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Author Topic: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}  (Read 4189 times)

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Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
« on: April 09, 2014, 12:00:35 AM »
Hello! Thank you for taking time to look at some of my story ideas!

I'm always up for more ideas...and I'll be adding more with time. I'm generally looking for an OLDER MALE CHARACTER to play a DOMINANT ROLE. I usually play my characters from their early twenties through early thirties, though, I focus mainly on mid twenties. The characters I play are independent, tough, and flawed. I don't like perfection. Perfection is boring. I also don't care for weak men. Sorry, simply not my thing. I'm also not looking for a Prince Charming or any other type of romantic ideal. I'm not looking to be anyone's mistress - quite the opposite in fact.   The story line does NOT have to get D/s - I adore a bit of romance and passion as opposed to all-out slavery (Slavery generally gets WAAAY too boring for me).

In real life (you know, outside the fantasy realm of writing), I've been getting deeper and deeper into the BDSM/D/s world. I am submissive. There is no question about this. It has influenced how I write and what I write. I pretty much cannot write anything where my character has a Dominant leaning. Can't do it. My characters will still be outwardly strong, but my stories will more than likely have my character taking on a more submissive role in the end. That being said - I have preferred my RPing to take on a rougher bend as of late (even NC). I'm open minded. Easy to talk to. If you read my F-List page, you'll find out what I'm into (that's why it's there). Just because I'm not surprised by your kink, doesn't mean I have to be into it.

Furthering that - I DO NOT consider incest or cheating scenarios to be hot. If those are the only things you wish to RP, please don't bother PMing me. There are plenty of people here to fulfill your kink. I'm not one of them. (To each their own, but those aren't mine.)

If you find something under the 'Taken' heading, but you really like it, I may be persuaded to open up a second thread for that same story - it always interests me to see how two different people can take a story and make it their own - completely different and special. Please read my writing - it will give you a feel to how I write and what can be expected out of my writing partner. I do not do one/two-line posts. I do not do one paragraph posts even.

I'm ultimately looking for someone who is here pretty often. I'm on frequently, so the more posts the better! If you're a good writer, I'll always wait for your posts! I may be impatient, but I keep mum about it and look forward to the treat that is your writing. I will never prompt you or beg you for a post. My job has gotten busier and sometimes the time between my posts can get a little long. I will reply though. That being said, I try to be as considerate as possible, please do the same. I have a life and expect you to as well. Please tell me if you have a problem - I'll understand. The no's on my lists are no's. I'll take your wants into consideration as much as possible - consider everything on my F-List up for discussion unless they are in my no category (outside of kidnapping/a bit of torture that kind of thing WHEN the story line calls for it - there are plenty of people to play out your kinks here - if I don't fit them, I'm sure you'll find someone else). I've been told my no's are a bit too long. They're not your no's. I will say though that I will not be bullied into playing something I don't want to play. I enjoy literate play - quality to quantity - though quantity with quality is especially adored.

So, I have a bit of....'sensitivity' to certain names - I prefer my writing partner not to choose to use one of these names due to them being ex's, family members, etc (it gets creepy -for me- when I have to write a possibly raunchy story where my character's partner shares the name of my brother, father, uncle, etc. I completely understand if you have the same kind of request of me. On to the names:
Bill, Billy, William (Will is okay), Eric, Sean, Ben, Benjamin, Rick, Steve (Steven is okay), Mike (Michael is okay), Bob, Dean, Ken, Kenneth

Not a long list, but likely one that will grow.

***If anyone is looking for that third...That elusive female to come into play with no strings or a cameo, let me know! I don't mind playing with another couple - be they M/F, F/F or possibly even M/M!***

On to the stories! Anything with * is something I'm craving and/or is brand new.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please PM me if you have questions or want to play! Please do not post in this thread.
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Offline JuliettaRossiTopic starter

Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M}
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2014, 12:01:20 AM »
Prisoner (Domme to Dom)*** (Taken - Prisoner of Santos)

I'm craving this one. I recently took a kink-inspired class about interrogation scenes and while I've played this story line before (and it worked well for me), I want to try it again.  This is NOT a Femdom story. This is an Alpha vs Alpha story where the HE ends up 'winning.' Winning can mean a variety of things and the ending doesn't have to be happy... Soooo not looking for prince charming. I'm looking for a soldier who can give as well as he takes.

She's the daughter of a warlord - pick a country: Middle Eastern or South American. A soldier is captured, tortured, but in the most...imaginative of ways - and by a woman! Are you open minded, willing to play a strong man who can take a bit of fight from a woman? In the end I'm planning for a switch of power, but of course after a struggle and after his time enduring her certainly inventive and special forms of torture. Can you play more than one part? How about the idea of more than one soldier being captured? One or others watching as another is tortured? Electro-torture, whips, crops, branding, edgeplay, bloodplay, and more. Limits are of course negotiable.

Sex is used as a power play. Sexual tension: want - your body betraying you - growing hard as she gets what she wants, despite wanting to rip her apart with your bare hands because of being bound and held against your will? Sound like a good time? Willing to turn the tables when it's time and make her submit and take your own brand of dominance - and enjoy her struggles?

Marked** - I've been tossing around this idea in my head for so long, but it's not quite all put together yet. He's a tattoo artist - owns his own shop, his own house - does pretty damn well. He's got ink - lots of it, but has been...conscious of it. A long-sleeved shirt and jeans would pretty much cover everything with perhaps just a little bit showing at the collar on on his neck.
As for her...She's a ballet dancer. Demi-soloist in a local company - moving up quickly at a young age. She has no ink. A blank canvas.  Essentially the 'good girl/bad boy scenario. His studio is between her apartment and the dance studio. She has to pass the windows of his shop on an almost daily basis. She's curious. He's noticed her. Where it goes from there is up to us. I'd like for the story to have a heavy D/s lean with quite a bit of rope play among other things...

I've been also thinking about injecting a bit of the supernatural into this - an exotic tattoo, a bit of magic, but I'm simply iffy on this when played out in a modern setting I guess. I'm open for ideas, comments, anything on this one (as always)!

More Inspiration

Lightning Rod** - Evelyn Richards is struck one day. The heat, the intensity, all of it knock her out cold. She's been struck by lightning, the storm coming up quickly off the gulf on the Florida shores. Instead of killing her, it simply changes her. She can feel the storms coming, feel electricity, sparks arc from her fingers when static builds. Her skin crackles and she has these colorful lines on her skin - Lichtenberg figures. They fan like branches of coral on the reef. They don't hurt, but they mark her skin now and won't go away. A permanent reminder of the incident that could have killed her but instead has her curious about what else the world can do and what she can do as well.

