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Author Topic: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)  (Read 822 times)

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Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« on: May 09, 2014, 10:00:34 AM »
I’ve got a couple of very different ideas, most of which could go in vastly different directions.  I’m a switch, so in some of these the roles could easily be reversed and I’d be just as interested in writing them, but I’ll mention that in each description.  On the other hand I feel some of these could easily played without an element of dominance or submission if power games really aren’t you’re thing.  Whether you’d like to dive into the lust filled scenes early or build up to them I would like a more long term RP.  I usually post two to three paragraphs and try to post at least twice a week, but more if I have the time and motivation.  Anyway, here are the ideas. 

Through passion I gain strength

A story of forbidden love between a Jedi Master and a Padawan at a time where the Jedi order is strong, but lurking remnants of the Sith remain a danger.  The main idea I want to explore here is that strong emotions can lead to the dark side and a powerful love between two people is bound to lead to strong emotions besides just love.  Anger and fear when a lover is hurt in battle or when someone is trying to tear you apart.  Whether the pair falls to the dark side and embraces it, becoming a pair of deadly lovers that could grow to threaten the galaxy or give each other the strength to resist the temptations of the dark side and end up hunted by the Jedi council, crime lords, and the shadowy Sith, I’d really love to explore this idea. 

Dominance could play a central role and come from either the Master or the student, but it doesn’t have to and I would be interested in playing either Master or Padawan.  Most of my knowledge of Starwars honestly comes from the movies and the KotOR games, so a huge breadth of knowledge is not required and I wasn’t planning on including any characters from canon.

Learn to laugh a little Role Filled

The Joker has left Gotham behind looking for greener pastures.  The flying rat hadn’t been letting up after he took care of the Boy Blunder, taking out all of his safe houses and associates one by one and for once the eternal jokester didn’t think it would be funny when old bats finally caught up with him.  Harley shacked up with that bitch poison ivy too, so it was time to start over.  New town, new jokes, and a new girl.  Basically, the idea is Joker kidnaps a young woman with the intent and turning her into a girl befitting his fiendish style. 

This would be a noncon story where the Joker uses every tactic at his disposal to drive his captive over the edge and turn her into a fitting replacement for Harley Quinn.  The Joker I’m thinking of would be a crueler version of the one from the animated series by Bruce TImm and perhaps slightly more realistic.   I think a city on the water would be good, but otherwise location is up in the air.  The captive should be related to someone of significance, but yet to come into their own.  Daughter of a crime boss, police chief, or mayor perhaps.  I’d only be interested in playing the Joker in this one.

Dark Dreams

A young, but powerful mage is asked by a town to rid them of an evil presence that lives in the ruins of a nearby temple.  After the mage and volunteers from the town fight their way inside a complex and difficult ritual is completed and the evil of cleansed from the ruins, but not gone.  The demon that had spent hundreds of years there trapped between worlds is now attached to the mage.  Acting through vivid dreams the demon hopes to its host into bringing it back into the world of the living.  This would be a story about coercion, temptation, and corruption.  As the hero resists the demon becomes more and more able to affect the real world, but still ultimately needs the mage before taking its freedom. 
I’d be most interested in playing the demon here, but I'd listen to a pitch to the contrary.

The Mark of Arganos  (role filled)

Lovecraftian Horror with less of an emphasis on the tentacled horrors themselves and more focus on an unwilling participant slowly being corrupted by their influence.  The tattoo in the shady shop set up in the back of the club had been a mistake.  Jake's life hadn't been a bad one, though sometimes his choice of friends was probably seedier than his step parents would have liked.  With the tatttoo everything changed though.  Fractured memories of blood and fear were all he had left, but it was enough to know the tattoo had been the start of it all.

The story would center on Jake who has resisted the voices in the darkness for many years now, but only through a lonely life that is slowly eating away at him.  Moving from city to city and sometimes staying out in the wilderness away from anybody is the only way Jake has kept himself sane.  I'd like this to be about him finding someone who either reaches out to him or just someone that makes the risk of staying worthwhile for him.  The setting could be anything from high fantasy to modern day to cyberpunk.  The core idea lends itself well to all three I'd think.  How much your character knows about the occult is up to you. 
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Re: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 02:47:08 PM »
Some tweaks were made as I clarified one and updated the others.  Doubt I could take on more than one additional story right now, but I might make an exception.  If one of my ideas sparks something else for you please share. 

