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Author Topic: Looking for a bit of action and adventure M/F  (Read 228 times)

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Offline lancerBhopkinsTopic starter

Looking for a bit of action and adventure M/F
« on: April 18, 2014, 03:26:27 PM »
Hello all and welcome to my most recent post “shakes hands”
I am dying to do some M/F role-plays with a bit of action and adventure in them. The following is a list of two ideas and samples of writing. The ideas I have now are all based in existing universes but could be adapted to original ones.  Without further Aude.

   Tonight it is eerily dark the sound of chirping insects is strangely missing. The wind seems to rustle the trees without making a sound. There is a black mass of clouds caking the sky with a darkness that very few stars are able to penetrate. The moon is totally obscured from view. Giving the night an inky blackness you could cut with a knife, and a strong feeling of unease.
   “Not the best night to be camping out” Lile thinks to himself as he tosses his gear to the ground. But when you have no coin for a bed what other options dose a man have, at least the rads are low here.
   Lile is a man among men, standing just north of 6 feet, and with a build that would have made any sport fighter jealous. His hair is long, black as night, and often tucked behind his ears. He has sported a thick black beard for a long time now, but as his coin dwindled the wilder it became.   His clothing consists of a simple miners coveralls and a thick cotton shirt. Hard well worked boots protect his feet. A great knife is strapped to his waist, and judging from the warn handle it has been well used. On the ground next to him lies a white hard hat, his bed roll, a pack with basic living supplies, and a red water tight box containing his blasting gear.
   But sadly Lile is also a man down on his luck. After losing his job in the mines, for one small blasting accident, he has recently found himself a wonderer. Sure he takes odd jobs where he can happy to bill himself as and experienced blaster, and even happier to gloss over that little mishap in the mine. At least he was able to “acquire” a good supply of dynamite before they ran him off.
   Suddenly the stillness of the night is punctured by a loud shrieking noise and the sounds of gun fire, quickly drawing his knife from its sheath Lile comes back to his senses. He hears the scream again this time closer, there is no doubt it’s a women’s scream and from the sound of it she and whatever is after her will be upon him in moments.
                                                        This is a very open idea I have been toying around with based in the world of Fallout. I am willing to take this role in almost any direction, and would love hear your input or ideas.

   Cambe is an eighteen year old “man” from Saffron City. After waiting a long time and after having several brushes with the law Cambe, or Camper, as he is known has finally gotten his pokemon licenses.
   Camper stands at an average height of around 5’7 and is in good physical shape, at least all that time in jail had one positive effect. His hair is very short almost shaven and the color of freshly turned earth. Not yet able to grow a beard he is clean shaven. Camper has always been one to dress practically and today is no exception. He is wearing a pair of warn brown hiking boots, some faded blue jeans, and a red flannel shirt. One his back is a pack containing a change of clothes, tools to make a fire, a sleeping bag, some trail snacks, and the meager five dollars he has left to his name.
   Wondering what new and wonderful adventures await him in his new life he arrives at the pokemon breeders house where he placed his order for his first pokemon. Slowly he knocks on the door.

                                     This one again is rather open. Your character could be the breeder or any other person for that matter. Fun and adventure await.   

If anyone wants to add to my ideas or has some of their own feel free to say hi. Also if you have your own role-plays that you think I would enjoy send me the link. I would prefer messages rather than posts.
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