Through the internet she seeks out others - survivors of lighting strikes, but none have the same symptoms as she does. Sure they have the markes, but none like she does, until she's messaged by him. He says he can do things, feel things - the way the waves move on the shores, the flow of electricity through a building, the build up of a storm is like filling with power that you simply cannot explain... The way he writes his message to her has her curious - it's how she's been feeling and what she's been experiencing. If they meet, will sparks fly? Is he simply saying the things she wants and needs to hear or is he the real deal?

More Inspiration

Madeleine's Bake Shop** -
Madeleine was born to be a baker. Her parents were both chefs and they named their children after culinary delicacies - and Madeleine won out with the name of a French pastry. From an early age she was taught to cook, to bake, to temper chocolate and make her own from-scratch ice creams every year - hell, she had a signature dish when she was seven! What seven year old has a signature dish - at least before the days of Master Chef Junior (which was of course a guilty pleasure for her now)?! Culinary school was a no-brainer and she aced her classes. It was a formality anyway. Her parents owned their own restaurant in New York but she wanted to make it on her own, without their name attached - especially after they made it big. That's how Madeleine's Bake Shop came to be - and how Madeleine came to wear another name tag altogether: "Carol M" in plain blue lettering over her left breast while she worked. When people asked, she only worked there. The owner wasn't available, no the manager wasn't here (or she would go get one of the people she hired to work in the shop. Anyone she trusted to know her secret knew they might be tapped to take on the role of speaking to a customer for her. It wasn't so that she didn't have to - it was when people got curious about her parents and started asking questions. When stories came out in the papers and magazines about her shop and someone was bright enough and a light bulb went off and they were able to connect the dots. The theories were quickly dismissed, a standard story brought up to tell to them. There was no Madeleine. It is just the name of a pastry that they sold and they decided to call the shop that, sorry...nothing more mysterious than that. No story deeper than that...we promise....

Even with the off-putting story that there was no story there was one guy who kept coming around. He owned a shop a few stores down. Far enough not to be able to see in the plate glass windows decked out like jewels - filled with pastries and cupcakes and homemade marshmallows in all different colors, the themes changing with the seasons and the holidays, but close enough that he would pop into the shop and ask for "Carol" and he would say her name and look down at the name tag she wore like he was suspicious. She "didn't look like a Carol" he said. One of her coworkers agreed - said she should have picked a better name one day when he'd gone. Madeleine didn't know why he kept coming around or what he wanted or if he had put 2 and 2 together and come out with the right answer yet. He kept flirting and she just wasn't sure if she could trust it, especially as he picked out things she loved to make and and disappear with them, only to come back the next time to tell her how good they were. She wanted to say thank you - wanted to accept the praise for it, but she wasn't the owner, she wasn't Madeleine....for him she was only Carol.

More Inspiration

Up for a game of poker?*

There's several different scenarios I have thought up for this one...

~Daddy's Debt - A man with a gambling problem who had a penchant for playing against people he simply shouldn't, ends up predictably loosing after a wonderful hot streak (perfectly planned and executed by the dealer and house). He had a beautiful house and an expensive car, but it was his teenage daughter (18/19) that was taken in payment for his debts...

~Becoming Payment - Same as above, but the person with the gambling problem is a woman.

~All In - She'd delivered drinks all night to the men around the table, watching the way the cards were played, seeing the winning hands that folded under pressure of the bluff until one of the men caught her wrist after she set another tumbler of liquid courage on the table. His grip was strong and it caught her off-guard, especially as he turned, sliding his other hand along her bare thigh, up under her skirt. The other men stared... One rose up and walked up behind her, breathing in the scent of her perfume along her neck, one hand sliding along her side, up to curl his fingers beneath a breast, cupping, squeezing. She held her breath as the men all rose, one by one - all four in total, to surround her, touch her, caress, grab and eventually fuck her. God it felt good...and it would only get better as the night wore on...

More Inspiration

Lipstick* {F/F}

I'm looking for a little bit of F/F play. Not sure of a story, but I'll welcome your ideas. I'm very much lipstick when it comes to this. Not looking for a Dom or a sub, and it doesn't have to be cute or even romantic. Not looking for off the wall crazy either (yeah guys, laugh it up). Tattoos and piercings are a yes but not a requirement to turn my head ;p These are just a few of the images I adore.

More Inspiration

Witch's Spell She's the youngest generation of a long line of witches. Her family is rooted in New England, but her mother left the confines of the small town that looked upon their family with distrustful eyes. A new city, a new start. Her daughter is grown now and works in the small herbal shop her mother set up when she was a child. The people of the town still seem to look at them like outsiders. She'd been labeled a witch in school and never denied it. She didn't deny it when he walked in the door of the shop either...

(I'm looking for a guy to play someone with a shady past - perhaps trouble following him, a bad history, rough. Perhaps he'd seen her walking into the shop, strange occurrences around her. I will be playing her as someone with a bit of magic at her fingertips. I welcome 'darker' play with this one. Perhaps a possibility of kidnapping somewhere in the story - people of his past finding seeing him with her and taking her. Not looking for a Prince Charming. I'm looking for more of a devilish, rakish sort. Someone a little familiar with the occult would be nice, but not required.)

More inspiration?

Watching Over Eden - This can be played out a number of ways - little pop princess getting a little older, her audience becoming more obsessed until the stalkers and attempts on her life start. OR the daughter of a diplomat or Senator, a spoiled little brat who has been raised by parents who give her everything because they're never around. She enjoys slipping her security detail while in foreign countries and putting herself in increasingly dangerous situations. OR Hollywood's newest starlet, she's been in some racy little movies, shown some skin and it's boosted the 'creep factor' with her incoming fan mail and on the rope lines. Either way, she's a girl in need of a bodyguard. He takes his job seriously, hates the fact that he's been put in charge of the little hellion and she enjoys every minute of trying to tempt him, lure him and break his concentration... (I'm leaning toward spoiled pop/movie star, but I'm up for more ideas on why he's guarding her as well!)

Diplomat or Senator's daughter

Rock Star

It's Mardi Gras time!  A lust at first sight story. A masked charity ball in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter at the Bourbon New Orleans. Two people meet - no names or personal information shared and they do not see one another's faces, yet they end up spending the night together - and very little of that time sleeping. In the following days they find they can't stop thinking about one another - wondering who the other person was. He's left a phone number on a scrap of paper before disappearing in the morning, but no name. They come to find out a short time later who each other are and the similarities between them (profession).

