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Author Topic: Superhero RP (DCU basis) (M seeking F)  (Read 296 times)

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Offline AceSorouTopic starter

Superhero RP (DCU basis) (M seeking F)
« on: May 11, 2014, 09:08:38 PM »
If you wish to coordinate a non-adult roleplay with another member, please do so here, in the Non-Adult Roleplay Requests forum.


This is an open casting call for a superhero based RP with no title, as of yet. I'm itching to use one of my characters on this forum, and pending my acceptance to Elliquiy, I'd like for this RP to expand to other boards. I'd like to start with a one-on-one non-adult RP with someone, then expand to a group adult RP as soon as it is feasible both in game and outside.

First, let me give a little background to the setting. It's based in the DC universe, meaning we have heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. I'm thinking this will be a Justice League Unlimited RP, meaning that all characters have connections to the Justice League (or Legion of Doom, if you're a villain), even if you're not part of the group. I'll be drawing from DCUO for the next bit. Generally, supers (both heroes and villains) in the DC universe fall into one of three categories; Tech, Meta, and Magic.

Tech supers achieve their goals by using technology. These supers usually don't have any natural powers of their own, relying on cunning and wit, and augmenting their own intellect by artificial means. Common examples of Tech supers from popular fiction are: Batman, Iron Man, Kamina, and Ratchet & Clank.

Meta supers are supers that have gained their powers through their own genetics. Whether it was a lab accident, a genetic mutation, or simply that their extraterrestrial DNA provides them an advantage, these supers do what they do because their physiology allows it. Common examples of Meta supers are: Superman, The Hulk, Goku, and Spartan-117 (Master Chief).

Magic supers are supers that get their power by magical means. They're usually blessed or cursed by higher powers, and as a result, can do things that defy the laws of physics. Common examples of Magic supers include: Wonder Woman, Thor, Sailor Moon, and Kratos.

Now that the setting is relatively established, let me tell you what kind of RP I want to start out with. I want a one-on-one campaign with another player, one that throws action in with a bit of romance. My partner and I each take turns swapping adventure ideas, effectively handing off "GM" responsibilities to the other person after each "quest." On top of that, I had a specific set of requirements for someone to construct another character around. The character I have in mind is a male Tech hero, straight. He's a bit of an arrogant prick, but genuinely has the best interests of the people at heart.

I wanted my character to partner up with a female Meta hero that fulfills the following criteria:
- She has to have Super Strength as one of her powers.
- She has to have a bubbly, carefree attitude.
- She has to wield a comically large hammer.

As the RP progresses, I'd be working with the other player to hammer out a character sheet for when the RP is finally allowed to enter the Adult Group RP forum. I have a system in mind, homebrew and easy to learn, but if the other character would prefer a freeform RP, then I can work with that. If you have any questions, or if you're interested in being my partner for this RP, please let me know by commenting down below. If you have a character that might fit this RP, but probably won't be able to join until after the RP is part of the Adult Group RP forum, let me know here, anyway. I'd like to check interest in this concept.

Thanks much!
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Offline AceSorouTopic starter

Re: Superhero RP (DCU basis) (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 10:07:20 PM »
Updated due to the fact that I am now accepted. I'm still interested in this RP idea, but due to my change in status, it can now be an adult RP.
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