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Author Topic: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp  (Read 11563 times)

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Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« on: April 01, 2014, 04:25:13 AM »

My name is Abi. I'm an experienced role-player and do most of my RP by PM and email as well as by IM (Yahoo, AIM etc). I'm looking for an experienced dom male with very clear ideas about what they wants from a partner, scenarios, characters etc...I consider myself a good role-player but being sub I like my partner to take the lead most of the time.

I like story driven rps, however i do like a lot of smut. I'd say I'm most happy with a 40/60 split between Plot/Smut. The sort of rps I prefer revolve around themes of humiliation, BDSM, Blackmail, Slave Training, Hypnosis, Bimbofication, public sex and much more (please see my kink list). I often like to play a powerful and/or respectful woman who is forced/made to become a submissive slave and/or bimbo. I'm happy with most setting however modern/realistic is my personal favourite.

Im not really a big fan of romantic/consensual play and do not have a huge interest in incest, although I don't mind either as an element of an rp so long as its not the focus. I draw the line at underage (below 18), animals and scat, so please do not contact me if that is what you are looking for.

A particular quirk of mine is I like my partner to choose the appearance of my character, and I love working for pictorial references such as images of the sort of woman you'd like me to play and the items, clothing, equipment used during the play. It's not a must but very nice to have.

Im happy to adapt my post length to suit my partner but I tend to prefer, in a PM/email situation 2 to 3 paragraphs per post. In IM we can move a bit quicker back and forth posting a couple of sentences each as a minimum.

I will post some typical scenarios I like to play soon, however before I do I want to see if YOU have something new and interesting you'd like to try?

Please PM or IM me if you are interested. Thanks!

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2014, 03:52:21 PM »
Ok as promised here are a few typical scenarios I like to play, its not an extensive list but I think i'll give you the general idea. Just so you know all characters are 18+.

Rich slave

Incredibly wealthy daughter of a rich business man. Pokes around in her fathers office and finds records of large payments to an 'orphanage' in an an unpopulated area out of town. She goes to investigate and discovers something quite different, a female sex slave training centre. Whilst leaving with the intention if confronting her father about what she has sen, maybe blackmailing him over it, she is captured and thrown in a cell to be trained as a sex slave. The center's governor/master may or may not be aware who she is and may disguise her if she is to be visited by her father at any point.


Based on Pricess Leia slave girl scenes from Star Wars can be futurist, modern or medieval). The princess secretly travels to a far away place to rescue her husband from a cruel regime only to be captured herself and used as a concubine. She is slowly broken, by the ruler and his guards/trainers and in time begins to enjoy being a slave, eventually becoming a willing wife and slave to the ruler even being flaunted before her prisoner husband.

New World Order

An political party that lobbies for the reintroduction of traditional values and the subjugation and domination of women by men is growing in popularity. A father decides to send his daughter(s) to one of their training camps to be taught the proper place for women in society and how a woman should behave. 
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2014, 07:09:25 AM »
A few more plots I've been pondering of late, if anyone is keen on trying one of these ir any of the above out with me please from me a PM.

Pop Princess/Movie Star

A successful child/teen pop star/movie star enters her twenties and struggled to make the transition from teen idol to adult star. Her fans have grow up and moved onto more establish artists and the younger fans have new teen idols to follow. Her job offers are drying up and so is the money. She is a spoilt brat and refuses to take any blame for this, demanding that her management find a way to put her back at the top. In a desperate bid to 'sex up' her image her management contact an image guru who also doubles as a slave trainer. He changes her image and behaviour to better suit an 'adult orientated' market.

Hypnotised Student/Lab assistant

Variation on a similar theme here either:

A student cramming hard for her finals has trouble concentrating and retaining information. She seeks the help of a hypnotist suggested by a friend with a secret grudge against her. The hypnotist has a hidden agenda filling her mind with trigger words and behaviour programming that will make her submissive to anyone who knows what to say or do to her.


A student needs extra cash to get her through her studies takes on a lab assistant job, the scientist is working in a 'perfect woman' project and unknown to her she is more a lab rat than a lab assistance. Behavioural and physical changes are made to her through his experimentation until she becomes a 'perfect woman'

Correctional Boarding School

A tearaway teen (18+) has run out of chances, in trouble at school and with the police the only option is to send her to a a correctional Boarding School. The school specialises in turning out of control young woman into obedient balanced young woman, but hidden behind that facade is a slave training school producing obedient young sex slaves for men who can afford to purchase them.