More Inspiration

Variation on a Theme: Little Red Riding Hood - Modern day retelling of a very old fairy tale (or is it a fairy tale?). The 'Wolf' in question does NOT need to be a werewolf. The story of Little Red Riding Hood is one of a predator and his prey. She's not so innocent and she's certainly not helpless. This is a tale where kidnapping, coercion, corruption, etc may come into play.

More Inspiration

Elven Warrior - (not looking to do this story right now) Jessamyne is a half-elf and former spy and assassin for first, the Emperor and Empress until she's betrayed and left out in the cold. She picked herself up and worked freelance for the most part...and then generally against those who had betrayed her. She finds retirement to be boring and is always up for "one more job." I'm very picky with this one and I'm looking for someone to play a warrior/barbarian type king opposite her. She is sent to him to spy, to capture or kill. Instead she is caught by him.

More Inspiration

Speakeasy - This is a new one and still very fluid for me. It's based off a character I created for a group game that never got off the ground.

Her name is Justine Labeaux and she's originally from New Orleans, LA. She's new to the big city and looking for a job as a singer. She's got the voice and the looks, but she's running from her past and a heritage she hopes no one will find out about. She's living in a 3-story walk up in the Bowery at the moment - nothing special, but it's out of the cold and provides a place to lay her head at night. Her mother, Cleoma Labreaux, is a cook and owns her own restaurant back at home, courtesy of her daddy, Samuel LeBlanc, a high-profile lawyer who took the advice of putting up his mistress and child rather than word getting out about their existence. Justine is able to pass herself off as white - just a little darker complexioned than most ladies and chalks it up to her southern upbringing and being out in the sun and changes the subject (it's not polite talk anyway, so most people don't delve).

New York is a melting pot though and while trying to pass herself off as higher class, she can't help the lilt of her accent that gives her away as being from Louisiana immediately (not that she tries to hide it at all...most men seem to love it). She's got enough of her daddy's blood to be allowed to mingle with anyone in the city without question, but she's shy and reserved - prefers to watch before interacting, but sometimes her Cajun attitude boils over...

**I'm not sure where I want to go with this one yet - Perhaps a speakeasy bar, an owner of a bar looking for entertainment and in need of a singer - she's in need of work. Maybe a patron at one of the bars who comes to like her? Perhaps something different?

More Inspiration

Jewelry Heist - Looking for a law enforcement agent (FBI) that doesn't mind turning her loose - only to see if he can catch her again. Think 'To Catch A Thief' and 'The Thomas Crown Affair (newer release). Do not think Catwoman...please. I'm stuck on NYC (best for this SL) and New Orleans right now for settings - and I can get into setting - right down to street names, shops/restaurants, and landmarks. It does help if you know either city. I can play her new to the area, or your character new to it. I'm pretty flexible with plot and musings.

If you think you're up for playing the FBI agent - or if you have another idea to bounce off me, please do! I encourage input and ideas from the person I'm playing opposite!

More Inspiration

Between the Pages and the Sheets (Taken - Between The Pages And The Sheets) - Mia works in an independent bookstore in New York City, a small shop lined floor to ceiling with books. Nothing about the place is neat, but she knew where everything was placed. She's quiet, intelligent, friendly enough with the lunch-time crowd that filter in through the doorway. No one noticed the beauty of the shop, the flaking of the paint from around the windows, the way the tiny purple flowers came up through the cracks in the sidewalk underneath the boxes of books lining the front of the store outside. Lunch time was busy more often than not and when they made the most money.

It was almost the end of lunch when Mia brushed a bit of hair back behind her ear, closing the book she was reading and looked up, seeing the man in the suit, sitting in one of the old leather chairs in a corner. The air was hazy coming in through the windows outside. It illuminated the side of his face slightly, one book in his lap. She watched him a second before going to help a customer. When she returned to put her book away, he was gone. He would return daily, sit in the chair and read, drink coffee he brought in with him, or just watch her. She never approached him, but knew from that first day on when he was in the store. One day he took matters into his own hands.

(I'm looking for a Dom - a businessman, or someone who would be wearing a suit on a daily basis. Appeal to her intelligence, appeal to her innocence. She's early twenties, just out of college, long dark hair generally kept in a braid or bun, blue eyes. She's worked at the bookstore for years, she comfortable in the shop, even if she's a bit shy. She's out of her shell when talking about books, about history, about science, psychology and especially sociology. She's more the type to sit back and watch than approach to interact. I'm open for this to be a one-on-one with a possibility of his sharing her with you either playing all parts of the guys or us bringing in a third. We can work on more when I receive your PM if you're interested.) {I did start this RP with someone else - the link is at the bottom of this posting. He had to bow out due to personal issues, but I'd love to either start it up again or pick up where we left off if anyone is interested. I'd be more inclined to start over with your words...}

More Inspiration

Disavowed - Their mission was top secret. A group of five deeply undercover operatives. They would later find out they've been burned - disavowed. Their unit dissolved and they become the hunted. It is decided among them that splitting up is the only way to survive. It's been a month of running, hiding, changing identities, yet a small boy runs up to her and hands her a large envelope - within it, photos of each member of her team since they split - two of which have bold red X's through the photos. Corin spends the evening pouring over them, but there are no street signs, no business marquees, nothing to indicate where any of them were taken - yet the photographer knows the location of each. Did they all receive packets like this? She decides to seek out one of the team members. He told her once, years ago where he felt at home - where he would go to once everything was over with. It takes a while, but she finds him...and he is equally surprised to see her and the photos.

More Inspiration

The Help - A wealthy family with a trust-fund child coming of age. The parents giving him the run of one wing of the manse, along with help to keep it in order, of course. With the gift, his father tells him that the girl is owned....just like all their servants. That they live to serve the family...and understand all that it entails. While the son laughs, thinking it just another quirky phrase by his father, he starts to understand what those words mean as the days pass and he easily takes notice of the young brunette girl. She however is well aware of her teasing glances, the sight of panties under a just too-short skirt, and the result it has on him. It's not until a dinner with his parents though when he really understands his father's words - he had simply been too childish, self-absorbed and bored to really see the way his father looked at their maid, the close touch as she refilled a glass of wine, the trail of fingertips along his mother's shoulder even...

Note 1 - There does not need to be any interaction between the help and the mother if you do not wish it. There will be NO interaction between Mother/Son or Father/Son. I don't care for incest, but a mention or commenting on a threesome (or moresome) between Father/Mother/(Their) Maid is fine. The character I play will only be the Son's Maid.

Note 2 - Adapted from Itsallgoodfun when I missed out on an RP opportunity...

