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June 19, 2018, 05:40:29 AM

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Author Topic: SHIFTƎЯ [Original] [Seeking Hostage] OPEN  (Read 353 times)

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SHIFTƎЯ [Original] [Seeking Hostage] OPEN
« on: April 10, 2014, 01:02:54 PM »
Themes: Dark humour, anxiety disorders, PTSD, psychology-heavy, gore, dark romance, Stockholm syndrome.

Plot: Two years after surviving the ordeal of being held captive by a known serial killer, your character is still trying to pick up the pieces of their life and fit them back together, but nothing is the same anymore - they're haunted by nightmares and unanswered questions, stuck with vivid memories of the quiet and very nearly intimate conversations they had with their captor. 

They make the decision to face their terror, going to the institute where their captor is being held and finally requesting to meet with him - they sit with double-paned glass between them, and he looks just the way they remember.  He is calm and serene while their hands shake.  They leave before they can ask any questions, sickened and overwhelmed by seeing him again.

They go home.  They have another sleepless night, and when they turn on the television, there is a news report that he has been killed by another inmate - he is gone, and they don't know whether to laugh or cry. 

They don't know why they do it, but they go to his funeral, they go as far as opening the casket, hoping to feel some sense of closure.

Standing in the middle of the funeral home, they are overcome with the sense that something has gone very, very wrong - because the body in the casket was not his.  They would know him anywhere, and it wasn't him.

They stagger out for air, overwhelmed by a surge of panic, questioning their sanity.  That same evening, they get a phone call.  There is a soft voice on the other end, gentle and familiar in a way that turns their insides to ice.

"I missed you too."

Here We Go: This story can be M/M or M/F, I would be taking the role of the serial killer and a number of other characters along the way.  What I'm looking for is a very dark-themed romance, something unhealthy and obsessive for both parties, but I must emphasize that there will be no non-consensual sexual situations (I will, however, do dub-con, which - in the context of fiction - I consider different.)

The killer is charming in the way of organized sociopaths, a man with a long career of leaving nightmares for people to find and a talent for regularly changing his appearance to evade capture.  He is very nearly unearthly and he held your character for several days, going outside of his usual M.O. for reasons unknown. 

In their time around each other, the killer prodded your character for information, getting to know them on a personal level that leaves a lasting impression - a mix of hatred and fondness.  I want there to be a twisted, complicated relationship between these characters.

The story could go in a lot of directions, so it's something I'm eager to discuss with potential partners.  My partner will ideally be interested in character development, their character should be fearful but be capable of getting scrappy when things get tough, they should be going through some turmoil in accepting their own reactions to the man that took them hostage - above all, they are a survivor, even if they're terrified.  I'm looking for someone interested in getting in-depth with our characters, just as excited as I am to flesh out these two.
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