful freckles of soft, jewel like light. It is said that Lalalue is the guide to dreaming slumber, clear spring waters, adventure, and mystery. She does not preside over beauty for she already is in her own way. Those whom pray to her often carry pearls, opals, or lilies. Nyadus are normally sterile and often have an athletic, effeminate build.

    They tend to be willowy then normal humans and their ears are arched slightly, eyes tend to be slanted with a more colorful iris and enlarged pupil. They are socially acceptable by humans and some Northern Elven tribes, it is still looked upon as being taboo when compared to the longevity of Elves, yet as of late, Humans have earned their trust enough to be tolerated. They normally fall to be hunters and exceptional in one-handed weapons or bows in human villages and are thought of to be a valuable aid in the welfare of their hometowns. Charismatic and talkative, they seem to be born to chase the winds of  adventure with a high amount of curiosity. Still, some tend to be a little clumsy, they have slightly elongated limbs, waists, and shins, giving them an almost lithe and springy appearance.

    Fallarii - Faerie/Human

    Lovely. Females are often petite next to their male counterparts, their hair is often darker versions of the Fae and have a lustrous quality to them whether the hair is curly, straight, wavy, or unruly, one can never find softer hair then that of the Faefolk. Half-Fae often have heterochromatic eyes composing a natural and unnatural color of sharp contrast, as if they truly are the windows of the soul to warn others about their potential for darkness. They have a potential for magic and do not often have wings, but those whom do are able to hover as long as there is ground beneath them. Wings allow to also fall distances without taking serious injuries like broken bones, but Fa'larii are too dense in their structure to fly, thanks to their human side

    Ukranos -Orc/ Voliga
    The blood in these ones mix oddly, children of this union are as unpredictable as their tempers. Some of the children come out more beastly, powerful versions of the Voliga with some anomalies like horns, humanoid faces or thick, long manes. Their talons or hooves are sharp and thick, they're very dense  skin, and despite being a frightful visage they tend to be earthy, stoic, and sometimes coy. They are prime candidates to become berserkers if they have nothing to focus and discipline them. Other times, what comes to pass is a troll-like humanoid beast that takes more after the Orc father; slight tusks, unnatural skin color of various blues, lavender or teal, and really long, wild, thick, often black or white, hair on their head, chest and, some have rat tails with tuffs of hair at the end like a kangaroo rat.

    Oran - Human/ Orc
    The orc lineage may show in different ways on each individual in cosmetic ways like eye color, elongated fangs, thick nails upon hands and feet, and sometimes even the minor sprouting of bone horns that get no bigger then two inches. Most prominent in physical traits, is their enhanced strength and toughness in their physic, as well as those semi-bestial features. Their height varies, from some slightly shorter than humans to truly towering ones. They inherited the broad shoulders and narrow triangular hips that renders difficulty in conceiving and most pregnancies are life-threatening without being administered by Magistrate-quality medicines. Unlike other bastard lines, most Orans express a fierce sense of individuality and independence from the race they were born from despite acceptance, often making them seem aloof or uncaring when they truly wish to prove themselves - to themselves.

    Vlamb - Human/Voliga
    All Voliga kits are adorable; big eyes, large paw-like hands, plump feet paws, they tend to start crawling at least two weeks after birth and are highly energetic during childhood. The vlamb are no different! The Vlamb Females are renown for being one of the cutest creatures in the world with their sweet looking faces. They have various body types pending on the size of the mother and height of the father; they can be curvaceous, lithe, willowy, slender, athletic, or stout. Their male counterparts tend to be a little more primal looking with thick hair and mutton chops that can bristle out, dust or tan skin with most males having tattoo-like birthmarks on their biceps, thighs, or along the spine. Females tend to have birthmarks in the form of a single intricate spot on their forehead, neck, upper or lower back, and lower abdominal. All Voliga look like a hybrid of human and animal, their ears normally looking like that of a Voliga, sometimes a slight muzzle forms, animal tail, thick claws, hard teeth, maybe gait foot paws on rare occasion, but it is apparent that the human gene dominates the Voliga phenotype

    Tuki - Nymph/Voliga
    These are rarely born given the Nymphs lie mostly in the north where it is tropical and cool while the Voliga thrive in the warmer southern regions of open valleys.  The child of Nymphs and Voliga often have the gift of animal empathy and are able to stoke up a kinship with all matters of beasts or other races. They tend to appear between nature and beasts themselves, often giving them an unnatural coloration or abnormal elemental features, some of the most common are wooden thorn-spikes or stone speckled skin. They are as priests or priestess upon their own community and are raised with the respect to find their own name. While they favor harmony and prosperity, they are also very driven in their personal goals and often seem arrogant, if not unruly in their ways. They are raised to be leaders and aspire to it. Some even pressured into being something great, no matter what and often creates a demeanor different from their actual nature that they feel they need to hide.

    Dune - Human/Dwarf
    The Dwarfson normally take their height from the dwarf, but have a human's structure that leaves them with a moderately symmetrical build and rather darling features. They're suave, having a way with words, but also sometimes tend to pilfer shiny things, normally as long as there's no owner that claims it. They are known to dwell in the side of grassy knolls, while they are usually 'home-bodied' individuals, they are avid hard workers, have an appreciation for farmers, gardens, songs, and often are rather mischievous, if not a tad clumsy when distracted. Their magic tends to develop in the most unusual way when they come of age, it can either be Technique or True depending on the first spell they train to cast. There isn't much difference between males and females aside noticeable gender, they look sweet or charming, a face that wouldn't lie to you, if maybe a bit rogue-like, but seem quiet mindful of their manners with gusto.

    Darge - Dwarf /Voliga
    A rare occurrence, they're something of a odd-looking creature. Darges are normally born male and all children inherits the Voliga's height, patterns type, and color, but the Dwarf's dense skin They're eye color is just as practical as their appearance, normally with a dark sclera and light colored iris with a oval pupil. They do not grow hair on their bodies, instead they have fur on their facial and intimate areas. They also have thicker flat teeth with slight canines and a thicker tongue that makes some languages difficult to learn. Their tones always seem to be accented, maybe even rough when speaking common. The males normally get thick velvet patch of chest fur and females normally get a stripe or spots of fur down their back, but all of them tend to have noticeable points on their ears, some with fur tuffs. They also inherit that Dwarf's wide feet and hands tipped with slightly thicker yet naturally tapering nails. The Darge tend to be more experienced with survival, often living in Kriss' tropics or Sequade's swamp lands; hardy and durable, secretly the best of both races. Only, the Darge tend to have a mating cycle close to the Voliga, and tend to be more sexually open in choosing their mate, normally choosing through scent instead of appearance.

    Cybil - Human/Nymph
    Tend to be naturally inclined to tracking and sense of direction, there is never a time when one can confuse a Cybil of their senses, but normally it's toward a certain element, like water, ore, flora, and dirt that grows specifically from where they live, creating an internal compass. Unlike the Nymph, a Cybil tends to favor Technique, as they are prone to learn faster through touching and listening then reading and writing. Further more, they tend to be noticeably pallid or perfectly tanned, they often have human colored hair with unnatural colored streaks, tips, or roots. Cybils, like nymphs, do not have an entity they pray to, but they do have personal rites they perform and tend to be druid in their views of the world. Nothing to waste, nothing to die without reason.