The bad thief turned family pet d male looking for sub f

Started by seeker619, April 02, 2014, 05:32:31 AM

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A man realizes there is a burglar breaking into his house through the basement.  He notices by looking at the camera he has planted there that she is a very sexy burglar if ever there was one.  She is dressed in all black spandex and it is clear she could not possibly be carrying a weapon on her person as she would have no where to put it.  He goes down to see just what it is she thinks she is doing when she surprises him with some very good marial arts.  He himself is an expert but to see what she will do to him he pretends to have her kick his ass and once he slumps to the ground he watches to see what she does.  He also wants to get a better view of her face. 

Finally when she is tying him up he surprises her with a sleeper hold and once she drops he decides what a wonderful pet she will make...........