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Author Topic: I'm So In Over My Head I've Learned to Breath In It (D/s, MxM, Corrpution)  (Read 834 times)

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No contact info in the public sections, please - Staff

Greetings Earthlings.

I'm here searching for a roleplay.

My first preference will always be male x male.

However, I will consider any and all gender combinations.

Trans, androgynous and intersexed characters are always quite welcome, paired with anyone. Female x female is also an option. If you want male x female, as cliche as the following statement may be; you're going to have to convince me, with an exceptional idea.

As a writer, I do prefer plot before smut, but why not have both? All I ask is that you contribute approximately as much as I do to the storyline, coming up with twists and such.   I will gladly play a more submissive or more dominant character to meet your desires. I do favor playing as a switch, but it is all debatable.


Corruption, intimidation, rivalry, training, body mods,D/s, rough sex, "straight" guys, mental instability, psychosis, criminality and the dark underbelly of society are just a few elements I enjoy incorporating.   

Drug use and Needles:
This is one of my personal kinks, love it. This can be consensual or forced.

Corruption / Loss of Innocence:
One character is way more twisted, less morally inclined, more far gone.

"Straight" guys:
One or both of the characters is in denial about their attraction to other men. Can include blackmail and Non Con. 

Mental instability / Psychosis:
A very interesting aspect for me. I can assure you that none of my characters would be considered "normal" or neurotypical, assuming you had any way of knowing what was going on inside their heads.  I enjoy playing as and with a character who is anywhere on the spectrum from mild impulsive behavior and recklessness to full blown Schizophrenia and hallucinatory delusions. Antisocial personalities (sociopaths) are also captivating.
Body Mods:
Tattoos, piercings, scarification, burns. Most of my characters will be modified in some way, at least tattooed. Not into castration/emasculation at all though.

Collar and Leash


A more lengthy list of possible pairings and plotlines will be forthcoming.

Here are some ideas. They are phrased using a male x male catalyst, but this can be changed around.

Plot Sparks

My Master's Master

Although he had once been a kinky, active switch, he has become complete slave to his Master. Since his kidnapping, he has become his Master's favorite, the one he visits the most. It seems like he might never be sold, and he feels that his Master really loves him, really wants him. He doesn't want to escape anymore.
After 2 years, he feels this was all he had ever been meant to do, all that had ever really mattered in his life. This was his calling in life, and he would do his best. One day, his Master tells him he has a new job, a mission. He is to go out and find new boys and girls for the market, more fresh meat to be pulverized and sold to the highest bidder. He complies, excited to be allowed to be out in the world again, a tracking chip in his hand, but he almost feels free, almost....he brings fresh meat back to his Master, tricking the teens (16+) with drugs, video games and sometimes, a chance to sleep inside. But then he meets our Second Main Character, who is a completely insubordinate, aggressive, drug using, alcoholic punk. He takes him back to his Master, but after the night is through, his Master punishes him severely for bringing him this man. He tells him that our Second Main Character is now his responsibility to train, his pet, his charge. Of course, our Second Main Character is adamant about convincing the Sub to let him go....we can discuss who will play the Second Main Character, the original Slave, and the Master, as well as any additional characters we may want to add.

Hurtin Bad
An addict is hurting and needs to get his fix. In the past few months, ever since he started using every day (heroin or meth, or both),  is life has gone steadily downhill. He lost his friends, his job, and finally his apartment. The only person left for him to turn to is his dealer. His dealer is a depraved individual, who seizes the opportunity to break and train the addict, making him into his own personal pet/slave.

His life has been miserable, and it just keeps getting worse. He is a throwaway person, a castout, not even worth the love of his own parents. He is an abandoned teenager (16 or older), forced to leave his religious family when he came out to his father. Fearing the stories he'd heard at school about foster homes, he ran away, ending up in a big city, a massive contrast to his tiny backwoods hometown.

Depressed, homeless, lost, alone and ashamed, he falls into a spiral of drug use and wildly promiscuous sex. He can't get enough of the injections, be they of meth, heroin, special k, pcp or cum, he just wants to feel something. Just needs something to make him feel whole. His desire to live is fading away and his desire to party has overwhelmed any sensible judgment he had in the first place.

He progresses into intense bug chasing, seeking out HIV infected partners to give him "the gift". He just wants to belong somewhere. And he knows he's going to get it no matter what he does...might as well make it memorable, make it beautiful.