All really rough ideas but maybe some of you guys have some ideas to flesh them out?
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2015, 09:05:27 AM »
A few new story ideas:

Alien breeding

(somewhat based on the Alien movies and tentacle hentai) Set in the future, a terraforming crew set down on new planet. My character is a specialist in Environment/Ecology and is sent there to do a survey of the planets flora and fauna so as to preserve their habitat or take samples before the terraforming process. In my search I come across a hidden colony of the sentient native species who decide to use me for breeding. Im thinking lots of tentacles lots of monsters, control and domination, maybe even transformation.

Corruption of a good wife

My character is the wife of a well respected upstanding member of society (politician, business man, religious/community leader etc), she is well respected herself, thought of as classy. kind, charitable etc etc. However their relationship is sexually vanilla and she hides a craving for someone more dangerous, degrading and dominant. She starts to explore this through online chat rooms and soon finds herself sharing photos, performing on webcam and becoming overly involved with an online master. And then things get serious as he uses this to force her into a real life meeting...and beyond.

Hit me up if you are interested in this idea or any other.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2015, 07:04:48 AM »
Blackmailed Mother

In this a mother is blackmailed by her new boyfriend or her daughters boyfriend into being trained as a sex slave and allowing her daughter to be slowly groomed to be the same (Obviously all characters are over 18). Maybe the mother was once quite sexually depraved, even a slave but escaped that world when she became pregnant to give her daughter a more wholesome upbringing, however that old life catches up with her and her daughter in a shameful and humiliating way.
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #5 on: June 28, 2015, 10:03:40 AM »
Really Jonesing for someone to partner up with on this one please PM me if you are interested.

A new idea bases on a play I started but my partner was unable to continue.

The New Product.

Based on the webcomic Beyond Rubies ( check it out here NSFW )

A tech company is developing 'the ruby’, it their new big project and shrouded in secrecy. All those on the outside know is its wearable tech aimed at the female market that assists with health and wellbeing. What isn't know outside of a small circle of management and developers is it's real purpose is to turn women into submissive obedient sex slaves. My character(s) will be a test subject(s), they could work for the company or be the wife/girlfriend of one of the employees or simply someone they have the hots for, they might willingly volunteer for the trails in order to gain a promotion or money or they could be wearing it with no idea what its doing/going to do to them. We can talk about this.

At first it will improve the wearers life in positive ways, improving Stamina, Immune system, metabolism, health, confidence and positivity, whilst this is happeneing some work is done to increase suggestibility, suppress willpower, increase sex drive and hinder higher thinking. In time the ruby will control pleasure centers stimulating and repressing pleasure when the wearer performs or behaves in a way preferable to those deemed as the reviews true target audience…men. There bodies may transform to be more appealing to their owners and they're owners orders will be impossible to ignore/disobey. The software itself is accessible from an app which can detect and connect to any ruby over wi-fi and can be used to change things remotely.
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #6 on: October 21, 2015, 07:29:03 AM »
New idea.

Don't break cover

Two variations here:

1. A reporter goes undercover to write a story exposing a rich and powerful man who has a harem of sex slaves. She infiltrates his mansion/training facility as a perspective new slave with hidden cameras/recorders etch to document his controversial and scandalous behaviour. However she quickly find she bitten off more than she can chew as her training both tests her willpower to maintain her cover and get her story and in time begins to change her into a slave.
2. A female detective goes undercover with a known sex slaver. Her mission is to approach the organisation as a perspective new slave and gather evidence. However she soon find herself unable to escape and become that which she was trying to prevent.

In both cases the male lead may or may not know her true identity from the beginning or may find out as they go along, he may even have arranged it deliberately having an interest in dominating that particular woman.

Please contact me if you like this story of any other.

Offline Adrian999

Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #7 on: December 08, 2015, 08:40:34 AM »

I know it is from a post a long time ago but I love the idea of your rich slave!  The idea of her being captured and put into slave training is something I would love to explore with you. I also love the idea of choosing how your character looks!

I am happy to write in forum, PM, email or YIM - whatever you prefer.  I love lengthy posts (by preference) and, as I work from home on my computer, I can respond pretty much as often as you wish.

So, if you are still interested in that storyline, or if you have something similar in mind, then get back to me and I am sure we can work something out.

Hope to hear from you.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #8 on: February 23, 2016, 03:38:47 AM »
Hey guys a couple of new ideas.

