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Author Topic: Seeking Partners  (Read 689 times)

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Seeking Partners
« on: April 24, 2014, 03:47:13 AM »
Greetings to you all
CURRENT STATUS: Closed for now thanks!

This is where I shall be writing all of the plots and stories that interest me, anything from a well-thought-out novel to a small light bulb pairing will be here.
Please feel free to have a look and if you are interested - PM me. I'm more than open to discussion if there are certain elements of my idea that you wish to change as well so don't feel afraid!
Firstly, a couple of simple requirements;
  • Paragraphs; basically, I have had RP partners in the past that put one line answers to things that could easily be more than a paragraph and it bugs me because there's no depth and no story. So please, I'd appreciate some proper grammar, spelling and a reasonable length for replies.
  • Activity; I completely understand if you have a busy life. I do too! But please let me know if you're going to be absent for more than a week, otherwise I'll tend to think you've disappeared.
  • Smut; I love smut as much as the next person, but I much prefer story-driven RP's. So although it may contain a lot of sex, can it be more about the characters please?

Plots and Stories;

Currently Craving:
The Last One
Most mythical creatures, such as elves and mermaids, have long been wiped out thanks to the ever growing population of humans. However, recently one single female elf has been spotted and captured and now belongs to the King as a sort of pet. She is showered in jewels and shown off to the world as a fancy prize to be won.

Possibility 1 = You are the King or a High Ruler who owns the elf and you may do with her whatever you wish. Anything from simply making her pretty and showing her off to other Rulers and Leaders to using her for your own sexual needs.
Possibility 2 = You are a Knight or Warrior who works for the King and one day you are given the task to look after the elf. Do you take advantage of the situation, knowing no one will find out? Do you free her because of your feelings towards her? Or do you simply do what you are told, despite everything she does?

I would play = The Last Elf. (I may post a picture if I find one)
Looking for = A Dom Male (or dom female if the story interests you)

The Wolf Princess
PLEASE NOTE: When I say Wolves I mean wolf-ears and tail. Humanoid in most other respects.
Werewolves are known to be ruthless and are able to snap a human's arm with one hit. They are to be feared... well, that's what the humans are told. In truth the wolves are civilized and caring. One night, the young princess is missing and they send forth several knights to rescue her before the human's get their hands on her.

Possibility 1 = The young Princess leaves by her own accord and finds herself lost in the forest. A knight comes to her aid and they are forced to spend the night together in human territory.
Possibility 2 = The young Princess is taken by another pack of wolves who use her for whatever means they want to. Be it bribary for the other pack or sexual pleasure.
Possibility 3 = The young princess has snuck off deliberately to meet with one of the Knights, whom she has been seeing for a while now. they have only one night together before they must return and they are sure to make the most of it.

I will play = The young Princess wolf
Looking for = Knight/Rival Wolf - Male or Female

Two young teenagers who are trying to figure out their sexual needs and what it's like to have sex ask each other about it. They decide the only way to find out it to experiment with each other and find out what feels good, and consequently, what doesn't. They'll try everything from hand-jobs to penetration and everything in between. This will be about character growth as well as a good amount of smut. I'd like to start things slowly, both characters being a little shy, but then they grow and start getting innovative and daring.

Any sexes and any sexuality.

Want to try
Mahou Shoujo
The modern world is plauged by beasts that humans cannot see - "Freights" - these beasts harvest human souls and it's up to a team of magical girls and boys to stop them. It's tough being magical world in such modern times; with people having camera's on them all the time keeping your identity a secret is getting harder and harder. At first, it seemed like there were only a few magical girls left; but slowly, more have appeared - some not for the right reasons.

Possibility 1: My character meets yours when fighting a Freight and then find each other out in public - instantly recognizing each other. One could use this as blackmail against the other and force them to become their pet otherwise their secret will be revealed.
Possibility 2: Our characters are best friends, but one day when fighting a Freight, we notice we are on enemy sides and have to fight despite out friendship.

I want to play: Female Mahou Shoujo!
Looking for: Male or Female (MxF / FxF)

This will be a list of fandoms that I would be interested in.
I would mainly like to play canon characters but OC's are okay too.
One with asterisk's are cravings!
My Fandoms
Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
*Harry Potter*
Game of Thrones
Grimm Fairy Stories
*Phantom of the Opera*

Attack on Titan
Kimi ni Todoke
Elfen Lied
Fairy Tail
(many others - please inquire)

This will be constantly updated so be sure to keep checking back!

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