(This can go several ways. One possibility is that) a Dom encounters him at a sex party/club and decides to take matters into his own hands. He strikes up a conversation with the bugchaser, and he can see that this kid his going to get himself infected, and find that he is still utterly alone.  He kidnaps the bugchaser and tortures him, intending to show him what pain really is, what agony really feels like. Life is precious, and he wants this gorgeous, unappreciative kid to see what he has taken for granted. He's well intentioned at the core....but sadistic and brutal, to prove his point.

The Mind of a Monster
For almost three years, various and varied law enforcement agencies have been hunting for a twisted serial killer who has been preying on young men and women. When they finally catch up with him, he suffers serious head trauma and slips into a coma. The previous night he'd captured another victim and set them up in one of his infamous slow death chambers, which may kill the victim by drowning, asphyxiation, or some other means.

There is a process, a highly experimental process that enables one person to enter the mind or unconscious reality of another person. It has only been used in therapeutic applications as of yet, but the FBI decides that it may be their only hope of freeing this last victim before it is too late.

Who will be the brave individual entering the mind of this killer? Is he a psychologist, a social worker, an FBI agent? Or could he be one of the killer's previous victims, one of the "lucky" ones who was released? Perhaps this victim is seen as the only one who could possibly reach this madman, since for whatever reason, he was not killed by him.

I would be willing to play either character for this scenario, though I am leaning towards playing the victim character. 
(This idea is based on the movie "The Cell".)

Stay With Me Forever
He has too much free time, too many twisted thoughts, and too many impulsive urges, to hold himself back for much longer...he tries not to do it too often, because that's how even some of the best have been captured. And unlike some of those before him, he has no deep seated desire to be caught and, he'd like to continue on with his little journey for as long as he can possibly draw it out.
His mind collapsing rapidly, yet still holding a superior intellect to the majority of his prey, he waits, he scopes it out, holding himself back, until he happens upon the most perfect specimen....
(A serial killer stalks and kidnaps his newest victim. He becomes captivated by this man, and they develop a bizarre relationship. Perhaps the victim is actually far more depraved and calculating than the serial killer would have ever guessed, or he is simply intellectually and philosophically stimulating (or both). This can also develop into....)

A Serial killer and His Protégé
He always wanted to...but he never could have conceived of how to really go about it...

You're Living in a Fantasy World
A teenager (16 or older) is sent to an inpatient mental health facility due to a recent suicide attempt. There he meets a kid who he can actually relate to, who understands him....a friend. This other boy suffers from delusions, psychotic episodes and has created an entire alternate reality in his mind. From here it can go one of two ways; either the boy is truly mentally unhinged, or the things he sees and hears are real, inhabitants of another dimension that is bleeding into our own......

Man's Best Friend
A young man, questioning the meaning of life and the purpose of his own existence, growing weary of his job and college, decides to adopt a handsome dog from the local pound. He knew he wanted that dog the moment he saw him, his huge green eyes and expectant stare...after a few days, the dog takes off his mask and reveals who he truly is. He is a shapeshifter, a 7 foot tall bipedal canine in his true form, and he wants this human to accompany him to his own realm/planet/dimension to help him with an extremely difficult task. It has been determined that the human comprehension, the human understanding of emotions is essential to solving the problem of this Dog's people. Perhaps they face a human foe.....will the human go with his new best friend into an unfamiliar world? Does he have a choice?

Carried Away
He has become a criminal, a neglected child who ran away from the foster care system into a life of robberies, muggings, petty theft and drugs. He travels from city to city to avoid running into anybody twice. He's careful about who he deals with....until he finds himself in possession of a gun. Then he gets cocky and egotistical, the weapon giving him a false sense of invulnerability. He attempts to rip off the wrong person and gets seriously fucked over.

The man he made the mistake to mess with is extremely well connected, not some penniless mess like the street kid with the piece. He could be a serial killer, a psychopathic rich Dom, or connected with the human sex slave trade. Regardless, he overpowers or outsmarts the hoodlum and captures him. He intends to force the other to submit and get all those stupid ideas of superiority out of his head.

Feel free to suggest ANY plots, pairings, or ideas.

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Large update.
I added a lot of new information.
I added some elaborations on the kinks I listed and added some more kinks.
I added storyline descriptions for most of my pairing ideas.

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New plot added - Mind of a Monster. I really, really want to try this one out!!!

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SEVERAL new plots added, as well as an F-List.  O8)

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Carried away sounds interesting!

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Hurting Bad sounds like a lot of fun. :)

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I added a new plot  :o