F Seeking M or F For Long And Short Term Stories

Started by tozhma, April 07, 2014, 02:31:40 AM

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I have a few RP's I'm interested in. I prefer strong masculine men, ideally mixing tenderness with control, but that's not all I like ;) I'm open to lots of scenes and settings, but strongly prefer modern. I can do Sci-Fi, though it's not my fave, but I am willing to work for our mutual satisfaction. Definitely check my O/O though, that's pretty mandatory. I'm quite interested in exploring other kinks and fantasies, as well as my own, so please don't be shy.

The "Short vs Long" sections are just guidelines btw, not rules. Some scene ideas include...

Long, and Passionate

1) The sunny good natured girl at the office finds herself the object of her coworker's desire, as he continually dotes on and flirts with her. Bashful at first, after many long glances, and chance encounters, she lets him coax her into going to dinner and he soon finds that she does a lot more than just kiss on the first date and has another side he never expected...

2) She was the queen bee in high school, and he the alpha male. Naturally, they made the perfect couple. As school ended they went their separate ways, and the vicissitudes of life took their toll. Now, years later, a chance encounter has brought them back together again, and with the help of curiosity, sparks begin to fly.

3)  She was once a wild child, though eventually settled into a stable suburban life. Now, her daughter is back from college and dating a dangerous rebel, but she has other ideas for him (Can also be short one shot)

4) There is a new CEO in charge of your organization, and she's not in the mood for any bullshit. 
5) College Days. This is part of a longer story I've been plotting out in my spare time with multiple OC's, but it's gotten kind of out of hand as it has too many narratives intertwining for it to really work as one coherent whole. Basically I have a number of college/university scenarios we could talk about play through, or even just characters to work with. I would probably approach this from more of a writing workshop end than other roleplays, but I'm still flexible with your ideas and what you bring to the table.

Short and Hot

1) A visit to the doctor's office for some physical therapy soon turns naughty when she finds he has other ideas for today's session.

Alternatively: I'd be interested in trying 1 in a rehab setting with a heavy BDSM twist.

2) Passengers on a train car go from exchanging social niceties, to stolen glances, to much more as day stretches on.

3) She is a slut working for the highest bidder, and he is a wealthy executive with the money to make her do whatever he wants.

4) He is her strict professor, and she uses pity, feigned innocence, and playing dumb to get what she wants, but he is tired of her games and is going to teach her a lesson she'll never forget. 
5) In the Dungeon - Pretty standard BDSM scene. We can build to it with a story (mind control, extortion, etc.) or just simply start in the dungeon. Only looking for tops/doms, though I could be open to a situation where we switch off if you like.

If you have any ideas for these, I'm open to a lot more than what is written here. Just PM me, and we'll talk! :)