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Welcome to my little place for all the roleplaying ideas or pairings floating around in my head, I'm hoping to expand on this as time goes on so keep an eye out for updates.

I'm a straight female roleplayer, looking for plots with straight pairings however if you were a female wanting to write a male part then I'd be happy to roleplay.

I'm afraid that I roleplay by Private Messaging and email or sometimes IM. If you have some ideas of your own, I'd love to hear them :-),

A rich family commissions a painter to paint a portrait of their daughter, as the sittings go on and with an inattentive chaperone the painter and sitter fall in love. But her parents have ambitions for their daughter and the painting was meant to serve the purpose of finding her a suitable husband. For the setting I imagined renaissance Venice but open to other ideas.

Up to you which role you'd want in this one, princess can easily become prince for the story, this could easily be played in the Kushielverse or a standard medieval setting.
A princess has been raised with a regent uncle governing for her, enjoying lavish parties, carousing and showing little interest in ruling. To any onlookers she is just another spoilt noble and that act (although not wholly a pretense) has been the only thing keeping but her alive, with the regent not reckoning it worth the upheaval to kill the princess when she has proven so easy to control. On the eve of her 18th birthday her uncle tells her she is not yet ready to rule and she agrees, knowing to argue would tip her hand. In a hopeless situation and a gilded cage, her oldest friend, a son of a disreputable noble house will help her take her throne and break her uncle's power. Perhaps his house is disreputable because there's a history of treason, or that his father married a courtesan either way he's uniquely placed to appeal to the people and the nobility.

AN UNUSUAL SQUIRE Adventure possible Romance
Sir Godric is very fortunate to have a faithful squire who not only is devoted but quite willing to throw himself headlong into danger with his knight. In one such battle the squire is badly wounded and when ministering to his injuries the knight realises his squire is not a boy at all but a young woman.  After initially being shocked to discover the truth the knight has to admit that he's reluctant to lose such a good squire and her unwavering devotion to him isn't only duty but attraction. Set in a fantasy world with the knight and squire travelling often to save various villages from dragons, centaurs and other mythic creatures all the while sleeping together and possibly developing into romance.

A CONSTANT COMPANION Romance, possible D/s
The crown princess Sybelle slowly grows more lonely and less trusting of the people around her as the intrigue and backstabbing shows her that she had no true friends at court. As next in line to the throne she is pursued for her hand in marriage and also must help her aging father govern the kingdom. The only true friend she has is the captain of her guard Henri, who understands the need for a release from the demands of power.
I see this being set in a small kingdom with a few too many ambitious nobles and the crown in danger of falling to them and assassination attempts possible on both the princess and her father, the setting being historical/fantasy in that the kingdom doesn't exist but neither does magic. Sybelle trusts Henri implicitly (possibly because he already saved her life?) and they quickly fall for each other, weathering the storm of intrigue to steady the crown's power. The plot could also include D/s with the princess submitting to him behind closed doors and finding herself enjoying not always being the one with the power.

THE TEMPLE'S FALL Reluctance, possible D/s
Cora was raised to be a pure vessel and a priestess in her temple, worshipping their goddess within its peaceful walls. However when armed men enter the sacred ground and start wreaking destruction and stealing all they can carry; the priestesses lock themselves aware and prepare to end their lives with poison and Cora offers herself to their leader in a final desperate attempt to save the temple from ruin. The setting could be ancient Greece or a fantasy world.

LOST IN TIME (An Outlander plot) Romance possible NC
Based on the Outlander book/TV series. A woman from the modern age falls back in time. In the original story it's Scotland just before the Jacobite rebellion but it could be any age in Britain (Roman, Tudor, Victorian and anything in between). Don't have a specific idea for this yet but would love to hear yours.

A WILDLING RAIDER (A Game of Thrones plot) NC and/or Romance
Living some distance from the Wall, the Lords of Kettleridge thought their family home was safe but Wildling raiders storm the keep and take what they can carry including Lady Sarai. A somewhat sheltered noble lady is taken captive by a Wildling man, a story which I can see going two ways,
1. A short-ish NonCon plot with it ending with her escaping or being let go.
2. Some NonCon in the beginning however the lady finds that she likes the freedom of the Wildling life compared to the constraints of being a noble girl and adapts, going with them willingly by the time they reach the Wall, falling for the man who took her in the first place. (The setting being in a less turbulent time for Westeros)

PICTURE PROMPTED PLOTS (Sometimes pictures can be inspiring, get a different plot from them? I'd love to hear it.)

