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Author Topic: Corvus's Creations  (Read 5549 times)

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Corvus's Creations
« on: April 02, 2014, 10:14:00 pm »

Sci-Fi Characters

Bostic, James N. - 2nd Lieutenant

Callsign: Oscar Two Bravo
Nickname: BOSS
Born: Dardanus, Kale, Troy
Gender: M
Age: 37 –(b. 08/22/2515)

Role: Squad Leader
Blood type: O-
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Weight: 87kg (192 lbs)

Rating: O2
Unit: 66th MEF, 6th Shock Troops Battalion, Echo Company, 1st Platoon, Delta Squad
Service number: 97017-38542-JB
Enlistment date: 03/01/2533

Primary Weapon: BR55HB SR
Secondary Weapon: M90 Mk I CAW Shotgun
Tertiary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Other Equipment: (3)M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Fragmentation)Grenades, (3)M7 Antipersonnel Concussion Grenades, (1)canister - C-7 Foaming Explosive, Combat Knife, Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)


Personal History: 

The eldest of three other siblings, James Bostic was born in 2515 in Dardanus, Kale on the planet Troy, located in the Hellespont System. In 2525, when James was ten, the Covenant attacked, glassing the planet of Harvest. He spent the next eight years fearful that his planet would be next and angry that he was powerless to prevent it. Hearing stories of the UNSC’s defeats as the Covenant wreaked havoc in human-controlled space, conquering and destroying mankind’s colonies, James spent the remainder of his youth preparing for the day when he could enlist and take the war to the “Covenant sons-of-bitches.”

On March 1st, 2533, the day he turned eighteen, James Nelson Bostic enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps. He excelled as a marine, earning top honors in nearly every aspect of his training. On the recommendation of his commanding officer, James volunteered for ODST training. Only thirteen percent of his training class graduated. That was two decades ago. Since his enlistment, “Boss,” as he has affectionately been dubbed by his squad mates, has served in many UNSC battles against the Covenant, including the Fall of Reach. After countless missions mostly resulting in crushing defeats, Boss has became a very serious, hardened man who takes his job very serious. After watching all of his friends die during the course of the war at the hands of the Covenant, Boss goes out of his way not to make any new friends. That being said, he takes great pains to preserve the life of the men and women under his command.

Delta Squad


Russell, Julius B. - Staff Sergeant

Callsign: Echo Six Romeo
Nickname: CAESAR
Born: New Harmony, Mars
Gender: M
Age: 33 –(b. 06/03/2519)

Role: Heavy Weapons/Pilot
Blood type: B+
Height: 190.5cm (6'3")
Weight: 104.3kg (230 lbs)

Unit: 66th MEF "Screamin' Demons", 6th Shock Troop Battalion, Echo Company, 1st Platoon. Delta Squad
Service number: 22121-5711-JR
Enlistment date: 09/09/2537

Primary Weapon: BR55HB SR
Secondary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Special  Weapon: W/AV M6 G/GNR (aka Spartan Laser)
Other Equipment: (3)M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Fragmentation) Grenades, (3)M13 Napalm Grenades, (1)Satchel charge of ComL High Explosive, Combat Knife, Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)



Cernos, Ljutimir V. - Corporal

Callsign: Echo Four Charlie
Nickname: LUCKY
Born: Jericho VII
Gender: M
Age: 30 –(b. 03/12/2522)

Role: Sniper
Blood type: AB-
Height: 185.5cm (6'1")
Weight: 91kg (200 lbs)

Rating: E4
Unit: 66th MEF "Screamin' Demons", 6th Shock Troop Battalion, Echo Company, 1st Platoon. Delta Squad
Service number: 19905-86064-LC
Enlistment date: 06/12/2540

Primary Weapon: MA5D - Suppressed
Secondary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Special Weapon: SRS99d-S2 AM (Sniper Rifle)
Other Equipment: (3)M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Fragmentation) Grenades, (3)M13 Napalm Grenades, (1)canister - C-7 Foaming Explosive, UNSC Combat Knife, Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)



Alvarez, Tatiana S. - Lance Corporal

Callsign: Echo Three Alpha
Nickname: CRUSH
Born: Mount Haven, New Jerusalem
Gender: F
Age: 25 –(b. 10/20/2527)