Lesbian Lawyer

- Ambitious young paralegal working in discrimination law
- Outside work she has a girlfriend and lives with a male flatmate.
- She has some skeletons in the closet that could get her disbarred. Maybe she used her position to help her girlfriend out of trouble.
- She is contacted by an organisation who she had regularly taken to court over their treatment of women who have evidence of this
- They offer a deal, they will keep her secret in return for legal favours and attendance a reprogramming program to ‘fix’ her ‘sexual confusion’ (and train her to be a heterosexual sex slave)
- The evidence is put in the trust of an independent part and will be released to her upon completion of the course.

Mistress to slave

- Married aristocrat/wealthy woman used to having servants
- Husband goes on a business trip to a country that treats women as slaves/belongings/entertainment
- Although aware of this he instinctively attacks and accidentally kills a a man beating a woman in public
- He is imprisoned and sentenced to death
- Wife uses all the legal power and influence she can to free him and eventually they make her an offer
- Visit the country and live like a woman there for one month then she and her husband are free to go
- At the end of the month all she needs to do is sign the final paperwork and get on the plane home with her Husband
- Her husband begs her not to, her lawyers say it’s the best hope to get him back alive

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #9 on: March 01, 2016, 09:23:57 AM »
A few new ideas, please PM me if you are interested or have an ideas of your own.

Hello all, thanks to all who have contacted me. Ive had a couple of new ideas but would also like to hear yours.

It’s not easy at the top

Set in a world where a number of like minded men in powerful positions have formed a cabal (could simply be called “the Cabal”) to enact societal change thruogh their power and influence to move men into a dominate position and women into a position of subservience and slavery. However to get there they need bring both men and women of power over to their side.

My character is an ambitious politician with money problems and a number of skeletons in her closet, she or members of her family may have a shady past for example. The Cabal offers to both cover up her secrets and help her in her campaign for governor/member of parliament/mayor etc.. In exchange for her absolute loyalty and obedience. Being power hungry and not entirely clear on the Cabals objectives besides right wing, controversial views on a number of issues including women rights she agrees.

Upon agreeing she is quickly helped into office but for each favour she must pay the Cabal with her freedoms as a woman and help pass acts that limit the freedoms of the woman under her care as there political representative.

the other side of the wall.

Set in a world where a country has been split between two opposing political ideologies (think East and West Germany). One championing free will and equality, the other a regime that sees women as naturally subservient slaves.

My characters lives on the 'free' side. It has an uneasy alliance with the more powerful and warlike neighbouring state. In return for military and trade agreements it has agreed that if identified, women who fit the profile of a submissive and/or overly sexual women during testing at job centres will be identified to them and sent for training at one of their embassy in the divided capital. It is a compulsory agreement between the two countries that women complete the training, once completed they have the choice to return to regular society or remain in the embassy's employ/move to across the wall to the other stat state and be taken as a slave buy a citizen/male employee.

My character comes from a middle class family with strong ties to they're country and their values. However despite her attempt to fit in with the clever, independent women of her family and the deep believe they have instilled in her that she should be a free, equal member of society she has dark and disturbing submissive fantasies. These present themselves sub-contiously in her testing. Her family is horrified to discover her results but their hands are bound legally. They make my character promise to behave and do everything they tell her and come home a stronger person for it. She is sent off to live with her brother in the capital. He treats on his side of the city like equals but often secretly heads over the other side of the city to use women as they do, it is something a lot of men are known to do.

From her first day rules regarding dress, behaviour, obedience, are imposed in increments slowly stripping away her individuality and independence . My character will resist and protest but her latent shameful aptitude for such things will cause her to comply over time. She will hate it but know it is her fault she is there, she will also start to want it. She will fight against not wating to let her family down but so will slow agree to willingly enter into situations from which there is no coming back.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #10 on: April 29, 2016, 06:07:39 AM »
New idea I want to try out.

The secret society

My character is a money hungry pushy wife to a moderately successful business man(your character). They are invited to join a secret society of whose list of members includes some of the richest and successful men and women. MC pushes YC into joining up. What she doesn't realise is this secret society expects all women members to submit completely to the male members, YC finds this out and is only too happy to pay up and sign his wife into a life of slavery, relieved to no longer be at her mercy and have all the money power and women he wants while she gets a much needed lesson about which sex is in charge.

