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May 25, 2018, 07:54:07 AM

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Author Topic: Desires of the Phoenix [Mainly M/m, some M/f and F/f]  (Read 238 times)

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Offline Zhu QueTopic starter

Desires of the Phoenix [Mainly M/m, some M/f and F/f]
« on: May 04, 2014, 11:20:26 PM »
"Hello, I am ZhuQue. I have been gone about a year, and I am now back, ready to find some stories to play out. Also, please do not post here, please PM me."

About Me!
-I prefer long posts, but I do understand that sometimes that doesn't work. I can accept small, but good posts. I cannot be happy with one-liners or two-liners, though. Be creative, please.
-I am pretty open, to many things. If my O/Os does not say something, just ask. If it is on my O/Os, you can ask anyway, we can at least talk about your idea or want.
-I am female, but I can play male or female characters. I have even been told my male characters are better than my female characters. *shrug*
-I prefer M/m or F/f, but am not against M/f. Just ask. Unless I have a specific character for a story, then the story is probably flexible on the 'cast.'
-I prefer to play the 'bottom' character in the relationship, but can play switch, and if I am in the mood for it, I can play a killer top.
-I do have a memory issue, so sometimes it might take me a little bit to respond, but in general I'll try to respond between every other day and every day.
-I love talking about our game.
-Honestly, I have an Asian fetish. Specifically Eastern-Asian, like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and the like. Will enjoy playing with any characters, but Asian characters draw me in faster.

Game Ideas!
A Better Life?
Setting - Modern, futuristic, medieval, fantasy, any really
There are two ways this can go. One - my character as the 'street rat', two - your character as the 'street rat.' Can be M/m, F/f, or maybe M/f.

One - My Character (MC) can either live in the alley-ways or be a 'slave' to very abusive master. S/he is skittish and very paranoid about everyone around her/him. Your Character (YC) can either find MC in the alley or see their master treating them badly and decide to step in. YC does not have to be a super charitable person with a bleeding heart, could even be a pretty controlling and mean person that just happens to see the uses and benefits of a needy new 'pet.'

Two - In this with YC the getting the 'better life,' MC would be either a very egotistical person with a deep down need for an attachment, or a 'protect the underdog' type. MC would either save YC from the streets, or buy them from another master, or something. The twist, while society would see MC as the one in control because of him/her giving orders like the master in the relationship, but at home it is YC that takes lead in the relationship.

Could it Even Work?
Setting - Modern, futuristic, medieval, any of these with fantasy
Our characters could be friends or barely know each other, when suddenly they find out their lives now depend on each other. Either a war broke out and their powers/abilities rely on using each other, or they get bound together in a sense that they feel the things the other feels strongly; pain, lust, happiness, hate, the like. Preferably M/m, but can be F/f or M/f.

Character Ideas!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name - Song Ji-min

Age - Eighteen years

Sexual Preference - Bisexual, leans towards guys. Bottom with guys, submissive with girls.

Personality - Ji-min is quiet and timid, but very eager to please. Never wanting to disappoint others, Ji-min tends to put himself last.

Biography - For most of his life, Ji-min only dated girls, rejecting his odd want to kiss the 'hot guy' in his class. He was sixteen when he dated his first guy, an older classmate who enjoyed bullying him in school. Ji-min had not been able to resist when his classmate had kissed him, and he found that he enjoyed the rough, dominating kiss more than the soft, shy kisses from his previous girlfriends. That relationship did not last long, as one of Ji-min's friends found out how the bully was treating him and she stepped in to defend him. Since then, Ji-min has had two more boyfriends, the most recent of which led to a sexual relationship. He had almost been found out when his mother had walked into his room to offer him and his friend snacks. Luckily he and his boyfriend happened to stop kissing just as the door opened. Now eighteen and single, Ji-min is looking into going to university and living on his own, hoping to never have to come out to his parents.

Settings - Can be used in modern, futuristic, and sci-fi.

Game Ideas - Ji-min is looking to live in an apartment away from his parents, so YC could be looking for a roommate to share rent. Jimin is also start university, so YC could be a classmate, or even a professor. I would love to play Ji-min with someone who can teach him how not to be so timid, and I am kind of interested in the idea of the student and professor relationship taboo.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name - Yu Tae-hyung

Age - Twenty-two years

Sexual Preference - Bisexual. Switch.

Personality - Tae-hyung is blunt and honest when speaking to people. He finds no reason to bother sugar-coating anything he says, nor a reason to lie. He does not like staying in the same place for long without a reason.

Biography - As a child, Tae-hyung always traveled with his father for his work. He learned a lot, met a lot of people, and grew up with many cultures throughout his life. By the age of twelve, he had been to every continent with his father and his eco-friendly company. He was raised without any social expectations, given they were never anywhere for very long. Tae-hyung does not see himself as being gay or straight, but as an open-minded person that looks for qualities, rather than looks. For his fifteenth birthday, he got to choose where they traveled and when they arrived in Russia he met his first real love. After a week in Russia, his father wanted to move on, and Tae-hyung's boyfriend did not take kind to that idea. Tae-hyung was kidnapped and after escaping two weeks later, he learned that his father had disappeared. Due to this experience, Tae-hyung is suspicious of people and does not stay anywhere for long. He took up working his father's old job after his father disappeared. For seven years, he has continuously traveled all over the world. He takes samples and studies nature everywhere he goes, but his real interest is in art; drawing all the animals, plants, and even people he finds interesting.

Settings - Mondern, futuristic, sci-fi, or fantasy.

Game Ideas - I am interested in finding someone that can get Tae-hyung to trust them. Someone to help him get over his suspicions of people and to be able to settle, to find love. I don't see games with Tae-hyung being very romantic at the start, but maybe build into romance later.

More to come as I think of them.