Can 1x1 RPs have an OOC thread?

Started by rick957, May 12, 2014, 10:47:52 AM

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A site-protocol question:  I know the "Solos" sections specify that the RPs take place in a single rather than multiple threads, and I know 1x1 RPs rarely if ever have separate threads for OOC chitchat ... but, would it be alright to make an OOC thread for an ongoing 1x1 RP? 

I assume it might be just me and perhaps my RP partner posting to the thread, but the content would include commentary about the RP that any third-party reader might find interesting.

Thanks very much for any responses!


I don't see why you couldn't have an OOC thread for a Solo game. I know that I have one for a 1x1 Non-Adult RP.


Yes, I do not see an issue with this as well.


Excellent, thanks for the fast answers.  :)