Happy to discuss this or any of the above via PM.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #11 on: May 12, 2016, 08:42:36 AM »
New idea:

The new man.

My characters is the wealthy widow of a powerful and dominant (no so much sexually but in everything else) property owner who passed away a couple of years ago. She has recently started seeing a new man. Her friends and family have noticed a change in here, she seems happy and invigorated and she been dressing sexier. When asked she’d been embarrassed and secretive about her private life from but now its time to invite then over to dinner and meet the new man.

Your character is a psychologist and dominant. Has been treating MC's off the rails sister for a number of months which has developed into an BDSM relationship. Though his contact with her he has learn that MC is single, lonely and loaded and has used his insider information infiltrates her life (maybe he rents one of her husbands old properties) to seduce and enslave her. taking control of he life and business.

The sister is a strong willed feisty young woman who’s involvement in feminist, environmental, social, political…you name it, activism has got her in a lot of trouble. She’s been sent to your character for help with her problems respecting authority and to avoid criminal proceedings against her. He has spanked, bound and fucked the fight out of her, taming her behaviour. Since then she has managed to hold down a job and function  She now secretly worships him, their relationship only between them.

Other characters at the meal could include.
MC's friend. A married career woman working in business. Her husband works in s lower position at the same company, she treats him like a subordinate at work and at home. She is strong, powerful and independent. Her husband is an averagely intelligent ambitious business man unfortunately outclassed by his wife. He fancies all the woman around the table and is a bit sexually repressed by his wife.

MC's friend. Older used to babysit the sisters as children. Claims to work the 'service industry’ which basically mean a string of waitressing, bartending, receptionist jobs that have lead her to a very meagre existence. A flirt, self confessed cougar and borderline sex addict she has lost a few jobs and friends due to her inability to say no to sex.   

Let me know if you are interested in this or any other of my ideas.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #12 on: June 22, 2016, 09:34:44 AM »
Been craving a good hypnotism role-play and wondered if anyone is interested. Here are my thoughts.

Hypnotic Takeover

MC is a business woman maybe the CEO of a company. I rival is trying to take over her company but has failed thus far. He turns to paying a hypnotist to visit her as a client and hypnotise her installing trigger words that have different affects on her. For example put her under and open to suggestion, make her obey his every word even if she doest want to, turn into a cum hungry sex slave eager to please. He uses this to both take over the company, make her his slave and humiliated her in front of everyone who ever respected her. Eventually shed become a party trick he could offer to friends, colleagues, anyone he please just to see her or their reaction. It could also be open to multiple subjects.


The Reunion.

MC was with a guy who turned out to be a dirtbag and con artist. He cheated on her with a string of women, stole her money and attempted to cheat her out of an inheritance. She got wise to him just in time and caused his plan to backfire. He left vowing to make her pay.

Fast forward two and MC comes back from a year away in another country working to a dinner party held by her sister. Her sister has a new's him! She's not aware at first but it transport he has had the sister hypnotised into an obedient sex slave. Also at the table is his Hypnotist he will enslave all the women at the table after a good deal of humiliation.

PM me if you are interested.
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #13 on: July 20, 2016, 05:28:09 AM »
Ive tidied up and edited this thread a little for easier reading. Please PM me if you are interested in any of my ideas or have an idea you think might suit.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #14 on: July 28, 2016, 06:00:56 AM »
Hello another scenario, or rather one I've stolen from the excellent Titcage series of stories by All these Roadworks (found here: NSFW )

The bare bones of the story is:

My Character (18) is sent for compulsory work experience at political think-tank for the so-called Committee For Gender Equity.  Funded by church groups, conservatives, and the world’s richest men, despite outward appearances the organisation exists to change community and government attitudes to women and restore women to a role solely as sextoys, housekeepers and breeders. They are rumoured to be behind the release of nude and compromising photos of prominent women and engineering the destruction of their careers and reputations.

My Characters parents either do not believe these rumours or agree with their point of view (could be both, with the mother being the former and father the latter). My chapter is forced to work in an environment of sexual obedience and female servitude reinforcing the ideas of the organisation in whatever way they deem fit. Slowly changing her via brainwashing and carrot and stick methods to adhere to their vision of society. 

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2016, 02:55:50 AM »
A little something I wrote both as a role-play idea and as an example of my writing. Its similar to the The Other Side of the Wall story mixed in with  little Blackmailed Mother. If you like it and want to rp it or anything else please PM me.