More Inspiration?

In Her Lens - Vanessa saw the world through a lens, the sound of her camera the background for whatever her subject was. It was a kind of isolation that took her around the world. As of late, some of the drier, sandier locals where gunfire and crumbling building bombed out by soldiers and militia alike were the norm. She had her rounds of shots, protection from malaria, yellow fever and typhoid among many others. She lived in tents and under mosquito netting, caught an hour here and there in the rubble of buildings and the often cramped and crowded airport, train and bus terminals – many times still wearing her flack jacket with the stenciled word ‘PRESS’ on the front and back of it. It wasn’t a prestigious job or one with lots of frills, but it afforded her a look into other people’s lives.

The soldiers aren’t generally her target, but there’s one that catches her lens more than a couple of times. It’s a small town and there’s only a small contingent of troops here from the US who are here as peacekeepers – digging wells, helping rebuild, and trying to garner support from locals, but still wary of roadside bombs and sniper shots, still wearing flack jackets and helmets. She catches him handing out gum to some of the kids, kicking a soccer ball around while still in his fatigues after working all day. There’s almost no news media in this little end of the bombed out earth, just one group from CNN who is just passing through – staying in the hovel of a hotel that also happens to have one of the only palatable ‘restaurants’ in the area. Sometimes she catches a shot of him walking through town with some of the other solders while sitting in one of the wood chairs in the open-air patio area drinking tea.

In the coming days the violence would turn their way, despite the war being ‘over’ and the peace-keeping mission would turn into one of defense, the few from CNN and Vanessa were allowed to seek shelter with the contingent of military in the area. The reporters were able to get a line to their company and get out of the area, but there was no room to pack Vanessa into the vehicle already packed down with camera and electrical equipment, leaving her behind with the soldiers.

Alternate: Instead of him being a soldier, another photographer perhaps? The two of them vying for the best shots? I think there's more in the soldier aspect, but I can certainly see the merit of a professional rivalry and how it would play into the story.

(Looking for someone to play the soldier that catches her eye. We can start the story from before the violence that brings them closer – maybe jumping through a little bit of time with things that happen – with what he has to do day to day and what she’s capturing through her lens. Or, after talking of course, we can start up the people from CNN and Vanessa being brought into the military area. Perhaps he’s noticed her, perhaps not. I would think it would be kinda hard not to notice her in such a place, but hey… Either way, this could be a short play or perhaps even longer. She doesn’t want to give up her job and run home, but if she’s forced to leave, maybe they find one another later. Looking for someone who may have a bit of military background to play this out (but also one who won’t be too upset if I get something wrong!! I try my best at research though!) but it’s not necessary.)

*This story was stared with someone else who 'got' what I wanted with the story - you can read what was written at the end of this post through the link - I'd possibly welcome a pick-up of where we left off as well as a total reboot.

More Inspiration

Strangers On A Train - This would be more of a one-shot than anything. A crowded train home from work - standing room only. The cars jerk and lurch as the train moves swiftly underground. Bumping into someone is more the norm than not. This evening is different though. She gets bumped back into you, the curve of her bottom pushing, rubbing that mere moment against you. "Sorry." She's holding to the shiny silver pole, long dark hair, a light blouse and a skirt. Heels. She's been at work. The train lurches again and one hand is on her waist, his other hand moving to grip the pole just above hers. He can feel her straighten slightly but she doesn't pull away. His hand is still on her - this is no longer a steadying touch. His hand, large and warm slides along her side, coming to rest over the small buttons of her blouse...

(No names, anonymous sex on a train. Repeated day after day? Same train every afternoon? Perhaps he missed the train one day, perhaps she does. If it develops into more, that's for us to decide.)

New Year's Eve (not looking to do this one right now) - A variation on my Mardi Gras story (see below), with the setting changed to New York City. They will be strangers in the beginning. It can be the crush of the crowd in the streets at Time Square, or a private party. The one overriding theme is that the ball drops, the New Year is rung in and in the excitement, in the moment - they're pushed together or turn to see one another at that moment and they simply take advantage of the time. Perhaps they've come with friends, maybe out alone - on their list of 'Things to do at least once.' Where it goes from here is dependent on our conversation. This could be a one-shot, could be something more.

Variation on a Theme: Romeo & Juliet - She fit into the club – had been raised in and around it most of her life. She knew how to dress, how to walk, how to flirt, and pour a drink. She was one of them without being one of them. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays were the only days she would go though – at least dressed like this. Thigh-high stockings, heels, a slinky little black dress that showed off the curves of her breasts, her hips, her ass, long dark hair and painted lips. Enough left to the imagination. It was one of those nights that she met him…A couple nights later though, and he was back…

“I’m looking for Niki”
“Niki?” The wide-eyes blonde looked to the other woman, statuesque, dark-skinned who simply grinned. The blonde spoke quicker though, “She doesn’t work here…she’s” At which point the other woman cut in, “What Courtney means is, Niki doesn’t normally work on Tuesdays, but she’s here…in the back. Let me go get her.” The woman cut her eyes at the blonde, trying to tell her not to say another word. They all knew Niki liked to play ‘dress up’ and hang out in the club. They almost accepted her as a sister around here. Who were they to keep him from the owner’s daughter? She was entitled to a life…

He was left at the bar with the blonde, who wisely kept her mouth shut about it. A few minutes later, Janine was back with Niki, who, when she saw him, felt the corner of her lips curl upward. So he wasn’t all talk…Interesting…Tonight her attire was a little different – tonight it was a little see-through spaghetti strap babydoll in light blue that only came to her hips and was split up the middle, showing off the white panties she wore that hugged her figure so well, a little bit of lacing holding the front together at her breasts, tied tight with a little bow, the glimmer of a piercing at her navel, and long legs bare down to white patent leather heels.

In the backroom, when Janine came to get her, her words were rushed and in a lowered tone. “Why does he think you work here? And do you know who that man is?” Why would he be in her father’s club? Why was he here on Saturday? Did he have any clue who she was?

(Yes, it's a take on Romeo & Juliet - right in the middle of a strip club. Your character would be the son of her father's competition. Both children growing up in the 'family business,' no stranger to the money, drugs and guns. She has a bit of an upper hand, now finding out who he is - he just thinking she's a stripper working in the club. I'd like to start the story with Saturday night and him finding her in the club just to see what happens between them and then skip ahead to the Tuesday when he comes back in to pick it up. Where it goes from here is up to us both - I have no set agenda or plans, so what he's doing in the club is an actual question for both of them...)

