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Author Topic: Zojja's Pride (with Art) [non-con, submission, tentacles, mind break, story]  (Read 581 times)

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Offline HaptoTopic starter

The Short Version


The Long Version

Background: the Guild Wars 2 Universe
What happens when you have TWO self-professed master races?

In one corner, we have the Asura, a diminutive race of scientists crafting holograms, shields and robots when the… slower races of Tyria are still using bows and arrows.  And amidst these small bundles of well-deserved arrogance, strides Zojja, one of their greatest minds and hardest hearts, pushing away nearly anyone who tries to get close to her, lest they cause her pain again.  To say nothing of how she treats those with the stupidity to be born into other races.

In the other corner, we have the Charr, a race of hulking feline warriors who killed their gods, reclaimed their homeland from the humans and marched forth to what was once the kingdom of the human gods itself.  They now hold a tenuous peace with the… softer races of Tyria against a shared threat.  And amidst these sabre-toothed giants, strides Denjar, an engineer with a mind well suited for making the great war-machines of her race, and a unique desire to understand and incorporate the technological marvels of the Asura into the mechanize conquest of the Charr.

Asura and Charr can work together, and once did as Destiny’s Edge, once Tyria’s single greatest Heroes unified, now divided by their shared failure and what it cost Zojja.  After a particularly emotional failed reunion, Zojja is beset by an insufferably fangirling Denjar, a low beast that actually fancies itself a scientist.  Zojja says just that, and walks away.

A few weeks later Zojja awakes, groggy with the aftereffects of a powerful tranquilizer.  But no drugs can halt her mind, which tells her she is in a dark workshop, underground if her ears can tell by the way the mechanical clunk of base machinery vibrates through the enclosed space.  And she, she is bound hand and foot, securely, in steel that looks distinctly Charr in origin.  And she is not alone, a strangely familiar Charr looking down at her through the darkness, a low beast whose name Zojja never bothered to remember, but now wished she had.  A face now looking much more animal, without the childish adoration is had held on their last encounter, but with a worrying intensity and focus, and a fanged smile dark with deliberate intent.

Denjar lifts her modified Asura master-control pad, and begins the recording with: “Reeducation Experiment 01 of 21.  The subject is finally awake....”

The Roleplay: What and Why
This is my own way of dealing with the arrogant, abrasive and extremely hurtful little Zojja in Guild Wars 2.  (If you'd played the game and none of these traits sounds remotely right to you, play as a race other than Asura, and wait until you play the Sorrow’s Embrace Dungeon on Story Mode.)

Feeling a very definite desire to… re-educate Zojja, as to exactly what it feels like to be treated as less, I made this work, with the hope of it inspiring a roleplay.

The focus of the roleplay is submission.  Absolute, complete submission.  Zojja is a particularly arrogant member of an already arrogant race, now captured by a low, animal Charr who refuses to even use her name or acknowledge her very adamant orders to be released.

Zojja is utterly convinced of her own superiority, especially over her captor, and the goal of captor and roleplay alike is to take that away from Zojja.  To confront her not with mere pain or torture, but with her own low body, turned against her mind with care, patience, and everything the universe has to offer.  From the most advanced Asura technology to the most potent drugs and potions, to any creatures, monsters, elementals or other beings that can be re-purposed to this one, single end: to sexually arouse and torment Zojja until she simply can't take it any more, and does the unthinkable.

And the moment when she finally begins to break, and asks: "Please... Master, please let me cum," is the very first milestone on the path to totally breaking her.

The Victim: Could it be You?

Are you comfortable playing a submissive character, at the total mercy of a dominatrix intent on your complete submission?

Are you willing to make said dom work for it - are you able to play a restrained but initially proud, headstrong, self-superior character who, over time, is reduced to utter submission?

When you roleplay, do you enjoy the characters, their emotions, internal conflicts and development as much as the action itself?

Does this image, and the described roleplay, do it for you?

If your answer to these is a resounding yes, then please don't hesitate to PM me and we can take it from there.  Knowledge of the game Guild Wars 2 is a definite plus but in no way required, as what is most important is that you have read this post, and it so definitely does it for you that you can't wait to get started.
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