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Author Topic: Counselor Bimbo- A Transformation Adventure- F L4 M  (Read 336 times)

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Counselor Bimbo- A Transformation Adventure- F L4 M
« on: April 28, 2014, 02:41:44 AM »
Hello! This is a transformation revenge story where my writing partner disappeared. I'd like to start fresh, below is the first post. Please let me know if you are interested by Private Messaging me. I'd like a writing partner that can bring creativity to the story- what is your idea about how the story can progress after reading the first sentence or two?

Looking for: at least 3 to 5 posts per week. At least a paragraph (5 lines) per reply. if you are interested in the story below, please write me via private message so we can discuss it.

Thanks for reading
----------------- Begin COUNSELOR BIMBO Here------------------------
The disappearance of Assistant District Attorney Melissa McCracken and eighteen year old Kenny Milhouse, a student at the local city college with an unhealthy fascination with mystery novels was the result of an encounter with the Syndicate. A mysterious crime organization the Syndicate had its fingers in everything from smuggling to illegal biomedical research and beyond.

The pair had been abducted due to Melissa's work in trying to prosecute some members of the Syndicate and Kenny's amateurish detective work which incidentally found him face to face with the same Syndicate that had kidnapped Melissa only a few hours earlier. Long before either of them would be reported missing the Syndicate decided what to do with them...

Lights, white lights, illuminated the sealed room that was a mixture of surgical ward and hypnosis therapy. Two men, wearing full surgical gowns, masks, goggles with one carrying a clipboard walked into the room. They looked over the vital signs of ADA Melissa McCracken. Heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and everything else was within the normal range. The woman was recovering from a procedure designed to bring out the inner slut in a woman. It was a mix of cosmetic surgery, at least when it came to giving the woman's breasts an upgrade to DD from the 34B cup from earlier, various hormone treatments to enhance her sex drive, and hypnotherapy designed to bring out the slutty cougar side of Melissa's nature.

"She should be waking up any minute now." the first surgeon said to the other, tugging on his friend's sleeve, getting him behind a two way mirror so he could watch the ADA's reaction to this.

"Do you think..." said the second surgeon.

"No, she'll remember what she needs to remember to be an obedient, slutty cougar of a woman. But she won't remember or shouldn't remember anything about being the crusading Assistant District Attorney," the first replied as they waited for her to awaken from behind their observation area.

When she would awake from the bed all of the medical equipment would be disconnected and hidden. All she would see was a rather sterile looking bedroom with a small, seemingly private bathroom, and a large mirror and dresser. The dresser's top had a full makeup kit on it and the drawer contained only a single outfit.

The hypnotherapists had decided that yes, all her clothes were to be of the slutty variety, but the first case should be a slutty variation of something she normally wore. In this case there was a bra and panty set, with a garter belt, stockings and high heels. There was also a white blouse and black skirt. The skirt had been altered so it not only fit tight, but it came to about two inches below Melissa's ass and the blouse was similarly tight and the top buttons had been removed so as to show a generous showing of cleavage.

The two surgeons of the Syndicate would notice Melissa's blue eyes opening...