More Inspiration

Inheriting the Land - Daniella was the oldest of her father's two girls, named after him as well - Daniel Fairington. Her mother had long since past and now Daniella was taking care of not only the house, the land and the animals, but her little sister as well. She's in need of help around the ranch. The men have slowly quit - walked away from the job because they don't think she's worthy of being their boss. The house is starting to show signs of wear and tear, broken hinges, peeling paint. The fences surrounding the ranch have gone unmended. Daniella can only keep up with so much on her own. She decides to put up a help wanted request in the local supply store and see what happens.

More Inspiration

Teacher's Distraction - He had a life outside teaching, one he didn't talk about in school. Those outside knew he was a teacher, but not that he was a college professor. She was late for class and he had...strict...rules. No one was to enter his class after the door was closed. She skidded to a halt down the corridor. Her car had broken down and she was late. The door was closed. Damn it...Nadia hiked her bag from her shoulder, crouched and pulled out a pen and paper. She had a paper to turn in today and she couldn't afford to not be able to turn it in. Maybe he would understand. She wrote out a couple of lines on the paper apologizing for missing class, the broken down car and everything and walked to his office, folding it and sliding it under the door. About to walk away, she looked back. Would he see her note? Would he miss it? She still needed to turn in her paper...

There wasn't a chance the door was...It was...The handle twisted in her grasp and it opened easily. The office was dark except for the glow of his computer screen. Nadia closed the door behind herself and walked in slowly, toward his desk. She could leave her paper, along with the note and be gone. She pulled out the blue folder, sliding it onto the desktop. Curiosity killed the kitty though....She glanced at the screen. 'Chapter 12 - Punishment Became Her' There were only two paragraphs written - he was writing a novel. She slid into his chair, her fingertips sliding over the mouse, the document scrolled upward, all the way to the beginning and she started to read - she had a little less than an hour to kill at this point.

The more she read...mmm...her professor was writing smut. Good smut. She licked her lips and kept scrolling, a glance toward the door and them to the clock and she slid a hand down along her thigh. Really....good smut...

And then it changed...his main character took to spanking, hair pulling, cuffing the girl in the unfinished novel, collaring her...Nadia wasn't innocent, but really? Her professor? She worried her bottom lip with the edge of her teeth as her fingers slid higher and there was another glance to that clock. There was enough time...just enough time...She kept reading, breathing quickening until just the softest little cry left her. Green eyes closed and she arched back into his chair, toes curling in her shoes.
When she finally opened her eyes again...Damn it, class would be over by now. She had to get out of here...Nadia jumped up and grabbed her bag, opening the door slightly to glance out into the hallway. There were already students leaving the other classrooms, streaming out into the corridor. She fixed her skirt, opened the door and left, pulling it closed tight behind herself, blending in with the rest of the people rushing off to their next classes.

A teacher/student story line. He returns to his office, finds her papers, the note. He knows she's been there. He knows she read the novel he's working on. She decides to tease him and he decides to ignore her, until he can't any longer....He knows what he wants and she's, well...she's a student for one. Second, who's to say she had any clue about his lifestyle...Could she learn though?

More Inspiration

Variation on a Theme - Goldilocks - My first thought with this one was fairy tale inspired - Goldilocks. How to incorporate the '3 Bears' though? Should I? Is she simply an errant little child who runs off and gets into trouble at every turn, no consequences as of yet keeping her from growing up into an equally rebellious young woman. Is it the home of 3 brothers (with the last name perhaps, of Bar - German for Bear) she breaks into - perhaps looking for shelter during a storm, her knock on the door resulting in no response - her 'crimes' are never really and truly intentional, and there she is caught? Is there something more 'otherworldly' about them - more wolf in man's skin than bear? When she runs, they have fun chasing her down?

(I'm looking for one person, adept at playing multiple roles. You'll be playing all three brothers. I welcome discussion on the story - The idea is pretty rough and is my only multiple-partner RP)

very not safe for work - a little something along the lines of what I'm looking for...

Yes, there are technically 5 people in the first picture, but you only see the hand of the fifth - I simply love the photo...

More Inspiration

The Amati Violin - Michael watched her from a balcony seat. He could pick out the sound of her violin among the other four. There was something different – mournful…a depth of soul the others simply didn’t have. Something that called to him – as if she was playing just for him. He watched her intently – the dark flow of her hair over a shoulder, the way her body moved with the rhythm and flow of the music. Her eyes were closed and he was too far away to tell the color, but he knew they would be finally worthy enough to see the violin locked away for years. Many years.

It was old, a masterpiece and possibly the last of its kind, locked away in a case, kept conditioned by his own hands, just as his father before him had, and his father before that. The fading scrap of paper that lay inside the case was in Italian. The words would be lost forever in a few years with age and humidity, but the men in the family knew the words by heart. It really should have been donated to a museum long ago, but they simply could never do it. The threat of what would happen to the familial line was just too great.

The song ended and another one began. They played as one, but always, he could pick her out. Her posture near perfect, the soft material falling over her legs, just the toe of her heels peeking out from beneath the gown, every so often tapping on the wooden stage lightly or her knee seen moving in time. He caught every movement. It was her. It had to be… 

There had to be a way to see her, meet her after the concert was over. He had to have her.

(The Amati violin seems to find it’s way to being placed into the hands of the woman who would wed the only male offspring of the family. Each generation only has one child – a son. There is something they feel or can tell about the woman who will become their wife. The threat of the wrong woman playing, handling the violin – possibly breaking it, breaking a string or the bow means the end of the Amati line. Is she truly the one? What if she doesn’t want the path he sets before her though? Rebels? Runs from him? What would he resort to to keep the family line going? Would she fall in love or would it be an eternal struggle?)

More Inspiration

Caged - I had a dream as a child of women in 'zoo-type' exhibits (yes, the naughty-ish dreams were prevalent then too lol) where they were kept as men would walk through, looking for a companion/wife. The cage could be larger than pictured, the thoughts of the poem 'I know why the caged bird sings' come to mind as well. The cage could be a huge room even, where shes locked every evening for safe keeping. As for the direction, the setting (from medieval to futuristic to complete fantasy), intention - everything, would be up to us to hammer out together.

More Inspiration

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M}
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~Retired Stories~
(unless you can convince me otherwise...)