Role: Scout Recon/Stealth
Blood type: O+
Height: 167.5cm (5'6")
Weight: 57kg (125.6 lbs)

Rating: E3
Unit: 66th MEF "Screamin' Demons", 6th Shock Troop Battalion, Echo Company, 1st Platoon. Delta Squad
Service number: 46379-91107-TA
Enlistment date: 04/28/2547

Primary Weapon: M392 DMR
Secondary Weapon: MA5D - Suppressed
Tertiary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Other Equipment: (2)M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Fragmentation) Grenades , (2)M7 Antipersonnel Concussion Grenades, (1)canister - C-7 Foaming Explosive, Combat Knife, Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)


Koenig, Dieter H. - Lance Corporal

Callsign: Echo Three Kilo
Nickname: JAW
Birthplace: Crisium City, Naniwa, Luna
Gender: M
Age: 25 –(b. 06/20/2527)

Role: Demolitions
Blood type: A-
Height: 188 (6'2")
Weight: 98.8kg (218 lbs)

Rating: E3
Unit: 66th MEF "Screamin' Demons", 6th Shock Troop Battalion, Echo Company, 1st Platoon. Delta Squad
Service number: 37951-33015-DF
Enlistment date: 10/04/2545

Main Weapon: M739 LMG
Secondary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Other Equipment: (3)M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Fragmentation) Grenades, (3)M13 Napalm Grenades, (1)Satchel Charge of ComL High Explosive, Combat Knife, Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)



Pyrgos, Spyridon G. - Private First Class

Callsign: Echo Two Papa
Nickname: SPIDER
Birthplace: Mare Insularum, Luna
Gender: M
Age: 22 -(b. 05/05/2530)

Role: Computer Tech/Medic
Blood type: O+
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Weight: 83kg (183 lbs)

Rating: E2
Unit: 66th MEF "Screamin' Demons", 6th Shock Troop Battalion, Echo Company, 1st Platoon. Delta Squad
Service number: 11282-31220-JD
Enlistment date: 07/07/2548

Primary Weapon: BR55HB SR
Secondary Weapon: MA5D - Suppressed
Tertiary Weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Other Equipment: (3)M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (Fragmentation) Grenades, (3)M7 Antipersonnel Concussion Grenades, (1)canister - C-7 Foaming Explosive, Combat Knife, Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)



Original Game: The Fate of Kilo Platoon
Later Used in: The Fall of LV-6329
Name: Roman "Rome" Beneke
Age: 24
Position/ Rank: Smartgunner / Lance Corporal
Personal History: 
Aside from informing everyone he meets that he earned his Class 2 civilian cargo handling license when he was 17 and that with just 2 more months of training he'll be officially qualified to operate the Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader, Rome doesn't talk about his past with anyone unless it's one of his infamous 'sexual conquests of Rome' stories. As far as anyone who doesn't have access to his personnel file knows, he has no family, no friends, and no life before the Corps.

Rome enlisted in the United States Colonial Marines at the age of 18 in an attempt to evade authorities after killing three men who made the unfortunate mistake of trying to separate Rome from his cash. He already had a few strikes on his record for aggravated assault and destruction of property but getting pinched for murder would result in either life in prison or execution, neither of which were options he was ready to accept. The Corps was the only logical conclusion he could come to.

He loved every second of basic training and excelled in specialized training, scoring top marks in unarmed combat and heavy weapons training. The Corps nurtured his rage and his primal instincts, molding him into a ruthless, fearless, efficient killing machine.

Nearly a year after enlisting in the Corps, Rome graduated from his MOS school as a smartgunner. His initial Permanent Duty Station (PDS) was to the 2nd Colonial Marine Brigade based at Titleman Station, L-1 Lucien-Avril system on Lacaille 8760 IV. Rome remained at this post for 2 1/2 years, earning promotions along the way.

As a fresh E-5 (Sergeant) of his own squad, Rome was expecting to finally get away from the bullshit guard duty and uneventful patrols. He wanted to see some action. However, when he realized it was just more of the same except with more responsibilities, he became increasingly restless and agitated. During training maneuvers, Rome compromised his leadership role by taking marines under his command off mission to an off-limits zone, scaring some of the local colonists and raising a little USCM hell in a local bar. He was charged with dereliction of duty, sentenced to 90 days in the brig and demoted to E-4 (Corporal.)