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Re: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2014, 08:35:04 AM »
The Shadow and the Moon (A Shadowrun Story)

Merlin Cooper, more commonly known as The Shadow of the Streets, was a top tier runner.  The elf no longer went to Mr. Johnson for work, but people came to him through his decker, Sky.  None of the major players had seen Shadow in years and that was a testament to his work.  Sky kept electronic traces of him from ever reaching the Matrix and Shadow worried about the physical.  There were those that said he was magic, but that was just a rumor.  Cyber modifications made to nerves and muscle kept him quick enough that he was almost never seen in his work and the few that did rarely lived long enough to tell anyone. 

The Tir Tairgire knew one of their ghosts had gone off the reservation, but putting resources into bringing him back meant admitting they’d lost someone and that was something they’d rather remain unknown.  Shadow knew that as long as he stayed out of NAN lands he wouldn’t have a problem from them.  They weren’t willing to tangle with the UCAS over something they wanted kept quiet anyway.  Shadow’s mainstay was wetwork though he was willing to do other work, the prices his talents demanded meant blood was usually involved.  Mainly, Shadow was known for being what his namesake implied, a shadow.  He could get in and out of anywhere with his identity a secret, if the target even knew he’d been there.  A now dead mage had been paid a lot to scramble his aura and make it an unreadable mess.  Only Sky knew anything about his past and she only knew the bits and pieces she’d scraped together on the Matrix.  Anonymity was his calling card.

This was why it had struck the Elf as strange that when heading back from the stuffer shack in the nice part of town a young woman on a park bench caught his gaze.  She’d been watching him since he’d come out onto the street.  Just to be safe Merlin took a cab to a different part of town before backtracking to his apartment.  It was a strange event, one he’d been cautious about, but nothing to cause him worry.  Not until a few nights later on the job that is.

Moving through a corporate complex, the fastest route to his destination included an open air garden maintained for executives and their guests.  Before shutting down the cameras Sky confirmed for him that the area was empty.  Problem was that it wasn’t.  The same woman from the park was there.  As soon as she had come into view her gaze had already been centered on him.  She seemed to look straight past the shadows and the bushes and right into him.  Who is she?

So this one fits a little less with whatever theme I’ve developed so far, but it seemed cool.  I don’t really have much of a plan.  I wanted something Shadowrun that felt kind of noir.  Title can change, do what you like with the character. 

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Re: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« Reply #3 on: July 17, 2014, 01:31:45 PM »
Through Passion I Gain Strength

Tala had been uneasy about the stranger and Corbin should have listened, but the lead had been too good.  They had tracked him down and he had been difficult to convince, so Corbin thought he had to be telling the truth regardless of the fact that his mind was closed to them.  The two Jedi exchanged looks before following their lead down the dusty alley.  They were halfway down the narrow way when all hell broke loose.

It started with flash mines that had been carefully camouflaged with ancient piles of refuse lining the alleyway.  Then blaster fire came from the roof, their attackers had been trained to blend into the force, trained to kill Jedi.  Corbin had been lucky, narrowly dodging the first volley of blaster bolts, but Tala didn’t have the same luck.  The first shot fired sunk into her shoulder leaving the sizzling rank scent of flesh on the air before she’d been able to react.  Every other blaster bolt was dodged by the pair until their lightsabers were out and sweeping the rest to the side. 

Corbin knew that if he had only listened none of this would be happening.  It had been his arrogance that had allowed them to fall for subterfuge and then ambush.  Suddenly from a shadowy window above a dark robed figure descended with blood red lightsaber drawn.  Corbin was pinned down behind cover, desperately knocking grenades away, while the Sith adept began a cascade of strikes against Tala.  She fended off every blow, but they opened up her defense and blaster fire from above.  Corbin watched in horror as the woman he’d called his lover fell to the ground after three bolts sank solidly into her chest.  The world slowed as her limp body fell to the ground and the menacing laughter of the Sith filled the air.  Then something inside Corbin snapped.

