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Started by Alexiel, May 08, 2014, 08:15:21 AM

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Someone to play Castiel from Supernatural.

I am craving this so very badly right now, and if you're the one for a part, I'd love you forever for playing opposite me in this roleplay. However, there are a few things I'm looking for in the person who will play the role of Castiel. If the things below fit you and you'd like to play the part, please send me a pm and we'll chat. :)

1. Multiple paragraph writer. (Check my active stories for an idea of what I'm looking for.)
2. Strong grasp of the SPN series. (As in, I'd prefer if you've watched most of the seasons and know what's up.)
3. High level of literacy. (We all make spelling errors and that's fine, but I don't want to have to pm you to ask what your post says.)
4. Doesn't mind playing opposite of non-canon characters.
5. Someone who is willing to work with me on ideas, keep in contact, make suggestions, ask questions, and pleasantly surprise me during the course of our roleplay.

The only other thing that I ask is that you be sure that you want to play this role, for me this is a long term roleplay and I'd like to have a partner who feels the same about it. So please, make sure before you contact me that you're going to stick with it for a decent amount of time. Other than that, you can check my O/O's to see what I like, take a look at my current stories to see my writing style, and you're free to pm me if you have any questions you'd like me to answer about this search post.
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