After he was released from the brig, he was reassigned to the 3rd Colonial Marine Division based at Kuat ASFB, Surier 430 in the Delta Pavonis IV system. He remained at this station for nearly a year. Once again, the lack of action, both militarily and personally, drove him to make some poor decisions. He was later accused of having sex with an 18 year old recruit who also happened to be the daughter of a Sgt. Maj. in his Regiment. Rome was charged with sodomy, conduct unbecoming, and unauthorized absence. He was busted to Pfc and sentenced 120 days in the brig. Upon his release he was reassigned to a front-line force, 5th Regiment, Charlie Company, Kilo Platoon, 1st Squad headquartered at Chinook 91 Geo-Synchronous Orbital (GSO) Station, Georgia 525 in the 70 Ophiuchi A V system. Since this last reassignment, he's been in the thick of one piece of action after another keeping him busy and out of trouble for the past 18 months. Shortly before departure on his current mission, Rome was promoted to Lance Corporal.

He is a loud mouthed, wide-eyed, and maniacal badass marine in combat. He follows orders without question or hesitation and he always gets the job done, regardless of the obstacles. His methods and behavior can be quite unorthodox most of the time, but he adapts and overcomes and he always gets the job done.

When the chips are on the table, Rome is all business but he takes every opportunity, even during a lull on hot missions, to stir things up a bit. His sarcastic sense of humor can often times creates tension among those unfamiliar with him, though among his squad mates his sarcasm is generally ignored, or they return his fire. Off duty, Rome is a prankster, always up to some sort of mischief. While he is fiercely loyal to his friends, with the exception of his fellow squad mates there are few he deems "friend." One of his mottoes is "The mission before the man," the other being "No one left behind."


Original Game: Gamblin' in the Black
Played By: Michael Corvus
Job: Captain
Age: 31
Planet of origin: Londinium
Physical Description:Griff is 6'1" tall and weighs 210 lbs. He is in peak physical condition and he regularly works out to keep it that way. His dark chocolate eyes blend perfectly with his golden mocha colored skin, blemished here and there by the scars of combat from his time with the Alliance. He keeps his head and face shaved as time permits, however there is often a days worth of dark stubble visible.

Clothing:Griff prefers wearing dark or earth tone clothes. He usually wears simple t-shirts, short sleeved or sleeveless, though he may often go shirtless while aboard The Gamble. He favors practicality to fashion, often opting for the darker military style trousers and black combat boots. When going “ashore”, he always dons his lined western style jacket over his web gear, swapping it out for a dark military field jacket in inclement weather. On the rare occasion when dresses up nice, he fancies the classic, dressier old western fashion of Earth-that-was.

Equipment:Griff's shoulder sling holster holds his Colt. 45 DX pistol and  in the modern holster at his right hip is the PK12 Peacekeeper. Griff still has the standard issue AR 24 S assault rifle that the Alliance issued him, and he whips out when the situation demands. His assault vest and web gear hold extra clips of ammo for all weapons he has with him at the time. Rounding out his collection of gear he nearly always carries are his large combat knife sheathed inside his right boot and a standard communication device clipped to the left shoulder of his combat vest.

Griff is also an avid collector of old Earth-that-was music, taking a special interest in Frank Sinatra and similar styles.

History:Griff was born and raised on Londinium. His mother died of massive drug overdose (she was an addict) when he was 12 and his father, Colonel Raziel Kingston, was a career officer in the Alliance military. Unable to dedicate the necessary time to raise his son, Col. Kingston sent Griff to live with his aunt. Griff dreamed of joining the Alliance and becoming a Fed. like his father and as soon as he was old enough, he enlisted. He loved every second of basic and excelled in specialized training, scoring top marks in unarmed combat, weapons training, and explosives. He took to war like a fish to water and quickly rose in rank. As a matter of fact, he actually enjoyed the war. On the rare occasions that he tells stories, he speaks of the war as the best time of his life.

However, as the Unification War progressed, he found himself at odds with the Alliance's doctrine and the interpretation and application of its laws. After a series of insubordinate acts including several open disagreements with his superiors, repeatedly disobeying direct orders, and then finally culminating in aiding "Browncoats" who were in dire need of medical aide, Griff was to face a Court Marshall, despite his father's best efforts on his behalf. Before he could be brought in, Griff abandoned his post and has been a fugitive on the run ever since, wanted for treason, among other things.