Fury filled the Jedi, so there would be no room left for the pain of losing Tala.  With the Force stronger in him than it had ever been Corbin ripped a stone balcony from above down into the alleyway, both to trap its occupants and slow down the Sith on the other side of it from the Jedi.  Corbin’s focus shifted to the traitor that lead them here.  The man was pulled back into Corbin’s blue saber until the hilt was buried in the man’s back before the Jedi ripped his weapon free in a grotesque upward slash.  Corbin then threw his blade up in a beautiful arc cutting down two more snipers from above at the knees sending them tumbling down below with the Jedi, landing with a sickening thud. 
The bulk of the ambush had been quickly and brutally broken and scattered.  Only the Sith himself remained.  He was only an apprentice himself, tasked out with promises of glory.  Corbin could suddenly feel every about his opponent through the Force when before his very presence had been hidden. 

The Jedi felt like he was seeing the Force for the first time suddenly and Corbin would not waste the advantage.  They rushed at each other exchanging several blows, but the difference was the Sith was loosing ground.  With a decisive strike Corbin knocked his foe off balance.  It was a small advance, but Corbin pressed it fully pulling the burning blade across his foes eyes.  The Sith fell to the ground screaming in pain, blindly hunting for his weapon to defend himself.  Corbin stood over the vanquished foe ready to drive blue light into his waiting chest, but a nearly inaudible sound stopped him cold.

“… corbin … don’t … just let it …”  The whispers came desperate and filled with tears from somewhere behind the Jedi.  Tala wasn’t dead and her soft words cut through the blind raging, ending it and bringing her true love back to her side. 

The few that had braved approaching the mouth of the alley would see a man in Jedi robes leave the bloody scene with a crumpled figure clinging to him in his arms.  Maybe the council had been right to forbid their love.  Corbin wasn’t sure though.  How could so much power used to protect someone be wrong?

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Re: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2014, 12:26:17 AM »
Anansi Initiative  (Role Filled)

My brain went a tad overboard with this one.  It focuses on a female student masquerading as a male to gain entry to an all male psychic training facility, and the teacher who discovers her secret and decides to use it to his own advantage.

* * *

There are psychics outside the academy, but they rarely are able to develop their talents at all.  Unfortunately, the academy is for men only, though this isn’t public knowledge.  The reason seems chauvinistic to the few that know about it, but psychics are a small part of the culture and the government uses media to disguise the fact that there are no female psychics, tv shows and other entertainment featuring female psychics.  The reason for this exclusion however isn’t just patriarchal.

The latent part of the brain that allows for psychic power is different in women, stronger, but harder to control.  When the government first started experimenting with psychics they started with cybernetic implants to control the test subjects this was successful, but when leaked to the public it was seen as a humanitarian atrocity, because the implants suppressed free will.  When the government removed the implants they found that only one of their female test subjects were able to control her power and the rest suffered from a multitude of severe mental disorders.  It was a disaster, however of the male test subjects only 20% suffered similar symptoms and not to the magnitude seen in the female test subjects.

After these incidents the Anansi Initiative was developed assuring the public that the biblical scale disaster caused by some of the rogue psychics could be killed would never happen again.  The Anansi Initiate was a training regimen the government employed before to ensure the safe training of psychics and to ensure powerful psychics would be tools at their disposal.  The application and screening process always filter out female applicants.  Those that both show the potential and meet the safety criteria are admitted to the Academy, which is now run by some of the most powerful psychics the Earth Empire has ever produced, though there are rumors of those far stronger beyond the reaches of the Empire.

The Academy is located on Luna, the Earth’s only moon.  It was chosen because of its isolation from the rest of the Empire, but proximity to the central government allowing for regular custodial inspections by interested Senators.  Luna was Earth’s first attempt at Terraforming a dead planet.  The machines supporting Luna’s environment are archaic, but cannot be replaced.  Because of this intrinsically weakened infrastructure the atmosphere is fragile and cannot support heavy industry or high population.  As a result, much of the moon’s surface remains barren like the times of old with only isolated farms and parks used to help maintain a breathable atmosphere and take some of the strain off the terraforming equipment.  This made for the ideal location for training that was both secretive in nature and required a cloistered setting to be effective.  The location also allowed the psionic attaches of Senators and other important political figures to conduct inspections and tours of the facility.  These are special agents with no sensitive knowledge outside of the A.I. who are trained to resist telepaths and equipped mental shielding technology worn around the head.  Ultimately, this civilian oversight is a farce, however it keeps the politicians in the Senate appeased.