Digging Up the Past - Marisala is a University student on a trip to South America to work for the school's leading professor and archaeologist on his newest dig. What they find will change the way the world sees the people and history of the area, or so the professor has led the university to believe. He's been selling artifacts for years through black market outlets by overseeing the pack-up and the unpacking of crates shipped home and doctoring the manifests. This time though, the discovery would be a little more interesting, they will discover proof of a 'fertility/sex cult' of sorts, complete with toys - ancient toys, that the professor will actually find lives up to inscriptions on temple walls and tales told in the area - that the toys still hold the same kind of power they did hundreds of years ago. He decides to try out his newly refound artifact on Mari after a night of celebration over their discoveries (or - for added drama, after she catches him in the midst of selling artifacts) (On an alternate take, instead of playing a university student, I could instead play a writer who doesn't believe in any of the superstition and tales of the area and in fact hates that she has been sent to the far corners of the earth to do a story about some old broken pottery and people who sacrificed each other in the name of their gods in the middle of a hot, humid jungle. Think of her as more condescending and obnoxious, confrontational with yours who eventually becomes a believer after pushing him a little too far one night)

For this one, please expect a bit of magic, superstition, hallucination, visions, etc to play into the story.

More Inspiration

Take It From Me - (This story will be more of a power play game.) Jordan Cassidy...With a name like that is there any doubt her father wanted a boy? She was rough and tumble – from a family filled with boys. She has six brothers, all older and quite protective, even though she’s shown she can hold her own in nearly every situation growing up. Tomboy, throwing rocks, fishing. No make up, no kissing, no dresses. Not until she hit high school did she start to become aware of herself, her body, as well as her acute interest in hurting people who showed any weakness… ’Chewing them up and spitting them out’ as opposing counsel once commented before shaking their head and walking away. It seemed only natural for her to go into some kind of law enforcement type job…and well, being a lawyer pays better than being a cop…

She’s now older, a lawyer with a large firm in Chicago. No one in the office knows about her predilections. None there have ever seen her in those leather boots – though she has seen several lawyers from other firms and a couple of judges as well as high level government officials and business men within the local club she so infrequently visits during those times she simply has to get away, to let loose. Ironic that it takes her becoming even more dominant to let loose…None have been stupid enough to acknowledge who she is – the tables can always be turned on them.

While working a sub over seems to be her thing, Jordan is more often bored by it - always on the lookout for a man who can push her limits and take that power she wields away from her. She’s met men who have been quick to say how easy it would be for them. None have lived up to the challenge. She’s choosy with her ‘relationships’ and they are never taken public. She’s on a path toward bigger and better things and the public finding out she’s keen with a crop doesn’t play into her plans.

(Note…This is only my second ‘dominant’ character I’ve ever played. I was told I did a pretty good job with the first, and I think I’ll try again…This is still new territory for this submissive who’s oh so curious so there will probably be a bit of talking beforehand to hammer out details.)

More Inspiration

Gypsy Love - Julietta was raised in a circus family, her parents, Romani,  running an acrobatics group, but her own talent was in reading fortunes, most specifically, tarot cards. I've left the possibilities of meeting endless - we could change things to a renaissance faire and still keep it modern, or perhaps even turn back the clock and do this more of a fantasy/medieval time frame with a simple gypsy encampment. Your character could be a drifter looking for work at the circus, a performer, someone who simply comes into her tent looking for a reading. (I put a lot of work into this one character and a LOT of background for the circus. If you know nothing about the circus (and you have access to Netflix), I do recommend the documentary 'Circus' to help with background. It will show you how people live, work, and travel.)

More Inspiration

Clarimonde -
A storyline based loosely on La Morte Amoureuse by Theophile Gautier. This is NOT a slutty Catholic Schoolgirl story, NOR is it a Slutty Nun or Perverted Priest story. Do NOT message me about turning it into one of those. I will not respond back to you - I will simply assume you don't know how to read, therefore, well, you don't know how to write either. That being said, onto the plot...

Ranauld is a newly ordained priest - barely able to take his vows on the day he sees the woman in the church. She seems disappointed when he takes his vows and leaves in the middle of the ceremony. This is the first time he sees her. He's devout - always has been - to the point where the older priest who sponsors him, Serapion, even tells him not to pray so very much... There is a parish in need of a priest. It is in a remote area of France with very few parishioners. He arrives there with Serapion and it is there he learns that the last priest to work here killed himself - hung himself more precisely. He is
left there with an older woman who takes care of the church - cleans, sweeps, cooks for him, etc, named Barbara. Other than that, he is alone - left to his own devices. He must gather and cut his own firewood, bathe in cold water, be alone for most of his days - not quite what the young man had in mind when he joined the priesthood, but he is determined to make things work. He begins to dream of the same woman who sat in the church, watching him with a soft frown as he said his vows. Long dark hair and dark eyes to match and in his dreams she lures him away, away from his parish, his flock and his beliefs. Clarimonde lures him with her body and a promise of better things than what God can give him.

She's not quite what she seems and the priest - unsure of why he is dreaming of her is pushed to the edge of reason, the edge of sanity, tossing and turning during his dreams and coated in a sheen of sweat. He spends his days and nights thinking about her - instead of God and his parish. The other woman in the church - Barbara, can hear him call out the woman's name during the middle of the night, though she acts as if she doesn't hear or see anything strange. Instead, when things seem to be repeating themselves once more, she sends for Father Serapion to come and take matters in hand - finally telling him about the prior priest and why he killed himself...and who Clarimonde is.

More Inspiration

Variation on a Theme - Cinderella - (Not looking to do this one right now) Since I came onto E back in Jan. I've always said I'm NOT looking for a Prince Charming....well...Now I am - sort of.  I've twisted the story of Cinderella. I need a Prince just as twisted. I'm not looking for her to be 'rescued' in the traditional sense.

Meet Ella de Lyon~

Her father died when she was only a year old, her mother, Andrea de Lyon when she was only fourteen, after many years of illness – and after remarrying Baron de Evry who had two daughters of his own. Life was fine while her mother was still alive. After she died, her stepfather made her life hell - physically and mentally. She handled all the housework, the cooking and cleaning, as well as attending to her stepfather’s disturbing ideas after his own two girls went off to bed. This kept up for the next five years…

She couldn’t stand it any longer and ended up killing her stepfather in a fit of rage, stabbing him with a kitchen knife the morning after being beaten for not finishing the housework. Her stepsisters – not hearing what went on in the lower levels of the house, went about the rest of their morning without knowing their father lay dead in the kitchen. Ella went upstairs and tied them up – one at a time. She wanted to torture them – for all she had gone through under the hand of their father, but simply couldn’t. She knew if she was caught, she would be jailed, if not killed for the murder of her stepfather. She didn’t need to add her stepsisters to the tally.