The island of Lustria was something of an oddity to say the least. It was the belief of the nation that through compliance with their perception of the natural order of things, peace, belonging and happiness could be found by all. The rules were, at their core, very simple. Men ruled and women obeyed. In Lustria women served their men as little more than slaves and in return they protected them and provided for them. It was in the national constitution:

Men must..
Provide for their country and women
Protect their country and women
Uphold the laws of the land and ensure your women do also.
Disapline your women in accordance with the law.

Women must..
Obey their men by fulfilling there every need and desire
Give thanks for everything men do for and to them.
Pleasure their men and never displease them.

Neighbouring nations, indeed the rest of the world, found this approach very distasteful and to many it abused human rights. However Lustria was a strong nation with many resources and weapons, and therefore publicly a blind eye was turned to their practices provided they keep within their borders and do not act on the world stage. Immigration was therefore highly restricted. Those wanting to move there were heavily vetted and those wanted to leave.....well almost no one left, especially not women. Some diplomats, politicians or wealthy businessmen, who were all men, might make trips out, even purchase a second home on forgiven shores but they rarely left for good. Woman almost never made it out and those that did, did so illegally.

One such woman was Marie Summers, not her real name, had been living outside of Lustria for 10 years now. in Lustria she been known as Loona and had most recently belonged to a wealthy landowner called David Summers. He had fallen in love with her and fathered a child Astrid, now kate, with her. As Astrid grew up the two of them began to see problems with their country and how women were expected to behave, especially as on Astrid's 16th birthday she'd have to start her 'training'. So they plotted to escape and not long after Astrid's 8th Birthday her and her mother were nailed into crates and shipped out by David's business. He was to join them a week later but sadly never made it out.

Heartbroken Loona set about putting David's last give to her to use. She and Astrid assumed new identities, she took a job, and through keeping her head down she had starting a new life for her and Kate. A life where they earned they keep through hard work and were entitled to equality with all, it was a harder life but a free one. Marie, like many of the few women to escape Lustria she found it hard to adjust, Kate however was a growing into a modern liberated woman. Her memories of Lustria were vague and foggy, her mother and father had shielded her from much of what went on there and since coming to this nation her mother rarely talked about it. She'd tell her simply that it's a terrible place where women have no rights and that she brought her here to build a new life for her and give her the freedom she never had in Lustria. Indeed information on her homeland in books and on the Internet was hardly more enlightening and often contradictory. She wished to learn more about where she came from, about her family, and her father...little did she know she'd soon find out first hand.

It was a Monday evening when they came. Kate was getting ready for a date and her mother was unpacking groceries downstairs. Kate had not been dating long and Harry was her first real 'boyfriend', they hadn't used the terms 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' yet, at least not to each other, but it sure felt that was where it was heading they'd kissed, there had been some heavy petting but nothing more than that, her mother had made it very clear she should never do anything she didn't want to and not to rush or feel pressured into sex. It was something Kate had strived to uphold even if she hid from her mother just how fascinated she was by it all, something deep inside her wanted to try it all, it made her quite aroused thinking about it and she masturbated regularly...more regularly than she thought was acceptable for an 18 year old girl but her body just seemed to crave it.

Kate was a straight A student, intelligent, driven, highly independent and drop dead gorgeous. One of the rumours she'd heard was that all Lustrian women were beautiful, some more scary rumours claimed it was due to some sort of selective breeding or genetic tampering. She found that hard to believe but regardless both her and her mother were stunning. Her mother was blond and voluptuous, almost impossibly so, and for 36 she could pass for her18 year old daughters older sister. Kate was less curvaceous,Chad darker hair but shared her mothers piercing blue eyes, long legs, high cheekbones and immaculate completion. 

As she zipped up her dress she heard a knock at the door, was Harry early? She wasn't ready! She heard her mother go to the door there were some male voices then a crash as something seemed to hit the hallway floor. She dashed out of her room and down the stairs "mom are you ok, what's happened" she cried.

" and don't look...akk!...back" gasp see her mother as if she was finding it hard to breathe. Kate rounded the corner into the hallway and stopped dead. Her mother was stood flanked by two men one was holding a catch pole, the sort they used on dangerous dogs, and it was pulled tight around her mothers neck. The men looked like police, or military, they wore black combat outfits like you might see special forces in. "What the hell!" She gasped in shock.

"Please...get away while you cAAAAK" she was cut short as the man with the pole tightened the cord around her mothers neck sharply.

