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June 19, 2018, 11:03:38 PM

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Author Topic: f GM seeks rough, brutish anti-hero (or villain!) - [NC+, negotiable]  (Read 471 times)

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Offline MeliaiTopic starter

So, I've wanted to try my hand at GMing for a while (just a freeform game to get my started, but I might try system stuff if this goes well) but I always worried it wouldn't go well as I'm rather submissive. Most traditional RPs pitting the GM's mean and wicked monsters and men against the noble heroes and what not, particularly the adult variety you find on Ell, my sub leanings didn't really match up, but then I thought 'why does the "hero" have to be all that heroic?' So I thought I'd try my hand GMing against a decidedly less noble player!

Since this is my first foray into GMing I'd like to stick close to my comfort zone. The setting will be a fairly traditional pulp fantasy world, with magic and knights and monsters and whatnot. Your "victims" will be female humanoids (humans and elves are the obvious choices, but I'm happy to throw in catgirls, angels, demonesses, gorgons, anything your wicked little heart wants to defile.) I'm open to any sort of PC you'd like to control; you could be a lowly thief harassing innocent barmaids, a twisted powerful sorcerer bringing queens to their knees, or anything between.

This will be focused mostly on the "juicy" parts of your character's exploits rather than combat, but the specifics depend on your character and interests.

I can usually be relied on to post at least every other day, but my muse can be fickle so sometimes you'll get multiple posts a day, sometimes it might be a few more days before I can come up with something worthy of posting.
I'm not looking for a super verbose writer; anything more than 3 or 4 paragraphs tends to make me nervous and self-conscious about my writing and sends my muse running and hiding. One to three paragraphs, depending on what's going on in the scene, tends to be ideal for me.

Please check out my Ons and Offs and PM me with a brief description of the sort of character you'd like to play, what aspects of our Ons and Offs line up that you'd like to focus on, and the sort of ladies you're looking to take down.

I'll be taking a max of TWO players (in two separate threads) for now, but if things go well I might try and take on more players or different genres later. This won't be first come first serve, and I won't be responding to apps until at least tomorrow night, most likely.

Offline MeliaiTopic starter

WOAH okay

I guess folks are as eager for GMs over here as they are in the Group us forum, because I got mor responses to this than I have to anything ever, and I'm a bit overwhelmed!

Thanks for the response, everyone has such good ideas that's it's making my choose really difficult, and I'll definitely be bugging more of you for games after I finish the first two! I. Going to sleep on this, and pick tomorrow. Thanks for your patience :-)