Griff found himself in a seedy watering hole on some backwater planet, longing for a ship of his own so he could get off of that sorry rock he was on and earn himself a living. While playing a hand of poker, Griff took advantage of an opportunity, wagering the last of his substantial, yet dwindling credits against Josiah Gregoritz's ship, "Slick's Folly". It was a huge gamble, but Griff won the hand, much to the Josiah's chagrin. Accused of cheating, Griff was forced to pull his Colt .45 DX and gun the man down when Gregoritz drew his weapon on him. He was now the rightful owner of Dragonfly class ship, a mid bulk transport ship, which he rechristened, "The Gamble," an homage to the manner in which he'd claimed the ship.

Persona:Griff is very well respected and is known to be a man of his word. He is known as one who gets the job done and protects his crew and business partners alike. He is calm, dedicated and persistent. He keeps a cool head under pressure and has the leadership ability to focus others on resolving any problem that arises. "Adapt and overcome," are among his many mottoes.

His demeanor can be harsh at times.  He is a hard man, and pushes his crew, and himself,  to the limit.  Griff would never leave any of his crew behind, and has even grown to care for them – even though he doesn't let it show.

He is quite stern and would never allow anyone on his boat to question his authority. Still, he values the thoughts and opinions of those people he surrounds himself with and usually consults the crew when he knows there's a tough decision to be made, letting everyone know the dangers and options before making the decision. More often than not, no one ever questions Griff, but on the rare occasion someone might stand against him, Griff is quick to act and remind folks of the "chain" of command, that is if Sasha doesn't get her hands on them first.

He is extremely confident, to the point where he is border-line cocky. He knows what he is capable of and doesn't allow anyone to dictate otherwise. He also knows what he is NOT capable of, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Griff has a cynical and sarcastic sense of humor and can seem a smart ass at times, especially to those who aren't familiar with him. His military background and training govern his work habits, and he's damn good at what he does.

Zombie Apocalypse Characters
Paulo Laki Mata'afa - Firefighter

Original Game: None
Full Name: Paulo Laki Mata'afa
Nicknames / Aliases:  “Paul” or “Lucky”
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single - Widower

Former Occupation/Position: Firefighter

Leadership:Paulo was a lieutenant and officer in charge of a firehouse rescue squad. He's used to taking charge in stressful situations.
Fit: Being a firefighter demands being in top physical condition. Now that civilization has crumbled and the world is plagued by man-eating zombies, it's more important than ever.
EMT:As part of his training, Paulo is trained in basic emergency medical procedures.
Innovative: Paulo has spent most of his professional life having to think outside the box to solve complex and life threatening situations.
Calm: Paulo has been dealing with horrific accidents, gruesome injuries, and life and death situations for many years before the shit hit the fan. As a result, he is calm under pressure.
Foreward Thinker: Whenever possible, Paulo always try to think ahead before making critical decisions. He just about always has a backup plan and at least avenues of egress.


Cynical: His experiences with other survivors has caused him to become suspicious and untrusting of other people. He's not comfortable taking orders.
Cautious: Though it can sometimes work to his advantage, his overly cautious approach can lead him to miss out on an opportunity to improve his situation.
Old Shoulder Injury: An old work injury was re-aggravated during the initial months of the zombie outbreak and it sometimes gives him grief.
City Slicker: Having lived in a large city his whole life, Paulo is largely unfamiliar with how to hunt, trap, farm and the like.

Special Gear: 
Firefighter Helmet (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Jacket (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Pants (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Firefighter Boots (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Firefighter Gloves (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Turnout Bag (belonged to him before apocalypse)w/ basic first aid supplies, limited food, flashlight, 5 boxes of .45 acp ammo <250 rnds> (from dead humvee soldier)
Halligan Bar & Firefighter's axe (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Gerber Multi-tool (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Flasthlight (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Fireman's knife (belonged to him before apocalypse)
Military surplus 2.0 Liter canteen (from dead person)
Colt 1911 .45 (from dead humvee solider)