"Quiet slut, you and you daughter are going home" he said as the second guy approached Kate holding a long black stick.

"What's going on? who are you people? Release my mother now?" She said scared backing away and reaching for her mobile phone in her pocket to dial the police. The man launch forward jabbing the stick into her ribs and with a loud snap and crackle electricity jolted through her body causing her to scream, convulse and finally slumped incapacitate to the floor.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #16 on: September 21, 2016, 10:09:53 AM »
Hope its ok to post a link here? (if not I apologise mods) I created an F-list in addition to my ons and offs (which you can find a link to in my sig) you can find it here, hopefully it will give you more insight into what I'm 'into'.
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #17 on: October 04, 2016, 08:36:30 AM »
New plot:

Debt to society

My Character is a public relations executive with a career and a fiance when her past suddenly catches up to her.

In her 20’s she had signed onto an exclusive contract with an unconventional think tank and pressure group that promoted and encouraged female subservience and slavery. The office environment was much the same as any ither and it was easy to remove herself from what it was she was ‘selling’, Sure she knew they had training centres and residences where women could live this life style, but they were voluntary even if the marketing material she worked on downplayed some elements and seemed more targeted towards husband, boyfriends and even fathers who might want their women in their lives to attend. Sure she had moral objections but she needed the experience, exposure and money. After a few successful years promoting their services and outlook she started to feel guilty about assisting in them fool and trick normal women with potential into undergoing their training, also her boyfriend at the time another young public relations manager there had started expressing an interest in her undergoing training. She decided to leave both the job and boyfriend and go work somewhere more fitting with her ethics. However a clause in her contract stipulated that she was free to leave but only after a month in one of their training centres. At the time she’d signed it had seemed acceptable, indeed rather generous, basically her months notice would be worked out in shat shed originally seen as little worse than a slightly sleazy spa. It had been explained that showing women what they are trying to achieve first hand tended to help retain staff and after the month they were free to resign a new contract. Knowing what she knew now she had not interested in this and therefore left abruptly and relocated to another city.

However a few years later the letters started coming requesting her presence at a training centre, then summons to court for reneging on her contract and finally a trial. She looses and is sentenced to ‘work’ her notice unpaid or face two years imprisonment. She can’t go to prison it would destroy her career and put strain on her relationship and forthcoming marriage and so she begrudgingly agrees to go to the training centre. Here she will have no right, will have to obey all commands and will be punished if she disobeys.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #18 on: October 23, 2016, 10:47:32 AM »
Hello all sorry if I've not replied to some of you, I've been a little poorly of late. I'm better now and ready for more fun so please PM me if you are interested.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #19 on: December 02, 2016, 04:08:53 AM »
Thanks for all your PMs I hope Ive got back to everyone. Im still looking for a few more partners sop laser PM me if you are interested.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #20 on: December 24, 2016, 01:30:39 PM »
Merry Christmas everyone. I may have some free time over the festive period so if you're interested in a bit of role-play pease PM me. Festive ideas welcome!
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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
« Reply #21 on: January 11, 2017, 11:19:37 AM »
I would love to discuss your role ideas and hopefully set up some playing time soon.
I liked your introduction on how you like to do things. I have preferred mostly IM based roleplay so far, but that was mostly due to the chat partners' preferences I played with. And I guess I like the quicker back and forth developping stories more on the fly.
Anyways, I hope to hear back from you soon,

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
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I would love to discuss your role ideas and hopefully set up some playing time soon.
I liked your introduction on how you like to do things. I have preferred mostly IM based roleplay so far, but that was mostly due to the chat partners' preferences I played with. And I guess I like the quicker back and forth developping stories more on the fly.
Anyways, I hope to hear back from you soon,

Wonderful I look forward to talking to you and anyone else interested in setting up an RP soon xxx

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
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Looking for something long and detailed, if you have any ideas please PM me.

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Re: Sub Female seek Dom for story driven rp
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New idea/reworking of an old one.


Based on Princess Leia slave girl scenes from Star Wars (can be sci-fi, modern or fantasy). The princess secretly travels to a far away place to rescue her husband from a cruel regime only to be captured herself. She is modified by her captor using technology/magic/drugs/surgery/mind control/whatever we can come up with, so her body is both a perfect fuck toy and despite her own feelings on the subject enjoyed being used and taking spunk. Her husband will have to watch even take part in her subjection until she becomes a willing slut.