Training at the Academy lasts six years and involves a variety of training techniques.  The years of students are separated by colored uniforms and living quarters though they are permitted to interact with one another during leisure time.  First years wear shielding headbands similar to those worn by visiting attaches.  The headbands inhibit use of telepathy both on and by the user ensuring the secrecy of advanced training should a student wash out or be found to be a spy.  Their curriculum centers on more academics than practical application.  Classes include Psychic Theory 1, History of the school and the field, physics, anatomy, calculus, ethics and gym.  They wear brown uniforms.  Year two has a more malleable schedule, begins involving the fundamentals of practical application and includes the removal of the inhibitor bands.  They wear dull orange uniforms.  Year three introduces classes on specific psychic schools and ends with an exam to determine the focal study for the student.  They wear dark red uniforms.  Years four through six delve deeper into the students discipline, eventually researching new techniques, pushing the boundaries of the field, and working with their instructors more as peers towards the end of the sixth year.  Year four wears green, five wears black and six wears black with a blue strip going down the side.
Graduates are afforded the opportunity to choose how they serve the empire, through the military, research, clandestine, diplomatic, public relations or industrial divisions.   Soldiers, psychic scientists, spies, ambassadors, wide scale manipulators, and technical advisors.  Eventually, some retire from the public eye back to Luna as instructors.  This includes some of the founding members including Kelvin Cain the Gestaltism founder, Adam Volkov the Metacarnist founder, and Benjamin Cruthers the founder of Telepathy and headmaster of the school.
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Re: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« Reply #5 on: February 12, 2015, 11:09:35 PM »
The Ring of Elam

Simon was a man born of wealth and invested what he was given with cunning and prudence keeping him that way.  Stock and real estate were his main sources of income, but even before his twenties these had become boring to him and he began dealing in antiquities.  At twenty-five he found the ring that would change his life.  He would have the tarnished silver cleaned and carefully restored, but the form was still clear.  A snake curled around a small ruby.  The land of Elam was supposedly north of the garden of Eden in ancient times and that was where the ring was reportedly made, but made with material found in the mythical garden itself. 

Simon first wore the ring to a charity event he was hosting for the San Francisco Historical Society.  He kept himself humble in public, but even he had to admit he looked dashing that night.  Golden shoulder length blonde hair that his butler always insisted made him look like a hippie and sharp blue eyes were complimented by the tailored suit he was told was the latest fashion.  It was that night after a few too many drinks he’d found himself in the coat closet with a sexy young art dealer.  A night of inappropriate lust was a small mistake, but something about the ring had made it different.  The woman called a week later professing how much she needed to see him.  He’d never given her his number. 

For weeks she hounded him and when she cornered him at his favorite coffee shop and grabbed his hand Simon had watched her shudder with relief.  Was it the ring?  He had forgotten about it since putting it on that night.  After escaping the obsessed woman he tried to take it off, but found himself feeling what that woman must have felt, but worse for the little loop of metal.  Having it off his finger made him feel sick and his skin around his ring finger began to yellow.  Simon never took it off again.  Two weeks later a friend lamented to him about how a young art dealer he worked with had killed herself in front of him.  Simon stopped holding parties and charity events.  He couldn’t let the same happen to anyone else ever again.

Will someone new become afflicted with the curse?  Will Simon give into the more sordid possibilities such a power affords?  Will he find the satisfaction of love or lust, and what will he be willing to do to keep it?

All Pucked Up
  (Not right now)

I am a huge fan of the Gargoyles series.  If you aren’t familiar then you might want to pass.  Idea is a little bare bones, but feels like one that would be really fun to play with.

Turns out the lord of the fay wasn’t a fan of practical jokes.  Who knew?  Puck put one too many toes over the line by a mile or two and old Oberon goes berserk.  The grumpy old man goes and traps playful Puck in a book … and leaves him there.  How much time has past?  Who can tell?  All Puck knows is that he’s free and that’s good enough for him or it would be, but there’s a hitch.  The one who spoke the words that freed Puck has gotten stuck with him and he doesn’t get much of a choice in the matter. 