Paul in his gear

Height: 6'3”
Weight / Body type: Solid, muscular build. Not body builder muscular, but thick with broad, beefy shoulders, powerful arms and a strong back.
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan (Natural Hawaiian complexion. Tans very easily)
Eyes: Deep Green
Distinguishing Features: Scar that intersects his left eyebrow, scar on his left shoulder from surgery several years back, on right arm and pec, Hawaiian tribal tattoo on left forearm, Hawaiian tribal leg tattoo on left leg

Personality: Paulo is a good man, though the world since it went to hell has certainly left him with scars, both physical and mental. Paulo is comfortable on his own, confident in his ability to handle himself where the walkers are concerned, provided he doesn't stumble upon a large herd or get himself cornered. When it comes to other people, Paulo is suspicious, guarded. He wants to believe there are still good people out there, but so far he hasn't found any. Paulo has learned to follow his gut; his instincts have proven right more often than not and have saved his hide on several occasions. With the fall of civilization, Paulo has found himself falling back to his Polynesian roots now more than he ever had in the past. He's opportunistic, but is still guided by his moral compass to do "the right thing" wherever possible.

Likes: Football, staying in shape, reading, intelligent people, good conversation, dogs, strong drink, cooking, working with his hands.
Dislikes: Bullies, bossy people, careless people, stupid people, mean people, people who talk too much, licorice, mustard, "reality" tv shows, "star" magazines.
Fears: Paulo has a fear of becoming close to anyone again only to have to watch them die, becoming the very thing that killed his wife, not knowing the fate of his younger sister, Noelani, who still lives in Hawaii.

History:  (W.I.P.) The eldest of two, Paulo Laki Mata'afa was born August 1, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father, Manu is native to Hawaii and owned a surf board shop while his mother, Genevieve was of German and Native American descent and was a history professor at the University of Hawaii of Monoa.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Sexual On's and Offs: Paulo's Sexual ons and offs will roughly mirror mine. I realize my OFF's are still under construction, so if you have a question don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Player : Michael Corvus

Mark Winters - High School Teacher & Football Coach

Original Game: Escape From Rockford

Name: Mark Winters

Age: 30

Personal history: Mark Winters grew up in an affluent suburb on the outskirts of the "Country Music Capital of The World,"  Nashville, Tennessee. The son of a successful construction contractor, Mark worked with his Dad during the summer, the physically demanding manual labor of his job sculpting his young body into a fantasy right out of every girl's dream. The eldest of two children, Mark was very close with his younger sister, Amber. He was very popular in High School, a star athlete on both the football and baseball teams as well as track-and-field.

Mark was often involved in fights, feeling it necessary to defend his sister's honor, either because of the lewd comments made by some guy who wanted to get inside his sister's panties, or from the mostly accurate and slightly exaggerated recounts from the guys who had. He loved and protected his sister fiercely which did not go unnoticed by his piers and teachers alike. Coupled with his sister's wild and lascivious reputation, this eventually gave rise to some rather nasty and damaging rumors concerning the relationship between he and his sister. Although the rumors were never substantiated, they eventually reached his parents, who apparently must have found some merit to them. Only a few days after graduation, his parents kicked him out of the house and disowned him, cutting him off from any financial assistance. He was 18.

Mark hitch-hiked across country until what little cash he had was nearly gone, and so at his next stop he decided to find a temporary job. Although it was not his intention, Mark ended up making Rockford his new home, and for several years worked the only job he knew how to do; construction. Mark later enrolled in the local college where he earned a BA in Construction Management, though he was unable to find a suitable job in his field of study. Instead, he was offered a job at Rockford High School as the new head football coach, the previous coach, late in his years, having recently passed away from natural causes.

Mark excels at his new job and has vastly improved the school's football program, achieving the school's first winning season since 1974 and garnering much praise from the community. As required, Mark also has to maintain a curriculum during the off season and so he filled the previous coach's class schedule as the Health/Sex Ed Teacher. Mark enjoys this aspect of his job as much as he loves coaching football, mostly because of all the beautiful, young, and enthusiastic teenage girls in his classes, many with whom he has conducted his own, private sex ed. lessons.

