Twins (female) looking for a boyfriend (male)

Started by Kimbersqk, May 12, 2014, 06:43:48 PM

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I didn't quite know what to put as a 'subject.' I did a story a while ago, but my partner had to drop the story because of his studies at university. I was happy he told me that he had to focus on his studies and do well.

We had a story going to the effect of... There are twin females, in the story, and there was a guy. Typical love triangle with a twist. The guy loved the ONE sister, but then the other sister liked him a lot but didn't really try to show it because she respected her sister. Then again, she tries to pose as her sister to try to seduce him in some way shape or form. She really does love him.

Of course, i am very flexible so i will twist and tweek whatever is necessary or desired. Just a thought to throw out there... It can be a fun story to write. It was with him and I'm sure somebody else may like it too. Hopefully... You?

I encourage you to read my o/o. I know they are not quite updated but not a whole lot has changed. I still feel all new to this whole writing thing but I enjoy it. Look forward to hearing your ideas.

Kimber :)
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I would love to do a story like this with you!
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