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Author Topic: My Sister, the Town Slut  (Read 633 times)

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My Sister, the Town Slut
« on: April 14, 2014, 11:58:35 PM »
Bryce Harper's older sister loves big cock. She craves it, worships it. She damn near can't get enough. In a more civilized society, such a strong desire for the male anatomy would have her labeled as a 'promiscuous' young lady, but in Bryce's hometown, she's known as the neighborhood slut.

You see, it all started when she was 16. She was a fine girl, curves developed way beyond their years. It was only natural that she'd seek out a someone older who could rightfully appreciate her quickly filled-out figure as her first lover. He was a college student, fairly handsome and bright, but his best quality had to have been the thick baton he kept hidden in his pants every day. It was ruler length, and needless-to-say, once she had gotten a taste, she couldn't get enough.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last as he had to return to his home in west-bubble-fuck once college was over. She missed him, but more than anything else, she missed his 12" cock. At first, she fought the cravings, but as time went on, she became more and more anxious to scratch that unreachable itch deep within her once again. She decided it was time to get another boyfriend, someone her own age this time. He was a classmate of hers, a nice boy. If God had blessed him in the sack, he could have grown to be her perfect husband one day. Unfortunately, the Lord had not. Dissatisfied, she went and found someone who could give her what she needed: A linebacker for the football team during her senior year. It was her first black cock, and she found herself more than satisfied as he was 11", six inches closer to her first lover than her last boyfriend had been. She didn't date the guy, but always kept him around for when she needed the stress release, which was usually around the time of her finals.

Curious she remained, and during her own college years, she found herself exploring what other sizes she could discover. Most were smaller than she had hoped, but every so often, she'd find a guy with the size that suited her needs. Once she even found one that was 13". It was the one she really wanted to keep around, but the true colors of the guy were exposed when she found out he had slept with her roommate and several other of her friends as well. Perhaps it was karma catching up with her. Whatever the cause was, she decided it best to never get farther than a physical relationship with any other guy ever again.

The summer and winters would come where she would return home and get to see her family. She enjoyed the time spent with her parents, but most of all, her younger brother, Bryce. He was four years younger, and the only guy she didn't have to think of in a sexual way. More importantly, he was also the only one who knew her secret.

When she was 19, she began having a relationship with a friend of her father's while she was home for the break. He had a decent size, 8 inches, but he came around so often that she couldn't pass it up. Maybe the fact that he was married also added to the thrill. One day, while her parents were going out to a dinner and Bryce went to the movies with his friends, she invited him over for some fun. It was a risk that backfired as Bryce had come back home early after the movie had been sold out, catching his sister with a cock in her mouth belonging to a man he saw probably about once a week. It was like her life shattered. She never wanted her brother to see her like that. She expected the worst and knew she deserved it, but for some reason, Bryce never said a word about it. Even if she tried to bring it up, he'd ignore her and change the conversation. It was almost like getting away with murder.

Almost a year has passed since that day, and Bryce's sister is now 20. She is home once again for her summer vacation, but this year her parents won't be around as they have taken a trip overseas that will last for most of the summer. Already, she has indulged herself on the men of the neighborhood, even when Bryce is in the house, and has yet to satisfy her everlasting need of big cock. Little does she know the cock of her dreams has always been right down the hall.

((Looking for a female to play the older sister. Pm if interested. Plot can always be changed if needed.))

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Re: My Sister, the Town Slut
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 07:52:15 PM »
Haven't gotten a response from my partner for this. I'm going to declare this still open if any girl wishes to take the role.

Offline TheRomanticPervTopic starter

Re: My Sister, the Town Slut
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2014, 11:25:48 PM »
Doesn't seem like I'm getting any biters on this. May tweak the story a bit.