Place of work/school/ect. Football Coach / Health Teacher at Rockford County High School

Shadowrun Character
Original Game: Shadowrun - Seattle 2070

Name: Devil Harlan
Street Name: Maverick
Player Name: Michael Corvus
Race/Metatype: Human
Sex: Male

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 226
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sky blue
Age: 30

Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Place of Birth: CAS – Mountains of East Tennessee
Current Nationality: UCAS
SINless?: Fake SIN x2

Current Place of Residence/Lifestyle Level: UCAS, Seattle Metroplex, Redmond Barrens, Bargain Basement District/Low Lifestyle (2,000 x12 - 24,000)
Living Arrangements: Devil lives alone in a simple and cheap, though clean, flat.
Hobbies: Old black & white movies, billiards, gambling, fighting, drinking, women, sex, working on/restoring old motorcycles, cruising on his restored/customized 2019 Harley Davidson Punisher motorcycle, hunting down bounties, practicing his quick draw and other gun slinging skills.

Unusual Features: Nothing “unusual” but he does have tribal tattoos over his shoulders and down his biceps, as well as a large tattoo of the Confederation of American States on his back that spans across both shoulder blades.
Appearance: Devil’s rugged good looks are the only good thing his parents ever did for him. Short cropped hair as black as pitch frame unsettling orbs of azure that hide a sharp wit and quiet resolve. A dusting of dark whiskers along his angular jaw and chin are kept neatly groomed in the traditional anchor style, accentuating the lean, chiseled angles of his face. His athletic physique compliments his 6’2” frame nicely, completing that cliché, tall, dark and handsome appearance.

Personality: Devil lives by his own rules, on his own terms. He’s unpredictable and instinctive with a fearless and competitive edge and his propensity for being blunt along with his sarcastic sense of humor, lands him in a tight spot more often than not. He has a quiet confidence that hints at the strong, assertive demeanor cultivated by his life’s experience. Cool under pressure, Devil excels in the face of adversity, subscribing to the philosophy that he’d rather die standing than live lying down. He has a sly intelligence and wit, and possesses an indelible southern charm infused with a subtle and seductive charisma capable of disarming unassuming victims.

With very few exceptions, Devil has always been a maverick. With few people in his corner, trust doesn’t come easily for Devil, who holds his privacy in high regard. As a result, his aloof disposition breeds an air of mystery among his peers. That being said, loyalty is paramount to Devil, so once his trust is earned, he sticks. Betray his trust and the business end of his Ruger Super Warkawk revolver might be the last thing you ever see on this earth.

In the end, when the chips are down and the drek hits the fan, Devil is a man you want on your side.

History: Devil Harlan was born in a small, poverty stricken, rural town in the mountains of East Tennessee to Percival and Nadine Harlan. Nadine passed away giving birth to her only son. In his grief, Percival laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of his newborn son, naming the baby “Devil” viewing him as the harbinger of death and destruction.

Percival climbed into a bottle to drink away the pain and loneliness of his loss. Devil was fortunate to survive the early years of his life at the hands of his abusive father. Devil grew up fast and learned to stay out of Percival’s way, and by the age of 14, Devil ran away from home.

While stealing some food from a general store in the neighboring county, Devil was caught by the store owner, a man named Franklin Baptiste. Franklin was an adept in the Way of the Gun and could sense that Devil possessed the magical aura… and that he had been abused. He took pity on Devil, offering to let the boy stay with him in exchange for working the store. Devil accepted the offer and a new relationship was forged.

Franklin thought of Devil as the soon he never had, and over the next few years, Franklin shared his knowledge in the ways of the adept and how to use his newfound powers to hone his skill with the gun.

When Devil was 17, Franklin came home to find Percival, waiting for him. The very sight of Devil ignited a fury in Percival, and the incensed father launched into a tirade, charging his son with his bat held high. Devil drew the Ruger Super Warhawk he’d been practicing with that afternoon and shot his father dead in the heart. Franklin helped Devil dispose of his father's corpse deep in the Smokey Mountain wilderness.

Life in the mountains became quiet once more until that fateful day when Percival's corpse was discovered by some big game hunters. After the forensics teams what forensics teams do, Devil was pinned for the murder. He served only eight years in a CAS penitentiary, granted early release for good behavior and prison overcrowding.