The person that found him could be completely unconnected to the rest of the show, an original character with connections to the main cast, or a main character.  If you were going to go with a main character then Demona would definitely be my first choice.  She is one of my all time favorite villains and I love her story.  Besides, hot blue gargoyle with a mean streak, what’s not to like?  If you have another Gargoyles related idea I’d love to hear it. 

Other completely unfleshed out ideas.

1.   Something with the Phoenix Force.  I’m a huge X-Men fan and while Jean Gray wasn’t my favorite in the movies I’d love to see the Phoenix in action in an rp.  Rachel Gray would be cool too, but what I’ve read only barely has her in it and not so fleshed out.  (Phoenix vs Beyonder of Claremont just after she was introduced for reference.)

2.   I loved Neuromancer and Shadowrun is amazing, so something cyberpunky could be cool.

(maybe another time) 3.   Oddly been craving something around a sinister pregnancy.  Not usually my thing and it would need to be something more complex than monster wants to breed, but yeah.

4.   Would love to play opposite a kitsune that is a little less proper than she first appears.

(role filled) 5.   A fantasy bar.  The vampire in the dark corner has the girls eating out of his hand while he drinks from their necks.  Three ogres argue over a wood nymph who would have vanished already, but she’s having too much fun teasing them.  The minotaur at the front is ready to break up trouble the second it arises, not that the succubus serving can’t be too hot to handle when she wants to be.  A handsome angel is being dragged upstairs by a curvy dwarf woman.  Basically just good dirty high fantasy fun. 

6.   Definite fleshing out on all of these ideas needed.  Literally just the first things to come to mind.
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Re: Tales of Redemption and Corruption (m seeking f)
« Reply #6 on: September 20, 2015, 12:28:49 PM »
Before I start anything else, here's the current update on available stories.

Still Looking

Through Passion I Gain Strength
Dark Dreams (Could be talked into a more modern setting if you prefer)
The Ring of Elam


City Beyond the Edge of the World

Just an idea, but I’d love to discover a Lovecraftian city, in the depths of a desert or at the bottom of the ocean.  I’d play an archeologist with only scraps of information about this ancient civilization that supposedly predates the rise of man.  He finds just what he’s looking for, but its more than he could have ever imagine and he’s taken as a slave, perhaps by a member of royalty of the alien beings he finds there.  Like I said, I don’t have much fleshed out for this and I’d love to hear your ideas on it.

Mom Knows Best

I don’t normally do real life RPs, but here’s my shot at it.  I didn’t name any of the characters yet, so it reads a little funny, but let me know if you’re interested. 

My character has been dating a seventeen year old still in high school.  He goes to the local college, studying English and eventually planning to start law.  His girlfriend has been itching to get into bed with him, but he won’t until her eighteenth birthday.
The girlfriend’s mom is a single parent.  Between work and raising her daughter she really hasn’t had time for relationships and definitely not sex.  She used to be pretty wild back in college, but just hasn’t had time for it anymore.  Mom is annoyed at her daughter’s older boyfriend and doesn’t think they should be together, but is still polite having him over for dinner occasionally and giving the daughter money for things like going to see a movie. 

One night daughter and her boyfriend are on the front porch saying goodnight, but they didn’t realize the windows were open to keep the house cool.  Daughter begged for boyfriend’s cock, but he refuses.  He promises her that will fill her with cum and make her his dirty little slut the day she turns eighteen.  Mom is shocked, her brain is going a thousand different directions.  How can she keep her sweet little girl from getting corrupted by him?  Will she hate her forever for splitting them up?  And strangely, the mother finds herself extremely turned on by the idea. 

Boyfriend gets a call from mother that her daughter wants him to meet them for dinner.  He shows up to find its just mom and that she’s having a study night at a friend’s house.  Mom offers him a trade.  She will be his depraved little sex toy for as long as he wants if he breaks up with her daughter.  It sounds like a good deal, but maybe the boyfriend wants to have his cake and eat it too.