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Author Topic: Rose of the Ninja - [FxF]  (Read 255 times)

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Online xSanguineTopic starter

Rose of the Ninja - [FxF]
« on: May 09, 2014, 09:04:56 AM »
Japan. 2019. The city steeped in the future, is indefinitely linked to its past. Samurai, shinobi ... they were all thought to be nothing more than relics. But behind the veil of a modern city, they exist. The pinnacle of the future. They are known as the clan of the Rose. Behind the scenes they rule over crime, over law, they are the true leaders. Said to be led by an immortal ninja woman, her's is the name the clan takes after - Rose. None know her real name, none think she is human. But when a rogue ninja appears and threatens to tear the silk web she has crafted, does she declare war? Or is there a chance to turn this vigilante ninja into her protege and heir? 


Hey! Thank you for visiting my little thread. <3

I like to get to the point, so let's put down a few little rules, shall we? These are little things that will help you understand me!

  • I love smut that has build up. I can't just dive into the deep end. I like to dip my toes in first.
  • I prefer quality over quantity. If you want to write 2000 words, go ahead. But I won't match you. I write to the extent of my muse.
  • I desire at least one post per day. Interest fades quickly if things are left too long.
  • I don't mind what your gender is; so long as you are considerate and don't force me into anything!
  • I try my best to be understanding and allow the other person to dictate events when they want.
  • Basically, I adore spontaneity!

  • FxF relations.
  • Seduction (this is very abstract - but basically the slow lead up).
  • Aggressive/Domination - particularly when I write the Submissive (this is not bondage - I mean I enjoy writing with a possessive and aggressive character).
  • Fantasy Settings

  • MxF relations (Just not my thing, sorry!)
  • Toys.
  • Dirty Talk.
  • Anything that takes away from the setting (I don't even know what I mean by this).

Let's delve into the story a little more, shall we?

I am looking for someone to write 'Rose' - the leader of the mysterious, yet seemingly infinite criminal ninja clan that essentially owns Japan's major cities. They are an invisible empire that spans over centuries, always led by 'Rose'. But it is unknown if 'Rose' is one woman, or just a title passed down from leader to leader. All they know is, 'Rose' is able to employ superhuman abilities - ranging from increased speed and strength, to even psychological abilities such as hypnosis and dream-weaving (meaning she can enter your dreams or make you dream of anything she desires). 'Rose' can be named by you, if you like. I just invented that nickname to follow with her legacy.

Anyway, the character I will write is Regan. Regan is a woman of British and Japanese descent. She recently uncovered links in her family tree to the legends of the shinobi. She traveled to Japan when she was 20, upon there she tracked down friends of her family (names I have yet to decide) and they spent the next three years training her. In some shape or form, she thinks by getting the attention of the Rose Clan (by blatantly attacking their strongholds), she can find the truth and some retribution for her ancestors. Regan also has a slight blessing of super-human abilities; they are nocturnal however. She has sharper reflexes than the average human and her six senses are enhanced. In moments of adrenaline, she can 'slow down' her perception and make decisions with more time. Thus she has been able to fight the army of the Rose so far.

Where do you come in?

By writing 'Rose', we will - together - be able to create a story, of course! What I had in mind was that 'Rose' sees Regan as an enemy, yes, but as an opportunity. She's a woman who doesn't know about her past, is lonely, and full of emotion. 'Rose' would use her power to manipulate or seduce - or she might even force Regan's submission without being gentle. Who knows? You do!

I hope this was all clear! If you are interested ... send me a message!
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