Franklin had passed away some time during his stint behind bars, leaving Devil with no where to go and no one to turn to. He scratched out a living for a couple of years working in a Barrett Firearms factory until he’d had enough life in a factory. Deciding a change of scenery and a new career was in order. Devil packed all of his belongings, dug up his life’s savings along with the money Franklin had left to him, and drove his 2019 Harley Davidson Punisher to Seattle.

Though he couldn’t tell you why or how he fell into it, it wasn't long after he arrived in town that Devil found himself freelancing as a bounty hunter. When work became scarce and funds began to dwindle, Devil turned to the shadows, utilizing his skills and the training he’d received under the tutelage of Franklin to get the job done.

Over the last few years, he's seen a modicum of success in the bounty hunter business with a taste of what the shadows have to offer. As a result, he’s accrued some nice, new hardware, nearly completed his restoration/customization of his bike, and garnered a few other advantageous perks to help make him a more valuable deniable asset in the shadows The Emerald City.

Magical Characters
The Lost Ones

Original Game: The Lost Ones
Name: Cyriaque Armand Baptíste aka “Cyr” or “Cy” (pronounced "Sire" or “Sy”)
Age: 23
Race: Seniatta

Abilities: Cyr is able to influence the emotions and motivations of others, be they human or fae, with a simple touch. The effect of his touch is long lasting and the target will be compelled by whatever impulse he's planted until they succeed, he releases them, or it is otherwise dispelled.

Magical Prohibition: Cyr is a relatively young and inexperienced seniatta, completely unaware of what he is or the existence of fae. His abilities lack the effectiveness and longevity of other seniatta who were raised with the knowledge and guidance that was lost to him. Cyr must make physical, skin to skin contact with his target subject for his influence to be successfully embedded.

Appearance: At 6’0”, 185 lbs., Cyr is very athletic, physically fit and strong. He works out often, keeping himself in tip top shape. His sandy colored hair and crystal blue eyes add a boyish quality to his rugged good looks. He has several tattoos of various designs, his most recent addition being a Fleur de Lis tattoo on his right arm with date printed on a scroll above to honor the memory of his parents who were lost to a hurricane.

Personality: Despite brooding tendencies thanks in part to his recent past, Cyr is very friendly and easy to get along with. He’s carefree with a certain southern charm and a quick wit that often strays into sarcasm. He’s flirty, funny and just an all around nice guy though he can be a bit stubborn at times. Although he’s laid back, he does have his limits and if pushed too far, he has been known to lose himself ti his temper.

Background: Cyr grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana with his parents who owned a pub that catered the local Cajun population and was a big hit with tourists during, largely thanks to Cyr’s budding abilities to influence people to spend their money there. At first, Cyr thought that his luck was changing, or that he simply had a way with people... which wasn’t entirely inaccurate. He would walk the crowded streets of New Orleans, talking to everyone he could, shaking their hands and handing out flyers, suggesting that they should stop in for a bite to eat and a drink at the Rajin’ Cajun Pub. To Cyr’s amazement, nearly everyone he spoke to did stop in and do business with them. Cyr began to suspect there was something more going on rather than dumb look or uncanny people skills, but business was good… life was good, and so he didn’t question it.

Then a hurricane struck New Orleans, destroying Cyr’s world. His parents were killed and the family business obliterated by the hurricane winds and flood waters. Cyr needed a clean slate, a new start; he had to get out of New Orleans. Selling the family home and the liquidating the last of the family’s assets, Cyr purchased a restored vintage motorcycle, packed just what he needed, took the rest of the money with him and traveled north, leaving his past behind him.

He arrived in Chicago a month ago, lingering to spend some time with Ysabeau Lejuan , his ailing grandmother on his mother’s side who was on her death bed with congestive heart failure. Granda Ysabeau insisted that Cyr stay and look after her house while she was in the hospital. Cyr was unable to deny his dying Grandmother’s wish and currently resides in Chicago, finding temporary work with a construction crew to help keep him busy and supplement his dwindling nest egg.

The first thing people notice about Cyr is: If he’s not wearing shades, the first thing people notice about him are his crystal blue eyes, otherwise his distinctly Cajun accent is sure to catch anyone’s attention.

A Secret Cyr has never Told Anyone: Just for grins and giggles, he’s done some freelance “exotic dancing” while in college which lead to him staring in a handful of amateur adult videos.

What brought you to Chicago?: See Background.