The Mage and the Nymph (Image Safe for work)

A young mage is set out into the Great Wildwood to collect certain rare magical ingredients to complete his final task and be worthy of his robe and title. Strangely he seems to be hit with constant misfortune, his packhorse getting free of its line, things disappearing then reappearing, so much that he decides to set a trap with a sleeping spell. All of his troubles were caused by a  tree nymph who was intrigued enough to follow him and then was quite delighted by the funny colour the young mage went and the curses shouted when things went wrong, she was hardly expecting him to take it so badly and set a trap. The nymph is caught and the mage is fascinated by the first real magical creature he's ever seen, she helps him find the things that he needs and shows him the hidden magic in the old wood as they grow closer...

BROKEN WINGS Romance, vampire
Broken Wings(Image Safe for work)

(Victiorian Edwardian setting, Vampire story)
Elizabeth is often forgotten in her family, with both of her parents dead she lives with her aunt and cousins. Though they were kind enough to take her in and see that she was given a good education and a roof over her head, her cousins are all going to society balls and making matches whilst she is destined to be a governess when the summer ends. One evening she finds a bat with a broken wing and nurses it back to health, telling the little creature her worries and feeding it until one day she is heartbroken to find it gone. Meanwhile a foreign aristocrat sets up a home in London, his entrance into high society beginning with a lavish ball to which Beth's whole family is invited, the invitation naming her as well as her cousins. Not much is known about the mysterious man, other than he is lavishly wealthy and he sports a cast on his arm from a hunting accident...

THE CLOSENESS OF FELLOW TRAVELLERS (aka the plot I've kinda stolen from Shrek) Romance and adventure
The Closeness of Fellow Travellers (Image Safe for work)

Lady Erin was famed for her beauty but managed to anger a powerful sorcerer (or fey) and was doomed to an enchanted sleep in a castle surrounded by untold perils. Decades or centuries pass until the king offers a vast amount of wealth for any man who can breach the distant castle's defences, find out if the tales are true and if they are bring back the lady to be his wife. Your character could be a commoner wanting to be a lord or a noble hoping to help his own impoverished holdings. Either way, on the long journey back, filled with dangers and adventure, they find themselves drawn to each other.

Water Nymph SFW
Male Barbarian Archer SFW
Knight/Princess SFW
Sleeping Beauty, probably NSFW
A New Vampire SFW

Archer and Lady SFW
Moon Goddess SFW


The character I would play is in bold if neither is bold I wouldn't mind playing either ^^

HISTORICAL PAIRINGS                     
Royal guard/Princess

Vampire Human
Human/Neko (Catgirl)

Victorian, Regency, Tudor, Renaissance, Medieval, Ancient Greece, Rome, Celtic Britain, French Revolution

Fantasy (Fandom)
Middle Earth (JRR Tolkien), Kushiel Series (Jacqueline Carey), Game of Thrones (GRR Martin), Sabriel (Garth Nix)

Modern Fantasy (fandom)
Anita Blake, Anne Rice, Patricia Briggs, Harry Potter, True Blood

Please PM if you want to chat about a RP. Thank you!


Plots that have been retired but may brought back to life later on

Of Angels and Demons (Image Safe for work)

In the midst of a skirmish between Heaven and Hell, Liriel finds herself badly wounded and unable to get help in a remote cave. To her dismay a demon finds her instead of her fellow angels, as she clings to life she realises that the demon doesn't seem inclined to finish her off and is nursing her back her back to health. The plot would follow her overcoming her mistrust of demons and as their attraction grows the pleasures of the flesh. I see the angel being initially reluctant to their attraction but quite quickly becoming curious and eager to learn. Additionally the storyline could include D/s with the angel being dependent on the demon for survival whilst she is recovering.

THE ADVENTURERS (One-shot) NC or Romance
An elf and a human are set on a task to retrieve something for their employer, having never worked together before perhaps their relationship is shaky to begin with but the human comes to appreciate how adept she is at spotting traps and moving stealthily whilst she comes to admire how good he is at killing anything that comes their way. When the item is retrieved and the catch their breath at a forest pool the human decides to act on his attraction for the elf. Up to you at this point if the story is noncon with him taking her then running off with the prize to get paid double, or if it's a romance with both of them attracted to each other.

The Wrong Prince (Image Safe for work)

A wealthy noble girl arrives at court to be betrothed to the crown prince and heir to the throne, meaning that one day she will be queen and the mother of kings. However as her engagement goes on she finds herself drawn more and more to the younger brother of her betrothed and he to her. The setting is a fantasy kingdom, which could include the existence of magic or not I'm open to suggestions, also whether the story has a happy ending or not.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Non-Con, possible bondage, possible romance, possible D/s
Through the Looking Glass (Image Safe for work)

(adult Alice not an ageplay plot, could be played as the Mad Hatter) After keeping an eye on Alice as she grew up the White Rabbit decides that he wants her for himself. Alice is struggling with growing responsibilities and an impending engagement and is delighted to see the White Rabbit again eagerly follows him back to Wonderland not knowing his plans for her. Open to suggestions for how this plot could go, I just found the image quite striking.


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