Tonight would be the masked ball. She had never had any interest in anything or anyone royal – she had simply been too busy with housework and too many problems with her more than dysfunctional stepfamily. She now had her choice of what to wear – with everything her stepsisters had, yet she would need none of it. She found a trunk hidden away in the back of her stepfather’s closet and in it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. It was folded with a pair of shoes that were embellished with pearls and gems. There was a pouch of jewelry – earrings and a necklace, as well as delicate lace gloves. She found her oldest stepsister’s mask and with a bit of craftiness, changed it enough to go with her gown. She was late arriving…

That evening, after she left, her stepsisters were able to free themselves and they found their father lying on the kitchen floor – right where Ella left him, in a pool of his own blood. The authorities were brought to the house and the girls told them where to find Ella – at the castle, attending the ball with their invitation.

The clock struck midnight and palace guards came streaming in. She was soon arrested – taken right from the prince’s arms as they danced to muted music out on the balcony, only one of the shoes she wore left behind from the struggle she put up.

They had danced for a good amount of the night without knowing who each other were – just that they had taken notice of one another when she walked outside onto one of the balconies. He had been looking out over the grounds, just the moonlight lighting up the intricate gardens below.

He didn’t know what she had done. He only knew that the woman he had been dancing with was being hauled down to the dungeons of the castle. He would only find out the truth by seeking her out in the dungeons – and getting past his father’s guards.

She’s not your average delicate girl of the times. Her body has scars from the ill-treatment of her stepfather. She knows hard work – chipped and broken nails, cuts and bruises, and she’s used to collapsing at the end of the night, just this side of broken. She isn’t soft-spoken, she isn’t gentle. She only knows of refinement from what she saw in her stepsisters and what she remembered as a child of her mother.

No pumpkins, no fairy godmother, no mice or whistling bluebirds. No magical carriage or going back to 'normal' after midnight. At midnight her world does come to an end though (so to speak). Where the story picks up is up to us to figure out (from the onset of her arrival at the ball, from her going out onto the balcony, from her being dragged away, or from him coming to see her down in the dungeon, which is what the picture depicts, or some other spot).

More Inspiration
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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M}
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-- Group Games --

After The Storm - It was an exclusive tropical island paradise. It was also the middle of hurricane season. It was hot, humid, and people sipped drinks from tall glasses garnished with pieces of fruit around the expensive little resort. The private island in the middle of the Caribbean had withstood many storms over the years, but none like this. The guests at Little Shell Cay were people of notoriety - actors, musicians, authors, artists. They were kept busy by the extra-curricular activities on the island - snorkeling, diving, dancing, sunning themselves, and more. There was a small main hotel plus beach bungalows and glamping for those who wanted the almost camping experience. There was no television here (Though there were screening rooms and flat screens in every room that showed movies with the press of a button), which kept people cut off from the happenings of the real world - no news, no stocks or business information, no seeing yourself on one of those awful tabloid shows. No internet, no wi-fi, no texting or social media. No paparazzi were allowed either, which made it even more inviting for people trying to escape the tabloids or recover from some nip & tuck. It was one of the few places left in the world people could go to and be off the grid for a little while - leave their worries and troubles behind - if you had enough money.

One day the sky turns gray, then black, the swirling clouds and rougher ocean signaling a coming storm. It doesn't just blow over during the evening though, instead, increasing in intensity as the hurricane approaches. Over the next day the guests at the resort are pounded by rain, sand and debris. When the storm finally clears, the destruction of the storm becomes apparent. Part of the hotel has collapsed inward. There are people dead and injured. People washed away out into the ocean when the tide rose and broke through the sliding glass doors. It is up to those who have survived the storm to try to sort through the mess and make their way out. 

As an addition to the hurricane, I'm thinking about a plot twist with a murder being covered up during the damage of the storm. I'm loose on the specifics of the murder - the whys and hows. The longer they are on their own on the island, the closer to danger each one gets with the murder being discovered for what it is. Someone on the island is a killer...

More Inspiration

The Show -

Kidnapped. Off the street, from the safety of your home, during a break at work, leaving the bar after a long day. Missing. Some gone days, weeks, months...even years. Men and women. No one type - all colors, creeds, backgrounds, etc. They are all a part of The Show now. When a new arrival is dropped onto the set, any clothing they had on when they were abducted is gone. The drugs wear off, limbs heavy and head fuzzy, you're greeted by a producer - a quick synopsis of why you are here - to get paid; and not a mention of when you get to leave, who is watching or anything more.

People are watching though. Your objective. Earn money. The way to do this? Sex. The set is filled with scantily clad and naked men and women, most in the midst of sexual encounters - alone, in pairs, in groups. Different rooms, staged sets, steamy showers where the object of the exercise doesn't seem for anyone to get clean, lounge rooms, bedrooms, pools and more. The place is sprawling and each with multiple cameras - the rich watching - tipping you for your more naughty of endeavors. As you earn money, clothing can be bought, food, better sleeping arrangements. Half the day is spent on the set, the rest, away from the cameras - a large home filled with extravagance and luxury, but still, you are captive. On set no one talks about leaving, escaping or getting out. No one complains. Those who do...don't last long.

The rare instance happens though, when an enamored viewer with enough money decides no one else can watch the one they want...their object of lust is bought and paid for, shipped out to their new owner. The rest keep playing...

{This is a group game. Just getting the idea for it up. Not looking to open it up right now.}

More Inspiration

Masked * - The idea for this is rough and taken mostly from the picture. It is available for a group or for a single player with a voyeuristic side...

A masked ball, with each toll of the hour passing, the women at the party must take a piece of clothing off. At midnight the doors to a much larger, secretive room are opened...The dungeon has opened for the evening.

The party would be invite only - a mansion atop a hill. Gated, beautiful gardens. During the daylight hours the house is filled with sunshine through large windows, the heavy curtains pulled aside and tied back. The evenings, however...That is what the house is known for...The elusive owner, mostly rumor mixed with speculation with a dash of outrageous thrown in for good measure, opens his house several times a year for a lavish celebration. People come dressed in their finest clothing. The invites are different for the women than for the men though - clearly outlining the rules of the party - the expectations, what is to be worn and not worn, etiquette, as well as what will happen come the morning hours.

It is not just the guests that are there for the party - the staff is as well. Maids and waitresses in ever-disappearing uniforms moving in and out of the crowds and rooms. They are there to be seen - not unseen as normal 'help' might be. They are not off-limits during the party.

