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May 24, 2018, 09:05:45 AM

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Author Topic: A few random ideas! - InFamous, Fairy Tail, hopefully more to come~ (M for F)  (Read 416 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Hello potential partners!~

I'm Koibito. I'm having some odd cravings as of recent and I would just really love to play them out with some interested partners. I hope for this thread to be my new constant idea thread if I can think of enough stories to keep it updated so I'll add some here and there when inspiration strikes~

A bit about me to start off;

I'm usually a frequent poster as long as you can keep my interest (but I will most certainly not leave my partner hanging if something is lacking in the roleplay!) and I'm on most days. I have quite enough free time and even when I'm out I have my phone on me for at least PM's for conversation and or planning with the occasional post. As such, I am looking for a partner who can be frequent. I have plenty of amazing roleplays sitting right now because of the lives and busywork of my skilled partners and while I'm more than willing and patient enough to await their return, I am looking to fill up some creative time so please, only commit to a story with me if we can actually keep it moving within reasonable means. Of course I don't expect my partner to be on all day every day but series' of posts in a day a few days out of the week is much more preferable than waiting a day for one post every day out of the whole week. Speaking of conversation above, I love it! I love to chat, be friends, and I love to plan - even if it takes a while! A well thought out story flows best usually~

This might be a tad unfair so bear with me but I much prefer female partners for personal reasons. I was recently convinced by an awesome male roleplayer so I've loosened up a bit on the matter but honestly in the event one of you male roleplayers out there like my ideas, you might have to convince me with well thought out ideas of your own. It's something I hope to work through so work with me a bit and I will be willing to try, regardless however I am always willing to hear out anyone's ideas ^^

In my plots I love a bit of all; action, plot, smut, and sometimes different variations of those. Plot and action are amazing but sometimes one just feels like getting down and dirty with a good smutty plot and as such my ideas may vary so I hope you can find something you like!

Onto the ideas, shall we?

Fairy Tail:
These ideas are to be a bit more smutty in nature as I'm more interested in the character dynamics and dirtier bits at the moment but I do hope to create a really good one with someone. I'm really interested in the characters of Lucy, Erza, and Virgo at the moment, perhaps an age appropriate Wendy as well depending on interest. Mirajane is also a possibility but I'm not tied to the idea as well as Cana. I'm willing to play Virgo and Mirajane if we go the possible futa route with these characters (Virgo being a shape shifter and Mirajane a demon) and as far as male characters, Loki/Leo, Gerard/Jellal (I prefer the translated name over the official name), possibly Gildarts, Gray, I just don't want to play Natsu or Gazeel really. Of course other characters can be discussed and the like as well~

As for a specific idea:
Lucy, it a bit of a slump, talks to Erza about feelings of loneliness as she tries to talk out her problems to feel better. To help, Erza tells Lucy stories about the relationship between her and Gerard and advises that she should find someone of her own to share things like that with. Because of these stories, Lucy begins to more explore her sexuality, getting into all sorts of situations along the way as Erza, reminded of her time with Gerard, has her own adventures and the like.

Basically a smut/romance/light angst (if we feel like it) story. I think it would be fun to play out these meetings with Erza and Lucy, use the story telling to create various and kinky scenes with Erza and Gerard (as there were plenty off panel opportunities for those two in the manga) and between having Lucy go on her little escapades which very well could involve a couple of her Celestial Spirits. Futa, Yuri, straight sex all could ensue as well as involvements and sub plots of other existing characters. I would rather not involve important OC's into this.

I'm really craving this story more than anything right now so I would love to have a good partner to play this with me.

InFamous: Second Son
It's been seven years since the tragic events of New Marais ended the Conduit Gene as well as the lives of all who carried it throughout the world were wiped out, or so it was thought. It was soon discovered that not all with the gene died as Conduits started to appear once again, it was a slow process at first, but soon Conduits became present enough to warrant the creation of the D.U.P., the Department of Unified Protection - a military force created to neutralize all Conduit, or Bio-Terrorist threats and contain all suspects of such acts in Curdun Cay, a detention facility for all Bio-Terrorists and Bio-Terrorist suspects.

I would love to create a roleplay based around the events of InFamous Second Son. I can play Delsin or an OC and I would kill for something with Fetch in it as well~ A completely OC story would be just as fun; escapees from Curden Cay, fighting the D.U.P., running from them, Conduits wrecking things up, a Good and Bad Karma Conduit, I would love any story for this really.

Specific Ideas:

'You wanna hook up?' - Delsin and Fetch:
Kinda really into Fetch, she's hott, a kink, canonly fires off her powers during orgasm, what's not to like? I would love some sort of plot with Delsin and Fetch, but if I had to pick one I'd say the Evil Karma path is the hottest with them and honestly Delsin's angst and path to evil karma would be fun to add more detail too and play out slower than the game did it. For this, Evil Karma would be fun but Good Karma can definitely be part of it if desired instead, or even an Evil Delsin redemption story.

'This way, Delsin' - Delsin and Celia
No particular plot for this one yet but I just enjoy the mystery behind the masked Paper Conduit, she's pretty hott on merit of her mystery alone and I dig any idea with her. Delsin, Celia, Fetch could also be involved, I love it~ Good Karma probably makes the most sense to me here but Evil could also be a thing.

This one has many possibilities, two Conduits on the run, Conduits in Curden Cay, anything could be done here!

Undeveloped ideas:
As the title here states I have a few under developed ideas that I would either like to try a story for or such things could be incorporated into other stories.

Summoner - Kinda had the inspiration of a summoner X her summons or a male summoner with monster girls (though prefering the first right now) or both.

Zombie - Undead female but not anything gross, preferably by means of necromancy, magically revived, not rotting, more so magical undead. The idea intrigues me~

Kinda in the mood for steampunk girls, or at least that style of dress in any setting~

My O/O's can be found in my signature though they are a bit out of date so feel free to ask me about anything! Interested partners PM me and we can come up with some wonderful writings~

Hope to hear from you soon! ^^

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Cleaned up the stories a bit and added some ideas to the existing stories.

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Added the 'Underdeveloped' section~

Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Added more to the underdeveloped ideas~