Original Game: Hogwarts: A Future
Name: Ulliam "Liam" Monaghan
Character: 4th year Slytherin - Character sheet has been redacted
Play By: Orlando Bloom
*NOTE* - Liam is now played by Loves with my permission.

Historic Characters
Original Game: GLADIATOR!
Name: Cingetorix
Age: 27
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Station: Slave - Gladiator

Appearance: Cingetorix is tall and very strong, standing at 6’0” and 212 lbs of solid chiseled granite muscle. A result of years spent fighting against the Romans and subsequently working as a slave hauling stones during the construction of the villa of Felix Livianus Palidorius, his former dominus. His chest is covered in a thin patch of dark hair which trails down his abdomen. Short cropped hair, dark as pitch, contrasting sharply against cold, piercing blue eyes. The tribal tattoo covering his left shoulder is that of his clan, its distinguished markings identifying him as a warrior to his people. The dark stubble along his squared jaw seems ever present and shadows his rugged features nicely.

Personality: A man of action and not words, his quietness betrays his exceptional cunning and belies his extremely violent nature, a recent development precipitated by the repression of all emotion into its most basic form; rage. Still, he is not without some measure of control. He is not easily offended, but he does hold a grudge if he feels he has been slighted, and goes to great lengths to avenge the offense. He despises all Romans, though he does what he must to avoid their wrath in the hopes of living to see the day when he either escapes or can attain freedom by some other means.

Ever watchful and alert, he is always studying and learning from his surroundings and those around him, taking advantage of every possibility presented him, and creating opportunities where none exist. He knows how to make himself important, indispensable and is quick to improve his situation by whatever means necessary.

Biography: Cingetorix. A simple man most would call “savage”; Husband to a young wife, son of Anglesey, elder brother of three sons and a daughter, fearless and ferocious warrior and defender of his people. Then came the Roman General, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus with his legions, laying claim to lands that had belonged to Cingetorix’s ancestors for generations upon generations. They tore his world apart, destroying everything he had known and loved. He witnessed his friends and family all killed or enslaved; saw with his own eyes as his wife was gang-raped. The last he saw of her was her limp and bloodied body being hauled away by the Roman pigs, laughing and touching her in inappropriate places as he screamed and cursed them, fighting with the fury of a thousand men just to reach her side. It was then that knew the sudden sharp pain to the back of his skull, heralding the darkness that enveloped his world.

Shipped back to Spain with the rest of their plunder, he was purchased for slave labor by Felix Livianus Palidorius, a wealthy nobleman in Salmantica, Lusitania. Two years later, with the construction of the villa nearing completion, Cingetorix allowed his rage to get the better of him and slew two other slaves when they grew angry with him and called his wife a whore. Felix was quick to punish Cingetorix for his transgression, ultimately deciding such a potential deadly slave had no place serving his house. Rather than having him killed, Felix opted to earn a few coin from his sale, realizing that the markets were soon to be visited by local lanistas.

It’s been two years since his world was destroyed at the hands of the Romans. Now at the age of 27, Cingetorix finds himself the property of one Manius Sertorius Africanus, the lanista of Ludus Leonis Scopulus Tarraconensis. His fate is to become a gladiator, to fight to the death to the sounds of applause from the Roman masses he so passionately hates.

Cingetorix's Languages:
Latin - Fairly fluent, he has spent a couple years already as a slave to a different dominus
Britton- Western: Completely Fluent, native language
Britton- Eastern, Northern, Southern:Conversational, picked up from dealings with neighboring tribes fleeing the Roman advances

Original Game: OASIS
Name: Jotham Godstone
Gender: Male
Position: Ranch hand, traveling west to find for work
Location: The town of Oasis and the surrounding areas.
Local/Passerby: Passerby - Chance to become a local.
Age: 24
Personality: A quiet and polite young man, Jotham is the epitome of good manners and chivalry. Honest, hard working and trustworthy, he is a straight laced, no-nonsense kinda guy, though he does have a mischievous streak to him at times.
Weapons: Colt Peacemaker .45 LC - Cavalry model with  7 1/2" barrel and a Winchester model 1866 lever-action rifle
Description: Jotham stands a modest 6'0 with a fit, athletic build. He is in tip top shape, his body chiseled and honed from a lifetime of working cattle and horse ranches alike.
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