The invitation: Different in color from a man to a woman. Each has the name of the recipient. They alone will be allowed entry. You cannot bring anyone unless they too are listed on the invitation. Man are to wear a tuxedo. A mask is required. It is to be kept on throughout the evening unless circumstances call for it to be removed. Ladies...Dress in your finest, though know, you will be required to remove one piece of clothing at the top of each passing hour. A mask is not required. Each guest is provided a room for the evening. There is staff available to meet your needs should you forget or require anything.

The house: Large is an understatement. No rooms are off limits except the dungeon which opens at midnight. The grounds are also available and will be in use throughout the evening. A large ballroom will be set up with drinks and food, the immediate backyard set up with white lanterns for a bit of light, furniture or lounging and waitresses with drinks and d'oeuvres. A library with a well stocked bar and comfortable leather couches, a billiard room, formal and informal dining rooms and kitchens - all available to fill your every need and want. Dark wood furniture, large staircases, heavy curtains and glossy wood floors finish out the look of the estate.

The dungeon: Much like all the other rooms of the house, this one is tastefully done up - as much as a sexual playspace can be. Low lights, dark wood furniture, black leather and eggplant purple walls. There is a St. Andrews Cross against the wall, a number of leather padded tables and kneeling benches with restraint points all around them, a shibari/rigging frame and an assortment of colorful ropes ranging from smooth and silky to rough and sadistic, a whipping platform area with a sturdy suspension link perfect for predicament ties, a number of large beds complete with canopy frame and restraint points as well as a rather lush padded open bedding area for larger groups, several sybian ramps and a table with restraints especially made for the machine set up in front of it with a variety of attachments within a handy drawer beside it, and a water play/torture area. There is also an assortment of tools, toys and more all at the guest's disposal.

Are you the guest? Are your the reclusive owner of the estate? Do you wish to play more than one character?

More Inspiration

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M}
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Picture Inspirations - 'There's a story here...I know it...' (Anything with a * is new!)

The Heiress

Running With Wolves

His Angel

Asleep In A Fairy Tale

Medieval Maiden

Rough Around the Edges

Come Overboard

Slave Girl

Sleeping Beauty

Renaissance Muse


Reflecting Pool

The Roaring 20's




Broken Down

Roughing It


I've been thinking about a kidnapping storyline lately. This photo is an example. Something dark, dirty and depraved. Definitely NC but perhaps a play with Stockholm Syndrome as well.



Mirror Images

A take on Dorian Gray? The reflection is older, different, distorted. Is she another race masquerading as human? How long will her attempt to fit in last? Does the magic vanish? Is she cursed or just the opposite?

Party Favor

It's the Christiansen's turn to throw the weekly party. The couple hosting are always the party favors - the focus of attention of the two neighboring couples invited over in this little spot of Stepford. Good jobs, well-to-do, faces in the community - kinky exhibitionist swingers behind the closed doors of their three large homes.

Work of Art

Living Doll

I'm not so sure about this one, but the picture is intriguing in a sad and beautiful way

No Name

Rivals (threesome)

Ransom (NC)

The Artist


Pandora's Box

The Aerialist


Snow White*

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M}
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Story Prompts

These are for me as much as any one else - story prompts I've found interesting. I'm matching the idea with a picture(s) if possible to get the ideas going for me. If they spark an idea for you, great! If you wanna come play, even better!

~Someone drops their wallet on the street. You pick it up and are about to return it, but you notice it contains a surprising photograph.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~She bent to smell the lone rose, and when she straightened, the world was different.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~If we were all forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?
~You live in a world in which you can buy bottled emotions.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~According to some old myths, birth marks show where you were killed in your past life.

~At birth everyone has the date they will die tattooed on their body. You were supposed to die yesterday.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~It was just a job. Three years of watching her and maybe a little part of me fell in love with her, because I wished she knew who I was...and I hoped she'd never know I existed. Until she did...
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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Current RPs (as of 9/4/2016)
Between the Pages and the Sheets with That One Guy
Prisoner of Santos with Oberon
Claimed with Damien

Older Threads:
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Watching Over Eden with Damien
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Variation On A Theme: Cinderellla with Marauder13
The Amati Violin with Oberon
The Teacher's Distraction with CorruptingPower
Variation On A Theme: Goldilocks with Sabre
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The Slave Queen with Inkidu
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Variation On A Theme: Romeo & Juliet with HeavenAbove
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Clarimonde with Oberon
Digging Up The Past with Ebb
Variation on a Theme: Goldilocks with Rogued1
In Her Lens with Wannabe
The Teacher's Distraction with EnglishMaster
Inheriting The Land with James2612
To Catch A Thief with BadBadHarvey
Watching Over Eden with Darkcide
Take It From Me with Echoes
When Little Red Met The Big Bad Wolf with Mordred
Bred for Beauty with Umbral
Variation On A Theme: Cinderella with WalkingKnightmare
In Her Lens with Dirigible
Daddy's Little Girl with KalebHyde
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The Aria of Legacy with WithIntent
Gypsy Love with dapoet
Disavowed with Valentinian
A Thief and Her Agent - A New Beginning (a pick up of Jewelry Heist) with Kristin
A Darker Cinderella with AdrianZef
One More Job with ThatRPGuy
The Pinned Bombing with jcsimpson
Prisoner with Tiberius
Witch's Spell with Hokum
Wanted: Ranch Hand with SciFiSpectacle
AlternateLife © with Tinus
The History Teacher's Secret with Xajow
Jewelry Heist with Napanee

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Updated, fixed broken links.

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Bumping - looking for one or two more. Looking preferably for an F/F story as well as the Prisoner, Marked, and Up for a Game of Poker storylines. I could also be enticed to start up Inheriting the Land or In her Lens. Let em know what your thoughts are. I really am looking for one F/F story though. I'm simply not sure what the story behind it might be. I'm not looking for a mistress or to become anyone else's mistress, no BDSM story between them, etc.

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Bumping once more. I've added Story Prompts with a few pictures, but still working on that area. Looking for maybe one or two more stories to start up. Seriously looking to start up Prisoner again. Looking for an Alpha male who can give up some power for a little while only to take it back. Must be willing to take some torture (ok...maybe a lot of torture). I'm not looking for anyone breaking the bonds they're locked in immediately.

Also Marked, In Her Lens and Inheriting the Land are good possibilities. Also an F/F (lipstick only and not looking for a mistress, sorry) - I'm just not sure what a story line might be for it. No BDSM with the F/F story.

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Bumping again - some of my stories have slowed with the holidays coming up. I'm up to possibly opening up for one or two more - same as the last message.

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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added a new storyline, cleaned up a bit

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Added Lightning Rod, cleaned up a bit

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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Added Madeline's bake shop

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Re: Julietta's Request Thread {F for M or F}
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