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Author Topic: Looking for Frozen rps! Elsa/Anna. Starters inside.  (Read 635 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Looking for Frozen rps! Elsa/Anna. Starters inside.
« on: April 19, 2014, 11:27:59 PM »
So I've had a few people drop out on me, and now I have time to accept a few more rp's. I'm also creating a whole new thread, and putting all my Frozen ideas in one place so they're easier to keep track of.

I will try to post at least once a day, and failing that, I will get in at least two to three a week. My posts can range on average between two to four paragraphs(my starters are really long mostly because I'm also setting a scene, and are not my usual posting length), but can be more or less than that depending on where we are and how much I have to work with. I'm not picky about my partners post length at all, just give me more than one line and we'll get along perfectly. ^^

Please Pm me with your interest, don't post here. Thank you.

Now that all that's out of the way, here are the ideas! Please note that while one is written with me as Anna and one is written with me as Elsa, I am more than willing to play the opposite character, just let me know when you contact me that's what you want to do so I can rewrite the starter(or have you post your own).

Fire and Ice

AU where Anna has fire powers, but has been unable to tell Elsa that because she's locked herself up in her room since they were little. Anna, due to actually using her powers, has much better control over them than her sister has over ice. However, her control is far from perfect..

After Elsa accidentally freezes the kingdom, Anna tried to warm it up, and.. it didn't go well. Now banished herself, Anna shows up at the ice castle, knowing that there would be no returning to Arendelle for either of them as the kingdom has already tried to kill her.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An icy wind rolled through the mountains and rustled the tiny flakes of snow as they fell, piling heavy on the ground until it was waist deep. Everywhere she looked, there was ice and frost, everything covered in a white blanket. It wasn't just the mountains, of course, it was the forest, the kingdom, and the more she walked the more she was sure that the winter her sister had started was in the process of encircling the world.

A sigh left her as she walked, her path all too noticeable, a long, wide trail of melted snow and burning grass that was quickly snuffed out by the cold and the wet once she'd passed. No one was following her, no one dared. It was an accident, but it was enough, so much more than enough, to instill fear in every subject of Arendalle.

Flame. Warmth. Heat. She'd thought it was such a good idea at the time. She'd tried to chase away the snow Elsa had caused when she'd left, but she'd over compensated. It was a simple mistake, and really, it wasn't her fault. Anna had never used her powers outside of the castle, much less tried to change the weather with them. Houses had caught fire. They had burned, and the people panicked. Both the newly crowned Queen and her runner up were, at least in their eyes, sorcerers. Witches.

It wasn't true. It couldn't be true. Anna wasn't using magic, or at least.. not any she'd ever heard of before. It wasn't learned in a book, it wasn't caused by incantations, it didn't summon demons.

It was simply something that happened to her one day, shortly after Elsa had closed her out of her life. It was a power that had seemingly come out of no where. She'd been alarmed at first, who wouldn't be? Just one day spouting fire from her fingertips because she was frustrated with her sister for abandoning her?

But it was actually really cool, and she'd practiced it almost every day since then. She'd gotten quite good at it, or at least she'd thought she had, until she nearly burned the kingdom down.

She wondered if Elsa had seen it, seen the flames grow tall before being snuffed out by snow and wind. Anna doubted it, her sister had run away, fleeing from those who now thought them both evil. Even if she did, she doubted she'd connect the raging inferno to her, considering that Anna herself was the only one who'd known she could bring flames to life. She would have told Elsa a long time ago.. if she hadn't locked herself away, presumably for fear of what people would think.

It took two days for her to locate the castle. Turning down her internal heat, she stepped from her warm bubble and out into the cold, walking gingerly on the icy staircase. She took a deep breath to keep calm, kept her eyes forward and away from the chasm beneath her. If she let herself get upset here, the bridge would melt, and she would fall.
The steps supporting her were smooth, beautiful, and almost seemed to glow in the faint light that made it through the clouds above. She had a hard time admiring them, though, discomfort from the chill for a moment the only thing she could focus on. The edges of her dress had burned, and there were a few holes here and there, though she'd put the tiny fires out as quickly as possible. Every movement of air sent frost swirling in between fabric and flesh. By the time she reached the doors, her skin had gone numb.

Carefully, she warmed the air about her again, only a little, enough to chase away the cold without melting the castle(did Elsa really make this...?), and knocked. "Elsa," she whispered, the words barely loud enough to reach her own ears, "Please let me in."

She needed to know her sister was all right.

....and, although she was trying not to think about it, she honestly had no where else to go.

Cold Blooded

AU where Elsa is a vampire. Ice powers still in effect, though she has better control over them(they're still linked to her emotions and she can lose control under the right circumstances). She's still Anna's sister, however she's been missing since they were young and is long thought to be dead. The day of Anna's coronation, she returns.

I feel I should be clear with this. Elsa will have been turned a year before Anna's coronation, and both characters will be physically and mentally the same age they were in the movie. They will both be adults over the age of eighteen.

The idea is that she has a very rare blood type, which upon being turned gave her the powers over ice, and is why they took her. She's been raised to be their ruler, having the potential to be the most powerful vampire in existence... but the moment she had proper control of her powers, she left and returned to Arendelle. Which, as you can guess, will result in the vampires coming to look for her at some point.

Also note that, if we do this one, there will be biting and blood drinking, so please be sure you're okay with that before you contact me. ^^

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The sunlight was almost blinding. Ever since she'd been turned, bright lights always hurt her eyes, stabbing into them as if made of needles.. but she ignored the pain. She ignored it, and stepped out into the crowd.

The smells were everywhere, the sound of hundreds of hearts, all beating with their own rhythm filled her ears. She was hyper aware of every life around her, but the only one that she cared about was the one stepping out onto the podium, the one that everyone else was currently staring at.

Anna. It had been so long, fifteen years.. she thought she would know her immeadiately, and yet there was a pang in her chest as she realized she barely recognized her anymore. She sighed, mourning the passage of time lost between them.

Careful and quiet, Elsa hovered at the edge of the crowd, watching. As her sister said her vows, as the crown was placed upon her head and her people cheered, a smile crossed the womans face. Anna was the Queen.. and despite their distance, Elsa couldn't have been more proud of her, of the strong and sure way she addressed her subjects.

There was a chill in the air, a soft frost spreading out from where she stood, and inwardly cursing, she moved away from the area, retreating back into the shadows where she belonged.

She should leave, she knew. Anna had looked happy enough, standing up there, Queen of Arendelle.. and yet..she didn't want to go back to them, the creatures that expected her to rule them just as her sibling commanded the kingdom. She wanted to be with her sister again, let her know she was alive, let her know that she still cared.

Above all, she knew what had happened to their parents, and she wanted to let Anna know that she wasn't alone.

After the ball, after the sun went down and could no longer cause her pain, she would come. She would come and though she was more than likely to frighten the woman, she would confront her and explain everything.

She just hoped Anna would understand.
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Offline Queen Elsa

Re: Looking for Frozen rps! Elsa/Anna. Starters inside.
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 12:24:26 AM »
I'm interested!